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Raiders of the Lost Island Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Adventurers of the Lost IslandGenre : Action, party system: Nintendo Switch (also on PC)
Developer| Publisher: Last Tales
Age Rating: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $12.99 | UK £9.69 | EU $12.99 Release date
: 18. March 2021

Look at the code for Last Stories.

Sofa House

The Nintendo Switch is perfect for multiplayer on the couch. Since the launch of the console, many games have been released that allow you to share the fun and fluffy feel of the games with your friends, family and maybe even your very smart pet. Today we have Raiders of the Lost Island (which we’ll just call Raiders for the rest of the review). A unique multiplayer game that aims to not only bring people together, but also tear them apart in a mix of cooperative and competitive play styles.

Snow people also like to visit exotic places.

Jittery Pirate

Raiders has no story or plot. But what it does have is a screen on which you can see 3D sprites doing a funky dance to pirate music. It’s pretty fascinating, and I’d be lying if part of me didn’t want to get up from the couch to reenact the show I saw on the screen. Sure, am I too cool for that or not?

Time to Dance

The graphics are a low polymer 3D model with good use of colors. The levels are isometric block structures with simple island themes and a few Aztec ruins scattered throughout the game. There are many unusual characters to play as, from Santa Clauses to male and female zombie variants. For a game that looks like a pirate game, the character choices were a bit random, with no particular style or tone to match. Overall the game isn’t the prettiest, but graphics aren’t everything, and in Raiders it’s the gameplay that starts to shine.

Repairing the ship is very important.

Sinking Island

So what are robbers? You are on an island slowly sinking into the sea. You must run around the island to collect bags, repair the boat and escape before the island sinks completely into the sea. As you play the level, the water constantly rises and falls. You can temporarily swim in shallow water, but as soon as you fall into the depths, you drown and lose all the gold or items you’ve collected. After a while you rest in the safety of the island. The sea eventually sinks to its lowest level, then rises steadily until the island is completely submerged, giving you one last chance to repair the boat or collect gold or collectibles to advance to the next level.

The oceans are not the only threat. Some islands also have traps, like rolling rocks, and the islands themselves often look like mazes as you search for bags and gold. In the main menu you can choose between adventure mode or play on a single island level. Adventures is a series of randomly selected levels from a pool of about 20 levels. Between levels, you’ll enter a safe house where you’ll find items to use in the following levels, such as B. Oxygen ropes and tanks, cosmetic hats to wear, and coins to use in a mini-game at the end of the session.

Can we hold on before we plunge into the abyss?

The overall goal is to work with other players to repair the ship and escape while collecting as much gold as possible. The winner is the player with the most gold at the end of the game. As you walk around the island, you can steal gold from other players. However, this strategy should be used with great caution, as the decision to go offensive may affect your progress in repairing the ship.

It’s a unique and interesting mix of cooperation and competitive play that makes Raiders so appealing, and you can even play it with four people on the spot. Sure, you can work together to fix the boat and get off the island, but I often feel like in the back of my mind I’m thinking about how I can get an advantage over my cooperation partner. The game is clearly meant to be played with other people. You can play the game alone, but as the developers say, you will be very much alone.

Lonely to Go It Alone.

Recording and playback

The controls are pretty simple, which is handy since you can play this game with casual players. The game also has a handy guide that shows all players how to play individually before jumping into the main experience, if necessary. You move your character with a stick and use the face buttons to pick up objects, climb ladders and shoot with your gun. Yeah, you heard right last time. The weapon was pretty useless in this game. You have to load it and the main use of it is to shoot at points that gradually draw them towards you. This seemed unnecessary, as the wasted time could have been limited to walking to the object and picking it up.

Time for a little break

There are niggers.

As original as Raiders is, there are still a few notable quirks in the game. The design of an isometric level can be quite confusing. As we explored the island, we often fell off the level, as it was sometimes difficult to determine which platform your character was on. It was already not easy on the TV, but if you decide to play in manual mode, it makes the game even harder. Another staggering problem is that of the ship’s attachments, which usually appear at the lowest point of the island, making them quite difficult to collect.

Often my cooperative partner and I would just wait until the tide came in and then sit there for a while because there was nothing else to do anyway. This slowed the game down considerably and many of our games ended abruptly because we couldn’t collect enough bags in time. It almost feels like a game to be played by four people. Nothing to open and nothing to do. Just like a board game, everything is available from the start. But since it’s probably something you’ll pull out to play a delightful game night with friends, I think that’s a good thing.

They spend a lot of time waiting for the wind to turn.


Despite all the criticism, I left the Raiders very satisfied. While many developers of multiplayer-focused games still rely on the tried-and-true tedium of deathmatch or battle royale flooding the market, Raiders of the Lost Island is trying something new. And despite its flaws, it manages to be fun.

It’s easy to recommend, and if you can share it with four other players, it’s sure to make for a good evening of play.  It will probably make you laugh and giggle for an hour or two, and probably make you want to do a pirate dance afterwards. I know that’s exactly what I’m going to do now!

Last block : I like it


How do you load…

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