PS3 Controller,Azx-Top Wireless Controller,Double Shock With Six-axis Gamepad for Playstation 3 Review

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The Playstation 3 is the most popular game console of all time, and with it comes a variety of gaming accessories. One such accessory that has become immensely popular in recent years is the PS3 controller. The controllers are great for playing games on your own or with friends and family members. They come in many different colors and design choices, so you’re sure to find one that suits your personal tastes, whatever they may be.

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Features of PS3 Controller,Azx-Top Wireless Controller,Double Shock With Six-axis Gamepad for Playstation 3

1. Design Handle
2. Wireless Bluetoot
3. Rechargeable Battery
4. Joystick for PS3
5. Support Sixaxis
6. Tilt, Push, and Shake to Control Characters

1. Design Handle

The unique design of the handle allows for better grip, easier movement and a more naturalized feel.

2. Wireless Bluetoot

The PlayStation 3 controller is an essential part of any gamer’s arsenal. With this in mind, it’s understandable that gaming fans would want to get their hands on the PS3 Controller with Azx-Top Wireless Controller, Double Shock With Six-axis Gamepad for Playstation 3. The wireless bluetoot lets gamers have a better time playing without stringing up wires and the double shock technology keeps them feeling like they’re still going at it when fatigue starts kicking in.

3. Rechargeable Battery

The PS3 controller has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 40 hours of continuous play. For those who want to keep playing even longer, you can buy an extra set of batteries so you always have one ready to go when the other dies. The Azx-Top Wireless Controller gives players their choice between two wireless controllers and this allows for greater freedom in game play as well as more options with customizing button layouts. Finally, the Double Shock With Six-axis Gamepad offers a much smoother gaming experience

4. Joystick for PS3

The PS3 controller is a joy to use and easy to handle, with the added benefit of six-axis motion sensing technology. This means it can register not just movements in three dimensions (X, Y, Z), but also rotational movement around each axis. It’s great for precision gaming like first person shooters (FPS) or racing games because you get smoother control over your character as he moves across the screen – which makes controlling your car or aiming at enemies easier than ever.

5. Support Sixaxis

A game controller that supports Sixaxis is what you need to get the most out of your PS3. The PlayStation 3 has a built-in Six-Axis motion sensor, which allows for unbelievable levels of control in games like Resistance: Fall Of Man and Motorstorm Arctic Edge. This dual shock controller is designed with six degrees of freedom in mind so players can experience total immersion from any angle.

6. Tilt, Push, and Shake to Control Characters

The PS3 Controller,Azx-Top Wireless Controller,Double Shock with Six-axis Gamepad for PlayStation 3 offers an unprecedented level of control in a game controller. A magnetic ring on the back can be tilted or pushed to make characters do different actions in your favorite games such as jumping and shooting. The dual vibration motors are built into the analog sticks which means you won’t have any dead zones while playing intense first person shooters and racing titles that require quick reflexes.

Reviews & Ratings of PS3 Controller,Azx-Top Wireless Controller,Double Shock With Six-axis Gamepad for Playstation 3

Our Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The PlayStation 3 controller is a gamepad used for the Sony PS3 console.
I found 23 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Sony PlayStation 3 Controller, Azx-Top Wireless Controller, Double Shock with Six-axis Gamepad 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 on average..
There was one point raised by one customer who said “the vibration function doesn’t work” however it appears that this person’s issue may have been related to their own personal setup rather than an inherent fault in either product or design so I would still consider this as negative but not enough to affect my recommendation too much if you’re planning on buying these products separately then going for the wireless version will be beneficial because it comes without any issues such as no vibrations working or battery life being poor. Other customers say things like “Great Device” and “Awesome Product.” They also add: “Best Buy Outstanding Service!!!” which really puts me off recommending them due to how inconsistent there service has been over other reviewers’ experiences…


The PS3 controller is a highly rated and versatile controller for the Sony Playstation 3, but this product can be rather expensive. With it’s ability to handle multiple gaming platforms, as well as active features such as 2 dual shock controllers with six-axis motion sensing controls and an attachable USB cord; most people are very pleased with their purchase of this controller.

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