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Outriders Weapon Mods Guide – All Tier Mods, Effects

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Outriders Gun Model Guide – All Level Models, Effects

This Outriders Weapon Mod Guide will detail every weapon mod in the game in each of the three levels. Weapon modules come in three levels, each offering a special bonus when equipped with a weapon.

Arms model Boom Guide

Below we have listed all the weapon mods that are available in the game.

Level 1 Weapon modifications

Mode The effect
A wave of anomalies Critical hits cause a burst of abnormal energy that causes damage within a 3 meter radius.
Balsamic rage Within 5 seconds of a kill shot, all subsequent shots become critical.
The tipping point Increases the chance of critical strike by 15%.
Vampire Lethal blows give a 15% increase in the effect of the skill for 20 seconds.
The leech ladder Deadly Shot increases the weapon’s bleeding rate by 20% for 20 seconds.
Showerhead Lethal shots restore your health.
Medical Assassin Kill shots return 35 health to allies within 5 meters of the target.
Improve the anomaly Gain a bonus to firepower equal to 5% of your power.
Rescue equipment Reloading restores 72 hit points for each enemy killed since the last reload without changing weapons.
Burning clips The rechargeable weapon creates a shockwave that inflicts damage to enemies within 5 feet.
Little Tern Reloading a weapon causes enemies previously injured by that weapon to freeze without replacing the weapon.
Shield servant The shots add a small amount of armor.
Fireworks The shots cause an explosion that damages enemies in a 6-meter radius.
Meltdown The shots create a shockwave that inflicts damage within a 5 meter radius.
Bullets that bleed The punches leave his opponent bleeding.
Freezing bullets The shots freeze his opponent.
Stiffener Shots are slow to hit his opponent.
Bullets of vulnerability Shots make enemies vulnerable.
Weak bullets. The shots will hurt opponents.
Distribution Shots fired at enemies affected by the status inflict that status on the nearest enemy.
Hot blood Shots pass through enemies with less than 50% health, bounce off of up to 3 enemies within a 5 meter radius, and cause burns.
The essence of flying The injections will restore your health.
Ricochet Fires a ricochet at another enemy unit within 5 meters of the original target.
Axleballs Successful shots are doing damage to Ash’s opponents.
Poisoned bullets Successful shots cause poison on enemies.
Burning bullets Successful shots can cause burns to the opponent.
Let’s start at the beginning. The first shot after each reload with the tank breaker has been increased by 30%.
Amalthea’s video There is a 20% chance that a critical shot will not destroy the ammunition.

Level 2 Weapon modifications

Mode The effect
Stryga 30% of critical damage is returned to you in the form of health.
Brainiac Critical shots do not consume ammunition.
Bicycle Increases the damage to the weapon. The bonus is proportional to your health regeneration.
Icebreaker Lethal shots against frozen enemies explode and cause damage.
Crematorium Lethal blows cause an explosion that covers enemies within 7 feet with ash.
Bone splinters Deadly fire explodes enemies’ bones and turns them into shrapnel, damaging and bleeding enemies within 5 feet.
A storm of protection Lethal hits give you 5 seconds of attack momentum.
Bomb on the eve Deadly shots turn enemies into an anomaly bomb that does damage.
Road sign Reloading a weapon allows you to burn enemies previously injured by that weapon without replacing the weapon.
Vortex chamber Reloading a weapon causes a delay on enemies previously injured by that weapon, without changing them.
The storm whip Shots cause lightning to strike an enemy and cause damage.
Resistance switch Shots reduce the resistance of the target by 35% for 6 seconds.
Improved axle projectiles The shots will hurt Ash’s enemies.
Improvement of the watertightness The shots hit the enemies slowly.
Enhanced vulnerability bulletins Shots make enemies vulnerable.
Improved weakening bullets The shots will hurt opponents.
Damage reference Shots bind up to 2 enemies and deal 30% weapon damage and 10% anomaly damage. Hypothermia for four seconds.
Claymore Successful shots deal an anomalous blade damage to the enemy.
Chains of Death Successful shots disorient the enemy with chains and inflict damage for 3 seconds…..
Improved bleeding bullets Successful shots make opponents bleed.
Improved combustion of the bales Successful shots burn the enemies.
Improved freezing balls Successful shots will freeze the enemies.
Ultimate Toxic Bullets Successful shots cause damage to your enemies.
Improved poison bullets Successful shots cause poison on enemies.
Minefield The weapon kills explosives around your target, each inflicting damage within a 10 foot radius.
Clip If you have 50% or less ammo left in the magazine, you can quickly reload all your equipped weapons.
perpetual motion machine You immediately replenish your focal point when you kill an enemy who has 30% or less ammo left in your focal point.

Level 3 Weapon modifications

Mode The effect
ghouls (mod) Deathblows teleport another enemy to the place where the previous one died.
The Golem Rebellion Lethal blows give the golem a protective effect for 3 seconds.
Lethal activity. Lethal blows increase the damage of this weapon by 30% for 30 seconds.
strengthen The shots mark the enemies. Causes 5x damage to each marked enemy when reloaded. The markings are removed when you change weapons.
winds that howl Reload creates a powerful explosion around you, dealing damage to enemies within 8 feet.
Venus cricket The shots cause a swarm of locusts to inflict 15 seconds of damage on enemies within a 15 meter radius.
Sandstorm The shots cause a sandstorm that does damage over time.
Fragmentation grenade The first shot after reloading becomes an abnormal projectile that inflicts damage within 5 yards.
Loneliness The kill shots create a singularity anomaly. When destroyed, the singularity explodes and does damage to enemies within 20 yards.
Bullets that bleed The shots make the opponents bleed.
Reference to maximum injury Shots bind up to 3 enemies, dealing 30% of their weapon damage and 10% of their abnormal damage.
Final freezing of the balls The shots freeze the enemies.
The ultimate storm whip Shots cause lightning to strike an enemy and cause damage.
The fall of weakness Shots cause explosions that inflict damage and injure enemies within 5 feet of the target.
Weightlessness The shots cause a time delay on the opponents. Time Rift lifts an opponent into the air for 5 seconds.
Winter explosion Critical hits cause an explosion of ice that freezes enemies within a 4 meter radius.
The wrath of Moloch Critical hits cause an explosion that damages enemies within 5 meters and causes burns.

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This concludes our guide to the Outriders’ weapon models. Post your comments below.

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