Pet Simulator X Heaven Update

The latest update for the game, Pet Simulator X Heaven, is now live! This release includes a new level of difficulty and a brand new pet to unlock.

The codes for giant simulator is a new update to the popular game Pet Simulator X Heaven.

Pet Simulator X Heaven Update

The Roblox Pet Simulator X Heaven Update is now available to all Roblox users, and it adds a fresh new island to the Portals region. This patch also featured Collection of Pets, 13 New Animals, the return of the 15 Pets Equipped Game Pass, and a new Hunter Pass (Mythical), among other things. There are additional improvements to the balance, vanity, and the UI and animation. Below is a complete list of the Patch notes for Pet Simulator X Heaven.

The 15 Pet Equipped pass may now be purchased via the in-game store page by players that want to take advantage of it. It will cost Robux, but if you can spare it, it is well worth it for the additional damage. In addition, gamers may now use the Pet Collection Machine, which maintains track of all of the pets you’ve ever had as well as the ones you’ve lost (plus all variations). Filling up your collection will give you +3 Pets Equipped!

There are now 13 brand-new pets in the game, including a new Mythical Pet and three new Exclusive Pets. You may also purchase the Mythical Hunter Pass from the in-game shop if you’re a dedicated collector. It costs 1,799 Robux and gives you a far better chance of hatching a Mythical Pet.

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Pet Simulator X Heaven Update patch notes


Pet Collection

Starting with this version, the Pet Collection Machine maintains track of every pet you’ve ever had. You may also see every pet in the game, even those you haven’t yet acquired – as well as all of their variants.

The greatest thing is that as you build your collection, you’ll be able to gain FREE Pet Equipped spaces! You may now gain up to +3 Pets Equipped indefinitely!

The Pet Collection Machine may be found in both worlds. Have a good time collecting!

Island of Paradise

Take a walk through the clouds! There’s also a new location called Heaven’s Gate, where you’ll discover the enormous Grand Heaven Chest! Are your pets capable of breaking it…?

13 New Pets

These are some of the most interesting pets that have been introduced so far. The empyrean pets, in particular! A new Mythical pet has been introduced as well, as is customary. There are three new Exclusive Pets included in this pack.

15 Pets Have Been Returned

I’ve had a few mails asking about the 15 Pets Equipped pass. There are many messages. As a result, it has been reintroduced to the Exclusive Shop for a Limited Time, due to popular demand! To be fair to the original purchasers, the price has been raised from 1,399 to 1,799 Robux. Again, this is a limited-time offer, so act quickly if you want it.

Mythical Hunter Pass

This pass greatly improves your chances of hatching a Mythical pet! There’s a reason it’s so expensive!


Changes in the balancing act that are significant

After some debate, I looked at balance and realized I needed to make some significant adjustments. Specifically:

  • Area multipliers in the Fantasy World have been greatly improved.
  • Portal costs have been slashed.
  • Some egg prices have been reduced.
  • Chances of hatching Mythicals have been improved.
  • In the Fantasy World, the distance between coins and large area chests has been adjusted.

Essentially, goods have become less expensive, and coins have been more accessible. Please let me know if you feel any better!

Vanity Appearance with a Difference

Exclusive pets now have a new look, since they used to have the same look as Legendary pets. It’s now purple!

Animation of the World Load

When you load into a planet, there is now a lovely little animation. Yay!

Changes to the User Interface

There are a slew of additional UI tweaks. Big numbers, in particular, are cleaner in inventories, pricing, and other areas.


  • On pets, a memory leak caused by UIStroke has been fixed.
  • Added culling to petUI effects, which improved performance.
  • During the egg hatching animation, pet particles were improperly positioned.
  • Some saving exploits were patched.
  • Is it just me, or are the fixed gates breaking?
  • Flying pets can no longer hear moving sounds.
  • MagicText was really deactivated. oops, lol

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