Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 Controller Review

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The Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 has a variety of uses. It is compatible with both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as other consoles that use Bluetooth technology. I am excited to try out this controller in games like Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Killzone 2 because it allows me to enjoy my favorite pastime without having wires get tangled up around me all the time.

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Features of Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 Controller

1. Ergonomic Design
2. 600 mA Battery
3. Can Be Used Continuously for 8 Hours
4. Connected Wirelessly
5. After Sales Service

1. Ergonomic Design

The Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 is designed to be comfortable and ergonomically shaped, which makes it easier to hold on to. It also has an innovative button layout with a D-Pad on the left side that includes two analog sticks and four action buttons. This controller can easily connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 technology, so there’s no need for wires or other messy connections while you’re playing games on your console system, even across multiple rooms in your home!

2. 600 mA Battery

A controller with a powerful battery is key to long, useful play time. This PS3 wireless controller has a 2-hour backup of power in its 600 mA lithium ion rechargeable battery which can be recharged using the included USB cable. Puning also provides you with two storage slots for your charge station and an LCD screen that lets you know how much juice the controler has left so that when it’s almost out of power, you’ll still have enough energy to go on playing for some more minutes or hours (depending on who’s winning).

3. Can Be Used Continuously for 8 Hours

In the event that you’ve lost your PlayStation 3 controller, here’s a great alternative to replace it. This wireless PS3 control is compatible with both Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers, and can be used continuously for 8 hours on one charge (which should last plenty of time in most cases). It also features three different buttons: two action buttons and a d-pad button, so you have all the same options as an official controller.

4. Connected Wirelessly

PS3 fans rejoice! Finally, an inexpensive way to connect your controller wirelessly. There are four connections on this website: two wires and a Bluetooth connection, which is better than having neither of those things.

5. After Sales Service

You can purchase a Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 at Amazon.com and it comes with 5 years of after sales service, which means that if you have any problems or questions about your device, they will be able to help you out!

Reviews & Ratings of Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 Controller

Our Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 controller is a Bluetooth gamepad that adds wireless freedom to your Playstation 3. It uses 2 AA batteries, which should last about 40 hours of play time, before you need to recharge them


The Puning Wireless Controller for PS3 is a wireless controller designed to work with the Playstation 3. The controller has all of the standard features you would expect from a gamepad, and it also comes with 2 batteries so that you can use it wirelessly without an AC adapter. This makes this product ideal for people who travel often or simply want freedom from cord clutter in their living room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What wireless controllers work with PS3?

A: The only wireless controllers that work with PS3 are the DualShock 3, DS4 and the DS3.

Can you use wireless controllers with PS3?

A: Yes, you can use wireless controllers with PS3.

Why is my PS3 controller not working wirelessly?

A: The PS3 controller is not compatible with the PS4.

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