Returnal Weapons Guide – All Weapons, Traits, Alt-Fire Modes

Returnal Weapons Guide – All Weapons, Traits, Alt-Fire Modes

The next time you’re in a Returnal match, keep this guide in your back pocket to help you choose the right weapon for the job. And when things get heated, upgrade your weapon with the right traits to really separate you from the crowd. No matter what weapon you choose, remember that there’s no shame in running for cover if you’re low on ammo – or switching to a different weapon if your current one isn’t working out.

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Returnal is a game with a lot of fighting, so weapons play an important role. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from a decent selection of weapons in the game, ranging from small pistols to shotguns, which you can upgrade in the game as you master their features better. Each weapon in the game also has an alternate shooting mode. We have put together this Returnal Weapons Guide, which not only lists all the weapons you can find in the game, but also all the alt fire modes and weapon features you can find in the game.

Weapons Manual– Return

Learn everything you need to know about unlocking and using all the weapons in the game in our Return Weapons Guide.

All weapons in exchange

Although Returnal is an action-packed game, it only contains ten basic weapons that you’ll find randomly throughout the game. There is no set location for the weapons in the game, as it is a roguelike and everything in the game is procedurally generated. However, some weapons occur rather consistently in different places, so they are described in more detail below. Depending on your luck, you may also find them in other regions. Below are the ten basic weapons found in Returnal, along with their descriptions.

WeaponsDescriptionPossible place of the first meeting
The atropical leafThe Atropic Blade is the only weapon in the game that you can use, and once you have it, you never lose it. It is ideal for knocking out enemies and destroying small enemies with a single blow.Overgrown ruins
Coil shredderThe Coilspine shredder fires discs that bounce off enemies and surfaces and can damage multiple enemies. They can also be charged by holding down the power button. The charge makes them more powerful. It’s a good weapon for the long haul.Echoes of the ruins
DreadboundDreadbound shoots deadly boomerangs back at the weapon. The damage depends on the distance from the opponent. The closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you do. Since you don’t technically reload the weapon, it also has no overload like the other weapons in the game.Shredded waste
Electric driverIt could be the Watson from Apex Legends that you can put in your pocket, as this weapon shoots pylons that stick to surfaces and enemies, then uses the energy transfer between the other pylons to inflict damage to enemies within range. Once their energy is depleted, they disappear from the scene.Echoes of the ruins
Hollow researcherThe Hollowseeker is an assault rifle with a very high rate of fire, allowing you to easily kill monsters at long and medium range.The crimson badlands
Modified handgun SD-M8This is your starting weapon in the game, and all your runs start with a modified SD-M8 handgun equipped. Pressing the fire button quickly results in an inaccurate, high rate of fire, while holding the trigger down results in a slower but steady rate of fire.They have it by default.
Pyroshell launcherIt can be thought of as a sticky grenade launcher, as the projectiles fired by the Pyroshell Caster stick to enemies and explode in a fiery blast. More efficient over medium distancesThe scar of the abyss
Coastal lobsterThe Rotgland Lobber is a useful weapon in the game because it fires acid bullets at enemies, and the acid can damage enemies for a long time. You can adjust the shooting distance by holding and releasing the trigger to shoot where you want.Overgrown ruins
Spitmaw Blaster.The Spitmaw Blaster is a pump-action shotgun that is perfect for short- and medium-range combat. All fire has a large spread, making it really deadly to kill at close range.Overgrown ruins
Tachyomatic carabinerIt is a medium range assault rifle that fires alien energy munitions at high velocity, but short bursts with greater accuracy.Overgrown ruins
Thermogenic launcherThe thermogenic launcher is a missile launcher that fires slow but extremely powerful projectiles at enemies that explode on contact. However, it is an ineffective weapon, as you have to reload it after three shots before you can use it again.Abandoned citadel

Alt-fire mode

All Returnal weapons have the Alt fire mode, with the exception of the Atropic sword. Depending on the controller circuit you’ve chosen, you can press the L2 key all the way down to use Alt-Fire weapon mode, or just press the key you’ve assigned. The Alt-Fire options are listed in the following table. Depending on how lucky you are, each weapon has a different alternate firing mode. You’re not tied to any particular weapon.

Alt-fire modeDescription
An explosive projectileFires a powerful explosive that explodes on impact.
DestinyFires a large energy projectile that does damage on its way and eventually explodes. You can charge him to increase his power
Horizontal damShoot a volley of projectiles in a horizontal trajectory.
KillsightThis allows you to get up close and hit enemies’ weak points for extra damage, like a sniper.
Proximity to the mineThrow a non-contact mine in the right place that only explodes when the enemy approaches.
River of shockLaunches a continuous stream that damages everything in its path.
TendrilpodFires a capsule that attaches to the surface and explodes in multiple spins of collision damage.
TrackerswarmShoot a swarm of homing insectoids.
Vertical damFires a salvo of projectiles in a vertical trajectory.
VoidbeamThrows a continuous beam of energy at enemies, dealing extra damage the longer you keep it aimed at them.

Characteristics of a weapon

Each weapon in the game also has different properties that must be developed to make them more effective. Raising these goods is easy because you just have to use the good until it raises. Also, later in the game you can find weapons with higher stats than the weapon you are currently holding, but this is only possible after you have mastered the weapon. Weapons can also have different properties. We have detailed all the features of the weapon below:

Name of the weaponPossible character traits
Coil shredder– alt-fire cooling

– Increased load

– Negative discs

– Magnified camera

– Target again

– CD separation discs

– double glazing

– slivers

– adrenaline rush

Dreadbound– Repairing the damage

– Expanding splinters

– obolite magnet

– The fourth splinter

Electric driver– Sylphium extractor

– obolite extractor

– leaf harmonizer

– Optimized camera

– pylon fabric

– Magnified camera

– finalists

Hollow researcher– Distributed power

– Phase laps

– waves

– The shredded projectiles

– shrapnel

– portal beam

– Target again

Modified handgun SD-M8– Explosive fire

– cycle

– heat-seeking missile

– pervasive

– ricochets

– The shredded projectiles

– shrapnel

– The Snubnose race.

Pyroshell launcher– Optimized camera

– Inflatable shells

– Slab bonus

Coastal lobster– Bouncing rock

– Rotation of the pendant

– Permanent rot

– Corrosive rot

– Magnified camera

– protective rot

– port rot

Spitmaw Blaster.– A bullet shot

– hothead

– Wide opening

– Narrow snout.

– Critical gap

– background

– Explosive saliva

– acid clouds

Tachyomatic carabiner– Highly accurate

– piercing armor

– high caliber

– Upward slope

– Loading towers

– Critical stroke

– Moderate.

– Rounds of leeches

Thermogenic launcher– Magnified camera

– Easy to use

– obolite magnet

– brake lamp

– Repeated blows

– Mega Rocket

– Fully automatic

– Critical missiles

For more help with Returnal, check out our Returnal wiki.

This concludes our tutorial on the return weapon. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

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