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There are so many bad things in the world today, it’s difficult to keep our focus on anything good. We’re surrounded by negativity almost all the time, and it’s difficult to keep smiling and being positive. That’s why it’s so important to do our part to help others. We need to put our money where our mouth is, and we have to start by helping our fellow man. That’s why I decided to start a new charity, the Outlaws And Legends Foundation. We’ll be collecting donations and will donate them over time to worthy causes all over the world. We’ll be doing this on a monthly basis, and we’ll be unveiling another charity every month, so you’ll always be kept up to date with our progress.

It’s been clear for years that the legends of Robin Hood are fertile ground for a video game. Honestly, given the popularity of the Assassin’s Creed series, it’s surprising that no developer has tried to do something similar with Sherwood Forest as a setting, but for some reason the area has been left untouched by major developers – until now, anyway. Hood’s interfering: Outlaws and Legends, created by developer Sumo Digital of Team Sonic Racing and Snake Pass.

Unfortunately for some, Hood: Outlaws and Legends is not the solo Robin Hood we expected. Ahead, a PvPvE multiplayer action game similar to The Hunt: Showdown or the battle royale game Scavengers. Two teams of thieves compete to steal a treasure from the Nottingham sheriff’s vault, while taking on his guards and trying to beat the other team to the prize. It’s a solid setup, but it gets gud : Outlaws and Legends to satisfy Robin Hood envy?

Outlaws and Legends is first and foremost a heist simulation game. In the main game you must try to outwit the sheriff, his guards and the opposing team to steal the treasure in the chest. The cards are not randomly generated, but the locations of the chests are, so each game requires a different approach (at least in theory). You can choose from four characters: Robin the sniper, Marianne the killer, Little John the great and Tuck the healer.

The first thing I’d like to say is that Hood: Outlaws and Legends needs some work before it’s really ready to compete with the big boys. The animations, combat and stealth are very clunky. The lack of finish justifies Hood’s status as a class two A game; if you’ve played RPGs like Greedfall or Gothic, you know the slightly different feel typical of games at this level. In a single-player RPG, this isn’t such a big deal, but in a PvPvE game where control is paramount, it becomes a distraction.

Fortunately, the maps and gameplay make up for it to some extent. It’s great fun to move around the map trying to anticipate AI archers and knights, keep an eye on the sheriff and protect yourself from other players. The levels have traversal elements that make the traversal more interesting, like B. Climbing ropes and checkpoints to make the progression more regular.

Hud: Outlaws and Legends offers the best of all worlds: you make your way through a castle ruin, while always keeping an eye out that the sheriff might be around the corner, and keeping an eye on six (despite the immersive military jargon) enemy players. In those moments, you could almost believe that Sumo Digital’s game could become a true multiplayer phenomenon, a solid alternative to Rainbow Six Siege or the aforementioned Hunt: The confrontation.

Unfortunately, there are currently too many junkets to make this dream a reality. Firstly, the selection of players is simply inadequate. There’s certainly a chance that this aspect will improve as the game’s official launch gets closer, but we’ve had a hard time finding games to play, which isn’t good considering that the ability to play the game in advance was the main advertised part of the pre-order bonus. Although we eventually started playing games, they were too irregular and too infrequent to be really fun.

The game itself also needs too much polishing to be considered entertaining at this point. The animations are clunky enough to exploit, allowing opponents to block you in animated kills and you’ll swear you weren’t there. The balance doesn’t look good either: Little John is absurdly overpowered, and the other characters are options at best that don’t seem to contribute to the gameplay.

Visually, the hood: Outlaws and Legends is pretty cool. It suffers from the fact that the animations and character models feel stiff and unnatural, leading to some unintentionally hilarious moments in Volcano Valley. But if you just want to look at the beautiful medieval landscape and play a fun and slightly distracting stealth game, the aesthetic presented here will do. I just wish they had paid a little more attention to the environments and character models.

if you can get past Hood: Outlaws and Legends and you like the gameplay, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. It’s a unique take on the Robin Hood legend that features the PvPvE multiplayer that developers and publishers love. Sumo has promised to support the game with updates and patches, so there’s a good chance the problems described here won’t last long. Nevertheless, one cannot help feeling that something is not right here.

Given Hood’s promise to be a live-action service game, the gameplay just isn’t engaging enough to keep playing for long. We don’t see anyone switching from their usual live game – be it Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, MMOs, or any of the hundreds of other options – to this one. To survive in 2021, the company must offer something unique, and while Hood: Outlaws and Legends does its best, but it’s too clunky, too repetitive, and too unfocused to serve as a viable alternative to much better options.

Links to sources :

Official Hood Website: Outlaws And Legends
Watch the trailer for the film Hud : Bandit and legend

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