In this guide, you will learn how to achieve 100% in Queen of the Seas. For those who plan to purchase all of The Queen of the Seas’ achievements, this guide is exclusively for you.

Guide to reaching the Queen of the Seas

There are a total of 22 achievements in the Queen of the Seas base game. Below is a list and tips on how to get them.

Beginning of activity

To get all the achievements in this game, you must die, collect coins, die, upgrade your wetsuit, die, spot whales, die and walk 2000 steps to meet Yemanja. The whole thing takes about 80-90 minutes.

Registration and update

The main objective of this game is to guide our 2000 hero steps safely along the sea floor to the right, where he meets Yemanya. There are sharks swimming to the right and jellyfish coming up from the bottom of the sea. Both kill on contact and take us back to where we started. To avoid this, you must occasionally jump and dodge. But without the suit upgrade, we walk very slowly, can’t jump high enough, and die instantly if a shark or jellyfish touches us.

First we need to collect coins and improve our wetsuit. The pieces, of course, float in groups of 12 above the ocean floor.

Without the boot upgrade we can only jump to collect the three lowest pieces in each group, but with each upgrade we can jump higher and collect more. We need to collect a total of 5,000 parts in order to get all of them. Since we don’t lose any parts when we die, it’s only a matter of time. For ease of play, a piece is sometimes calculated as two, so a group of 12 pieces can be a total of 16.

Achievable performance

  • A little help… – Collect 800.
  • Millionaire – Collection of 1000 pieces
  • Billionaire – collect 5000 pieces

Once we have enough pieces, we need to upgrade the suit. To get all the performance of the upgrade, we need to bring all three parts up to the maximum level of three.

  • Cost to upgrade helmet: 100 for 1 laurel, 400 for 2 laurels and 600 for 3 laurels, for a total of 1100.
  • Cost of breast augmentation: 200 for 1 bay tree, 450 for 2 bay trees and 700 for 3 bay trees, for a total of 1350.
  • Cost to upgrade boots: 50 for 1 bay tree, 200 for 2 bay trees and 400 for 3 bay trees, for a total of 650.

As mentioned earlier, we can jump higher with improved boots, run faster with an improved helmet, and get hit more than once with an improved torso (each improvement is actually another life). It takes about 13 minutes to get all three parts to Level 1 and an hour to get everything out.

Achievable performance

  • New Buyer Discounts – Buy a Suit to Upgrade
  • Loyalty program – Buy one of each costume upgrade
  • I want quality! – Reaching the maximum level for a pack upgrade
  • Overwhelming – Reach the maximum level for all costume modifiers.


To get all the achievements in death, you have to die 100 times for the shark and 50 times for the jellyfish. For starters, any death means going back to the menu and going back to the point. But if we improve our suit (chest, to be exact), we can get three more results before returning to the menu. All these moves count towards success, so it’s more efficient to die on the farm with the most improved combination. And fatal farming is something we will inevitably do, because it’s not hard to complete the main quest without enough deaths for all the achievements.

Achievable performance

  • Shark food – Once attacked by a shark.
  • Shark lunch – being touched by a shark 10 times.
  • Shark meal – getting hit by a shark 50 times.
  • Shark party – getting hit by a shark 100 times.
  • Burn! – One time getting hit by a jellyfish…
  • Fire, baby, fire! – Getting hit by a jellyfish five times.
  • Fire on the water – get hit by a jellyfish 25 times.
  • Hell’s Tides. – Gets hit 50 times by a jellyfish.

Hike and main survey

The rest of the achievements are part of the main objective to reach Emanji. Walking scores are awarded after 100, 500 and 1500 steps.

Achievable performance

  • First steps – walking 100 steps
  • Go on – take 500 steps
  • A great leap for mankind – Walk 1,500 steps.

And sometimes we encounter at least three whales on our trip to keep track of the progress of the whale hunt. We might not even notice them, as they swim harmlessly in the background and we keep our eyes on the sharks:

Achievable performance

  • What a whale! !! – See the whale
  • Wow! Another whale! – I see two whales in the same race.
  • How is that possible? – I see three whales in a race.

Here we are, in about an hour we managed to get on the Queen of the Seas, Yemane and get the main service.

Realizable capacity

  • Queen of the Seas – Reaching Emanji.

And that’s it, it should take another 20-30 minutes to sort through the deaths and the remaining pieces and get another perfect game for our collection.

Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Two other things to watch out for:

  1. Every time we get a realization, we also receive parts as a prize. Prices range from 10 to 25 pieces, with the exception of the whale spot, the whales are more lucrative – the first gives us 50 pieces, the second 100 pieces and the third 150 pieces. These pieces do not count towards the coin collection result, but they do allow for faster costume improvements.
  2. Achievements are tracked in-game and loaded into Steam when you log out. All in service from the 17th. January 2021.
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