REVIEW: American Crime Story: Impeachment – Episode 1, “Exiles”

It’s not easy to make a compelling story about the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, but American Crime Story does it with its first episode. The show is set in 1998 and focuses on how the Monica Lewinsky scandal affected life for ordinary Americans.

The american crime story impeachment episode 1 full episode is a review of the first episode of American Crime Story’s Impeachment.

REVIEW: Episode 1 of American Crime Story: Impeachment, “Exiles”

American Crime Story is returning with a focus on politics, more than three years after the conclusion of its second season.

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One of television’s most renowned series returns with a new type of criminal story. From the perspectives of Monica Lewinsky (Beanie Feldstein), Linda Tripp (Sarah Paulson), and Paula Jones, American Crime Story: Impeachment recounts the momentous events surrounding Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial (Annaleigh Ashford). Ryan Murphy and his team want to dig into the reality of the frequently oversimplified controversy and the crimes associated with it with the help of Monica Lewinsky as a consultant. The first episode, titled “Exiles,” follows the three ladies through a chronology that changes from one era to the next. Monica Lewinsky is getting ready to relocate when she receives a page from Linda Tripp inviting her to lunch. Linda, on the other hand, is not alone when Monica comes.


Government officials ambush Monica and want to interrogate her. Impeachment takes place during Linda’s time in the White House, just before her employer Vince Foster committed himself. Linda scrambles to retain her job once the deed is completed, even meeting secretly with the new administration to argue her case. Because her White House colleagues wanted her gone, Linda loses her position and is sent to the Pentagon. Linda maintains throughout “Exiles” that she was moved because she knows too much about Whitewater, despite never mentioning it by name once. Despite her replacement’s response that he doesn’t know who she is, Linda thinks President Clinton is afraid of her expertise. Linda isn’t making the most of her new job at the Pentagon, whining about her cubicle companion and pleading with her supervisor for a real office. Despite a significant increase, she only perceives the negative aspects of the situation. Linda recognizes the chance she’s been waiting for when Monica, a fellow transplant from the White House, arrives. In parts interwoven throughout the film, the narrative of Paula Jones’ sexual harassment complaint against Bill Clinton is told.

American Crime Story: Impeachment, American Crime Story, Exiles

I’m undecided about the topic for this season. I applaud the showrunners for choosing a topic so unlike the OJ trial and the Versace murder. While I’m intrigued by this show’s interpretation of the facts, I’m not sure the Monica Lewinsky scandal is fascinating enough to warrant a whole miniseries. They seem to be attempting to link Vince Foster’s suicide to his eventual impeachment, but I don’t see the link, at least not yet. Beanie Feldstein also doesn’t have the appropriate appearance for Monica Lewinsky, but she may be able to compensate with her performance. Sarah Paulson, who never fails to amaze me, has done it again. I thought she was unrecognizable in the current season of American Horror Story, and I had no idea she was portraying Linda until she gave a colleague a nasty look that reminded me of Paulson’s piercing eyes. Is there anything this lady can’t accomplish, no role she won’t nail? Paulson is without a doubt the show’s MVP, playing a complicated character who you might feel sad for if she wasn’t so rude to everyone all of the time. I’m not familiar with Linda Tripp in real life, but Paulson’s Impeachment character is a conceited, manipulative snob who would go to any length to achieve what she wants. Linda’s attitude toward her new colleague, who is fragile, is telling. She sees her as nothing more than a potential asset for her own career. When Monica is brought to a quiet room for interrogation, she instructs them to make Linda remain and watch so she can see what she’s done, which is one of my favorite scenes from the show. Paulson’s Tripp is a far cry from her largely sympathetic performance as Marcia Clark in season 1. We all know she’s one of the finest actors working on television today, but her variety and ability to vanish into the roles she portrays continues to wow me.

American Crime Story: Impeachment, American Crime Story, Exiles

So far, I’m not as interested in Paula Jones’ narrative as I am in Marcia Clark’s, but “Exiles” takes a long, hard look at how the media handled Paula, just as season 1 did for Marcia Clark. Paula makes public her allegations of sexual harassment and her wish for the president to apologize. The reporters there, on the other hand, seem to be solely interested in hounding the shy lady for all the gruesome, pornographic details. To some degree, it’s reasonable; this is their job. They had come to hear something that would sell newspapers. Even though Paula’s lawyer has explained what she can’t answer at the moment, they continue to bombard her with the same questions. Paula’s husband also seems to be a genuine jerk, more concerned with his personal well-being and reputation than with Paula’s. You get the impression that he just worries about protecting his dignity from the prospect of his wife being alone in a room with any other guy. He only tells Paula he loves her once, and it’s to persuade her to proceed with the case so he can obtain a role on Designing Women. Regardless matter how realistic the depiction is, this individual is as bit as slick and disgusting as Linda, if not more so.

American Crime Story: Impeachment, American Crime Story, Exiles

The acting and the makeup are the finest elements of “Impeachment,” at least so far. Although nothing can match with Paulson, who seems to have been swallowed up by another person completely, Annaleigh Ashford vanishes under Paula’s big nose. Mac Quayle’s music contributes to the tight mood of “Exiles,” and everything looks fantastic. Monica is encircled at the mall in a photo that offers superb visual storytelling. I’ll be surprised if they can keep the energy going for the whole season; I simply don’t believe this tale is as interesting as the others this program has covered.

“Exiles” is a great episode with fantastic acting and make-up. The performers, with the exception of Monica and President Clinton (unfortunately, the two most famous characters), are dead-on impersonators, and the clothing selections are meticulously accurate to the era. Impeachment has a lot of ground to cover. I’m not sure it’ll last the distance. It all depends on how the case plays out and how far they can push the situation (and its tenuous ties to a suicide from years before.)

Plot – 6
Acting (10 points)
8 – Music/Sound
10 Production Design
Drama – 8



“Exiles” is a great episode with fantastic acting and make-up.

American Crime Story: Impeachment – Episode 1, Exiles is a first episode of the American Crime Story series. It follows the events that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974. Reference: american crime story impeachment watch online free.

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