Review – Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Reviving a long-dormant franchise is always an exciting prospect, even if it’s always a bit risky. The first Evil Genius was widely released seventeen years ago, and while it wasn’t widely praised by critics, it was still successful enough to sell a large number of copies and have a loyal fan base to this day. Rebellion Developments, the creators of the Sniper Elite games, have decided to develop a brand new sequel after listening to fan demand. Evil Genius 2 has been constantly delayed for COVID reasons, but it’s finally here, so let’s see if the wait was worth it.

My father was a ruthless, self-improving Belgian baker who suffered from narcolepsy and had a penchant for homosexuality.

Evil Genius 2 retains the gameplay loop of its predecessor, but adds a host of new features to take the game to a whole new level. The game revolves around creating your own evil lair, complete with research labs, training facilities, traps and dungeons to trap intruders, and of course your own inner sanctum. They might even make it a tourist attraction for reasons I don’t understand. It’s very ironic and clearly inspired by movies like Archer and Austin Powers, and I love it.

The game looks like a cross between a real-time strategy game and an average control simulator. You build special rooms, each of which must perform a specific function in your company’s processes. Then add special items and furniture to further personalize each room and make it even more enjoyable to use. You must also build staff housing, kitchens, power generators, warehouses and medical clinics to keep the backbone of your evil corporation alive.

Our modern bunk beds are so comfortable they’ll give you a slight scoliosis.

To increase the power and visibility of your malicious cause, you need to do two important things. First of all, you need to create scientists so that they can develop totally new inventions and quality of life improvements in your base, such as B. Better electricity generators and the ability to construct multi-story buildings. This expands your design possibilities considerably. Second, you need to make more money, and you do that by making a difference in the world. By sending your trained spies and soldiers into the wilderness, you can dominate parts of the world and carry out evil plots. This allows you to make even more money, but makes you a target for competing companies and not-so-subtle spy services.

It seems like a lot is happening at once, and it’s very overwhelming at first. Evil Genius 2 fails to teach you all the mechanics and submenus in a simple and coherent way, so you have to discover everything yourself. I recommend using the (excellent) sandbox mode from the game’s first loadout, as the reduced risk and infinite resources allow you to explore all of the game’s mechanics at a faster pace. Once you get the hang of how each room works, and have built a solid infrastructure in your base, Evil Genius 2 is much more fun. I dare say it’s even addictive.

You can still make money by turning this island paradise into a summer retreat.

The graphics are charming, but not overloaded with detail, which can be a boon for weaker PCs, as this game will run fine on most standard laptops. It’s also a little frustrating to realize that most parts and bases will always be too similar. Even if you make bases in holocene volcanoes and tropical islands, each room will still look like a standard industrial base/environment, with bland design and wallpaper.

The same cannot be said for the sound design, which is perhaps the best the game has to offer. There isn’t much dubbing, but the little that is there is very entertaining and charming. A bad European general sounds like a bad European general, the fake Dr. Evil sounds exactly as you would expect, and so on. The game’s soundtrack is also cheesy and full of clichés, and while this would be a minus point in any other game, it works perfectly for parodies of the stylistic tropes of spy movies.

For you, the day (NOT BIZON) of the inauguration of your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

Every new game from Evil Genius 2 starts off at a snail’s pace, especially if you’re a beginner, but once you get the hang of it (probably on your own) and get through the first few levels – the first few challenging ones – you’ll have a fun, varied, and borderline exciting experience that turns you into the spy movie supervillain you’ve always wanted to be. Sure, you can’t make a miniature clone of yourself, hire a Scotsman as a mercenary, or attach sharks to his head with friction lasers, but Evil Genius 2 is the closest thing to the perfect Dr. Evil simulation.

Evil Genius 2 has a charming graphic style, but the rooms are too similar, making the game rather repetitive.A standard control scheme for a building simulator, but Evil Genius 2 also overwhelms the player with tons of submenus and side actions to an almost overwhelming degree, while newcomers may not be aware of all the possibilities.
Evil Genius 2’s sound department consists of cheesy voices and humorous melodies that sound like something out of a 1960s spy show.Any new game starts off at a snail’s pace, and newcomers will feel intimidated by the almost total lack of tutorials explaining what’s involved, but once things start to flow, Evil Genius 2 becomes an exciting simulation.
Last block : 7.5

Evil Genius 2 : World Domination is now available on PC.

Viewed on PC.

A copy of Evil Genius 2: World domination was granted by the publisher.


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