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This Hyperion Returns boss guide shows you how to defeat the fourth boss in the game called Hyperion, what types of attacks he has and how to avoid getting hit by it. Fighting the Hyperion boss is a real challenge, despite the fact that the boss is immobile and doesn’t move.

When you first meet Hyperion, he plays the great organ during the fight. His attacks consist of sending wave after wave of different bullets, hundreds of them.

Hyperion’s Return Boss Guide

Below we have described how to defeat Hyperion in the game, what types of attacks he has and how to parry them.

How to defeat Hyperion

If you thought the previous bosses were hard to fight, you’ll have to reconsider your opinion when you face Hyperion. Although Hyperion stays in one place, playing the organ and filling the stage with haunting music, his attacks rain down on you with all sorts of bullets that you’ll try to dodge or find a way to escape. As if that wasn’t enough, he repeats his attacks quickly, sending out all sorts of heat-seeking bullets, shockwaves and laser beams that force you to keep moving.

Like any other final boss, Hyperion fights in three stages, with full health in each stage. The first stage is when he turns his back on you and plays the organ. It first sends blue target balls that land on your location, then red balls that send an expanding red shockwave. He mixes both attacks with yellow balls that fill the area with all kinds of projectiles. When you thought that was the end of it, he then hits you with a quick horizontal laser beam from left to right, effortlessly hitting a player who thought the orbs were the only danger.

So how do we deal with this chaos? The trick is to be at a medium distance from the boss, where you’re not too far away, but not too close either, so you can’t anticipate his attacks. Because you’re at medium range, you can fire your bullets to inflict constant damage, while keeping moving to avoid a hail of bullets.

If you’ve done enough damage, phase two begins when Hyperion sends you a ton of blue and green orbs. At that point, he won’t play the organ, but will face you and attack without moving. The hardest part of this stage is the appearance of the lianas emerging from the ground to meet you. While you’re already moving and trying to dodge the orbs, the tendrils will sometimes overwhelm you, but it’s important to keep moving because Hyperion also emits blue X-shaped orbs. You can dodge this attack, but moving from one side of the stage to the other is enough to dodge most of these attacks.

In the third phase, the fight is pretty much the same, Hyperion uses pretty much the same attacks as in the first two phases. On the other hand, you have to stick to the same strategy, which is to keep moving and shoot bullets at medium range.

For more help with Returnal, check out our Returnal wiki.

This is the end of our guide to the boss of Hyperion’s Return. Post your comments below.

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