Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties guide – Gene “Beau” Finley

Life in the Wild West is hard. Some people make a living from a somewhat respectable trade in furs and skins. Others take on the noble task of brewing moonshine. Those who choose to live each day as if it were their last are bounty hunters. Legendary bounties in Red Dead: The online challenges are among the most difficult for players to complete, but they also offer the chance to win money and gold at the end. One of those bonuses is Gene Bo Finley. This is how you catch a pear, alive or dead.

Premium hunter LicencePrestige

In Red Dead: There are two types of online bounty hunters: regular hunters and prestigious hunters. Hunting Gene Finley is a privilege reserved for respected bounty hunters. However, it’s easy to become one: go to a chat room and follow the instructions to get a prestigious bounty hunter’s license. It’s only worth 15 gold bars and every nugget.

Looking for a shady beauty for Finley

If you have your driver’s license and are looking for Gene Finley, all you have to do is find him. Fortunately, it’s not that hard. Shady Belle, where he resides, should look familiar to anyone who has played Red Dead Redemption 2; it’s one of the many places where the Dutch gang settles over the course of the game. It is a large mansion surrounded by trenches and old abandoned artillery. With Finley’s gang, a ton of explosives went through the camp, along with larger weapons – machine guns and even cannons.

Finley, like a spoiled rich boy, is kept in the mansion. You have two ways of approaching the camp: Stealth or Flaming Gun. But unlike most cases, sneaking into a camp is realistic. As you approach, you will see a few boats enter at a minimum. Get in one of them and drive to the back of the villa. From there, you can use a bow and arrow, a throwing weapon, or some other deadly stealth option to take out enemies and sneak into the mansion. Just a word of warning: Once inside the villa, it is almost impossible to sit still.

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But it’s better to be discovered when half the guards are dead than when they’re all still alive. Shady Belle is a heavily fortified place with explosives and machine guns randomly scattered in all directions. If you go for it, keep an eye on them and make sure you take out anyone who jumps on the tower.

Similarly, there are several distractions that players can use in their approach. There’s a cougar in a cage outside the house. Shoot at the castle and you can sneak through the chaos. If that’s not your style, there are two other options in the back. With the Plunger you can remotely detonate numerous explosives around the camp. There is also a tied up prisoner who can be released as bait if you can sleep with him on your conscience.

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As with any reward, the last part of catching Gene Finley will be getting away with it, or at least getting away with his body. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you manage to surprise Finley, just follow the path you took in the other direction.

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A much more likely scenario is that when things get dangerous, you run away with Finley on horseback. The best route is the one that leaves directly from the entrance of the campsite. Of course, you will be pursued by various enemies. Take them out and there will be nothing left worthwhile and a decent wage between you.

frequently asked questions

Where is Gene Bo Finley?

Gene Bo Finley is on the second floor of the mansion. Find him, lasso him, bring him to your house and take him to the nearest prison to complete the quest.

Do legendary bonuses pay more?

For those who have already chosen the bounty hunter route, the game is offering double XP on all legendary bounty hunters this week. … If players want to earn even more, they can double their winnings with the prestigious legendary bounties, which require a prestigious bounty hunter license.

How many times can a legendary RDO be made?

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