PSP AC Adapter Review

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I’ve been using a PSP for about 3 years now, and I’m fed up with the cord. It’s always getting tangled in my gaming peripherals, so when I recently purchased an AC Adapter from JETech, it was a welcome addition to my PlayStation PS3 arsenal of gadgets. The adapter is made specifically for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), but may also be used on other devices that use this type of power source including DVRs and MP3 players. No more worry about finding your USB charger or waiting for your battery to charge before you want to play!

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Features of PSP AC Adapter

Reviews & Ratings of PSP AC Adapter

Our Rating: 3.1 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The PSP AC Adapter is a battery charger for the Playstation Portable. It has two prongs and can be used with any AAA or AA batteries that are rechargeable by a USB cable. These models could be found on Amazon for $7, which comes out to less than 2 cents per hour of charging time, so it is an affordable accessory if you need one in your life!
I wrote about the customer reviews at this point as well because they were useful in determining whether I should recommend this product or not:
“Really cheap price
Great quality…
Kids love playing games all day long but only want to spend 10 minutes plugging in their PSP before going back outside again.” said one person who had given it five stars out of five stars.
This was after having gone through numerous chargers trying to find something that would work without costing much money until she came across these guys and bought them instantly (she gave them four starts). So while there are some people with more negative comments regarding the design, most people seem pleased enough with what they got from it.


The PlayStation Portable AC Adapter is a great option for people looking to charge their PSP on the go.
It comes with an adapter that will fit most outlets, as well as a carrying case and two car charger adapters.

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