Ready or Not developer has come under fire for their upcoming game, which is being released on December 12th. The developers recently removed the level from the game that was originally going to include a school shooting.

Ready-or-Not-Developer-Releases-Statement-Following-Controversy-over-PotentialImage courtesy of Void Interactive

This week, developer Void Interactive sparked outrage when one of its workers proposed that a level in its critically praised SWAT-style shooter, Ready or Not, might be set in a school-shooting scenario.

To answer the uproar, Void has issued a statement on its official Twitter account, which some feel has everything to do with why Ready or Not’s publisher, Team17, was fired this week. While it’s unknown if Void will go through and add the contentious level, the developer has said that it will stick to its original goal.


The following is the entire text of Void’s statement:

We won’t be able to discuss this subject without eliciting strong emotional reactions from one group or the other, but we’ll try our best. I’d want to begin by quoting a line from our initial company documents that we have always believed in, continue to believe in, and that everybody who has done business with our firm is aware of.

“Due to cultural customs and norms, Void Interactive has made a strong commitment to create high-quality, impacting material that other major software developers may shy away from.” At Void Interactive, we cherish our customers’ and partners’ opinions, and although they will not dictate our course, they will have a smart effect on what we do. The game acknowledges the efforts of devoted law enforcement personnel throughout the globe at its foundation, and it is not intended to promote cowardly criminal activities in any manner.”

In our games, Ready or Not, which deals with challenging subject matter, we are committed to establishing a degree of authenticity and realism. We recognize that this entails a certain level of accountability—to our fans and community, certainly. But also to individuals who have been affected by the horrific incidents to which law enforcement is often called. Rest assured, we want to treat all of Ready or Not’s material with the gravity and respect it deserves. We recently had to remind a few team members of the need of exercising caution while sharing this topic, both now and in the future.

“School” isn’t simply a component of Ready or Not’s tale; it’s woven into the fabric of tens of thousands of people’s lives throughout the globe. It’s the tale of individuals who perished too quickly at the hands of a demented shooter, of family and friends waiting for a phone call that may never come, and of first responders who do all they can only to be insufficient. It’s a look at an unpleasant reality that has become all too prevalent, and we hope that by portraying these real-life catastrophes in a way that doesn’t trivializes their experiences, we can do our best to commemorate those who have been affected by them.

We’ll keep following our goal, listening to what people have to say, and working on Ready or Not every day. Thank you very much.

A post on the shooter’s official subreddit prompted the Ready or Not debate, which questioned gamers whether the game should include a school shooting objective. Despite the fact that it has now been erased, one employee had jumped in with excitement, saying, “You better believe it’s going to.”

Void Interactive is the source of this information.

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