Pet Simulator X Hell Update

The latest update for Pet Simulator X Hell is a huge success. With an improved graphics engine, new gameplay mechanics and a more immersive experience, the game has been met with overwhelming praise from players around the world.

The codes for giant simulator is an update to the game, Pet Simulator X Hell.

Pet Simulator X Hell Update

The Pet Simulator X Hell Update is now live, allowing you to visit yet more island through the Portals area of the map. It’s Pet Simulator X’s third major update, and although the changelog isn’t extensive, there’s still enough of new stuff to enjoy. Take a peek at the update history and patch notes for Pet Simulator X Hell down below.

To review some of the Pet Simulator X Update highlights, players may purchase 135,000,000 Fantasy Coins to get entry to Hell Island is a place where people go to die through the Portals area. Players complained that there weren’t enough chests on the old island, therefore the new region is brimming with them. There are now 10 new pets, including three new Exclusive Pets and a new Mythical Pet.

Players may now AFK while their eggs hatch thanks to the Hatch Pass for Autos, which is currently available in the store. A Passport to Happiness also grants gamers access to a permanent Lucky Boost. Finally, there are a few small bug patches as well as a major duping problem that includes players being banned for abusing the game.

Update Log and Patch Notes for Pet Simulator X Hell


Hell Island

Since you guys complained last time that there weren’t enough chests, I’ve created a whole new island packed to the brim with them. So there you have it! Take pleasure in it.

10 New Animals

There are a lot of new pets, including a new Mythical creature! There are three new Exclusive Pets included in this pack.

Auto Hatch Pass

Do you want to crack eggs while you’re asleep? You can now! This required a lot more effort than I expected, but it has definitely improved my quality of life. Please let me know if there’s anything more you’d want to see added to this!

Lucky Pass

Requested a lot! You’ll get a permanent Lucky boost if you buy this pass, but it’ll only be half as powerful as the Super Lucky boost. Of course, this stacks.

New Rank

A new, very difficult-to-obtain rank has been added. If you are successful, you will be rewarded handsomely! Are you able to figure out what it is?


Patch Duplicate

Let’s take a look at this for a moment. A few of things occurred while I was on vacation:

– Despite my best efforts, the duping situation (particularly with mythological pets) deteriorated rapidly.

– A bug enabled users to produce some of the game’s finest pets out of thin air via an exploit. I couldn’t repair it since I didn’t have internet for a few days. That was a disaster.

Here’s what I did in response:

  1. The trade code was completely rewritten from the ground up.
  2. Datastore v2 has been replaced. The de-sync that caused duping in the first place should be alleviated (or completely fixed) as a result of this.
  3. Top gamers who were exploiting these exploits before they were fixed were tracked down and banned.
  4. The majority of fooled gems have been reverted.
  5. Most duplicate stash accounts have been banned.
  6. Improve your surveillance systems to keep an eye on questionable behavior.

Duping should be fixed if all goes smoothly. For the better. I’ll be keeping a careful eye on the issue. This has consumed the bulk of my time over the last three weeks, so maybe I will be able to unwind a little.

Indicators that are automatically deleted

Many individuals complained that their dogs had just “disappeared” following the latest update… If you have Auto Delete turned on, I’ve included some fairly clear indications. Please let me know if this is of assistance!


  • MagicText was disabled, which likely resulted in significant performance gains. Oops
  • The teleport menu’s scrolling has been fixed.
  • The Super Equip that was causing the inventory to break has been fixed.
  • A problem that caused the active boosts menu to slow the game has been fixed.
  • Because I didn’t want anybody to buy the land adjacent to the glacier, I made it very costly… huh… lovely. It’s now difficult to get a hold of it. Take a look at what you had me do.
  • The hover picture of the teleport shop button has been fixed.
  • The issue with server notifications has been resolved.
  • By asking politely, I was able to get rid of several mistakes.

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