/r/WarThunder Meme Rule Change Results and Comments

The change in rule resulted in a lot of memes on the subreddit, but some users are still unhappy with the decision.

The warthunder subreddit has had a rule change which will result in the removal of memes that are not funny.

Meme day limitations will be moved from Sunday through Tuesday to only weekends Saturday and Sunday GMT. ✔️✔️✔️

This modification wasn’t an experiment for you, but rather for the “new” (actually older than me) automoderator bot, the other one who isn’t the OG Automoderator.

Artemis is a nickname for /u/AssistantBot. I dug out the docs for the community-run mod bot and found it enforced flair on specific days.

When I realized it was feasible, I almost fell out of my chair. After a few hours of wondering why the fuck it wouldn’t work and switching back and forth between the documentation and the settings panel, I got it working, and now if you create a post with the flair “Meme” within 5 minutes, you’ll get a private message from /u/AssistantBot stating that your post was automatically removed for Rule 7 Meme Days.

Because meme day enforcement does not begin until about 10 a.m. UTC Monday due to time zones, manual removal will be required during the ten hours following Sunday. I’m in talks with the bot’s developer about adding a single time zone flair enforcement option, but it won’t happen for a few months.

That implies you should keep checking the time of publishing for any memes you think are outside of the allowed days and reporting them. Hovering over the age of the post (1 day ago, 5 hours ago, etc.) on a desktop will display you the actual time of publishing in GMT (or UTC) time. It’s OK whether it’s Saturday or Sunday. Outside, please report and we will remove you.

On a related topic, I’ve installed /u/BotDefense to automatically remove bots, and it’s been working nonstop to ban any reported utility, reposting, or karmafarming bots.

The visual relevance criterion for memes will be eased and lowered. ❌❌❌

When this modification was originally suggested many months ago, when this weekend was scheduled, it sparked a lot of debate among the moderators. Relaxing visual relevancy criteria resulted in a near-instant drop in meme “quality” and work needed to post, as anticipated by many moderators and commentors in the prior discussion thread on these rule changes.

Despite this, I think that memes were never of great quality to begin with, and that the only thing of worth is the debate that follows a meme on a subject, which hasn’t altered much in my view. Several moderators, however, disagree with me. According to them, lowering the meme relevancy requirement eliminates all of the subreddit culture that has developed over time, as well as the instant gratification and “fast food” content that plagues the rest of the Reddit community (just look at the garbage on All, which used to have porn on page 7 but is now trash).

None of the subreddit moderators are “new” redditors, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge that. We’ve all been on this website for at least half a decade (this isn’t my primary account), so we may not be “in touch” with the youngsters that make up the overwhelming bulk of this subreddit these days. I thought that lowering the meme requirement would encourage more community involvement, but I’m not sure whether it helped.

Because major structural changes to the subreddit’s rules require unanimous agreement from all current moderators, this modification will almost certainly be overturned. Change 1 will be reversed, and meme days will be restored to Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, as promised in the prior debate thread. The bot has proved capable of enforcing that as well, and all that is required is a simple configuration adjustment.

Please share your thoughts on memes’ decreased visual relevancy criteria, as well as whether or not this weekend of memes was fun to read/participate in, in the comments.

The following are the options for the future:

A. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, maintain the prior status quo of Memes while adhering to stringent visual relevancy criteria.

B. Shift Meme Days to Saturday and Sunday while adhering to stringent visual relevance guidelines.

C. Relocate Meme Days to Saturday and Sunday, and decrease meme visual relevance.

Option B has the support of the majority of moderators, and we would implement it if I wasn’t heading this effort, but I value community involvement on significant moderating changes. If there is substantial resistance, we will very certainly revert to option A, which is the status quo at this time.

Gaijin Please change the new vehicle proposal flair to “Suggestion” for postings that Gaijin will never see (name not finalized). ✔️✔️✔️

There isn’t much to say about this modification, in my opinion. Please leave a comment below if you find any more references of Gaijin Please in the subreddit. I’ve tried to remove any references as I come across them, and I believe I’ve removed the most, if not all, of them.

Gaijin Please note that flairs will now be exclusive to the subreddit’s history pages. Suggestion flair is here to stay.



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