Rainbow Six Extraction Enemies Guide – Archaeans, Parasitic Mutations

Rainbow Six: Siege is a real-time tactical shooter that pits small teams of counterterrorism operatives against each other in tense, violent confrontations. In this guide we will cover the three types of enemies you encounter during an extraction and how to defeat them with ease.

The “rainbow six extraction sludge locations” is a guide that will help players find where the sludge on the map is located. The guide also includes information about how to deal with each type of enemy, as well as some tips and tricks for playing.

Rainbow Six Extraction Enemies Guide – Archaeans, Parasitic Mutations

Rainbow Six Extraction will present you to a wide variety of Chimera Parasite foes. This comprises the major opponent type, Archaeans, as well as minor yet lethal threats to thwart your and your team’s progress. This Enemies Guide for Rainbow Six Extraction will walk you through all of the enemy varieties, how they fight, and what to anticipate when you encounter one of the parasites.

The Archaeans will be your major adversary, although they comprise a variety of adversaries that are grouped into Tiers based on their strength, menacingness, and damage dealt.

Enemies Guide for Rainbow Six Extraction

Archaeans, Tier 1

Archaeans, Tier 1 are the most common enemies you will be facing which include the following enemies:


An Archaean that shoots projectiles and has spikes coming out of its arm. The only way to avoid being struck is to stay out of its line of sight. Spiker Elites, its more powerful counterparts, are tougher variations that deliver more damage and absorb a lot more punishment before being killed.


An Archaean with two long blades as arms, which it utilizes to fight in melee. Because of these enemy’s fast-moving assaults, it’s essential to eliminate them before they can come any closer to you. These are the most prevalent adversaries in the game, and you’ll almost always find them mixed in with other foes.


The green boils on its shoulder and back denote this adversary, and their major duty is to rush towards you and explode up, unleashing a noxious gas that harms people. They are smaller than a Breacher, but when they get close enough to you, they will explode and spew a green, poisonous gas that will harm anybody who stands in it. Always maintain a safe distance and stay away from the hazardous gas.


Another opponent with explosive fluid-carrying red lumps on its back. This Archaean attacks people by rushing in and exploding up, inflicting harm on anybody in its path, whether humans or other Archaeans. Always keep a safe distance from them and aim at their massive red sacks to kill them swiftly. You may use them to kill nearby foes, and their explosions hurt anything in the area.

Archaeans, Tier 2

Tier 2 introduces much more hazardous foes that have developed to inflict severe damage to humans. This tier contains the following items:


The Sower are notorious for their human-blinding traps. Keep an eye out for their traps that you would otherwise overlook. These are uncommon, and you’ll usually know if a Sower is around if you discover one of their traps waiting for you.


The Rooter releases a chemical that not only causes harm but also renders you immobile, leaving you more susceptible to assaults. The simplest approach to avoid being caught is to remove them as soon as you see them. Never approach them too closely since you will be caught in their traps, which will explode if you step on top of them, injuring you and trapping you on the site. It’s also a difficult one to take out, so keep going for its head.

Archaeans, Tier 3

Tier 3 introduces new opponents to stealthy Archaeans, including heavy tanks and stealth Supports:


This monster, whether it’s referred to as a beast or a tank, will quickly frighten any player. The Smasher, who is protected by an unbreakable Carapace, will try to sprint and attack you square in the face. The easiest strategy to get rid of it is to target the weak points. When battling a Smasher, always be on the move. While it is strong, it moves slowly and takes a long time to prepare for the next charge. When it’s charging or smashing, make sure you’re not in the path.


An Archaean that not only boosts but also renders other opponents invisible to you. This Archaean assists you in the combat, making it more intriguing as you proceed. The Lurker does not attack you directly, but it may boost other opponents to make your life a living nightmare, so track it down and destroy it as quickly as you can.


This Archaean is capable of launching a torrent of missiles while rapidly shapeshifting in and out of the Sprawl. You’ll have to keep a close eye on it to figure out where it’s going to strike next, which makes it difficult to kill. Keep an eye on it as it moves through the Sprawl and unleash everything on it when it emerges.

Enemies Guide for Rainbow Six Extraction

Tier 4

There is just one sort of adversary at this tier:


The Apex is a heinous summoner who enlists the help of other Archaeans to battle alongside it. Because it generates more opponents, your primary goal should be to kill the Apex, as it will continue to spawn enemies throughout the level. Ascertain that at least one team member is constantly aiming for the Apex.


When you first see Proteans, you’ll recognize them since they’re descendants of the React Operators that have now evolved into Parasite. They have a limited ability to imitate the Operator’s actions.


With its sledge hammer, it can provide massive melee damage. The frontal Carapace of this Protean kind gets progressively resistant to ballistic damage as the battle goes.


The Alibi Protean will create clones of itself, making it deceitful and deadly in fight. Players will be perplexed as to which is the original and which are the clones.


The Smoke Protean is a very aggressive and mobile adversary that controls the field with noxious fumes and attacks from close range with a mimicked shotgun.

Mutations in Parasitic Organisms

The Chimera Parasite is still mutating at random, posing new obstacles to the players. In their survival quest, players will come across the following mutations:

Parasitic Mutation is a kind of parasitic mutation.Effect
Overflowing SprawlWhen Archaeans move, they leave a Sprawl trail behind them.
Nests with ArmorArmored Carapace guards the nest.
Spontaneous Sludge is a term that refers to a sludge thatWhen an Archaean is killed, Sludge has a chance to spawn.
Carriers of Blinding SporesThese may be found on Archaean rocks.
Archaean cloakThese undetectable foes may be encountered prowling throughout the region.
Sprawl of CausticThis is an acid that will harm you if you come into touch with it or tread on it.
Chimera Fog is a fictional character.The map is covered in thick fog, which restricts vision.

Check out the following guides for additional information about the game:

This concludes our Enemies Guide for Rainbow Six Extraction. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive first-person shooter video game developed by the Canadian company Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game was released in December 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Reference: tom clancy rainbow six siege.

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