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There’s a new indie game on the Switch that’s caught my eye, and it’s called Maneater. It’s an isometric action game that involves a lot of pixel hunting. Maneater is a game that’s all about the details, and it’s hard to find a fault with its premise. The graphics are gorgeous, the design is superb, and the instructions are clear and concise. I’ve played a little bit of the game, and I think it’s very fun, but I haven’t finished it yet. I’m really looking forward to seeing it grow and develop in the future.

I’m late in writing this review, but I’ve had a few hours to play and write it up. Maneater is one of the Switch’s best eShop titles. It has a unique atmosphere, simple yet immersive gameplay, and a unique look and feel that I haven’t seen in many other Switch titles. This is a unique game that I can’t recommend enough.

Maneater is a fast-paced, multiplayer arena-style game that mixes elements of Bloodborne in with its frantic touch-based gameplay. Maneater is fast-paced and frantic, with fast-paced and frantic battles that keep you on your toes. Maneater is a game full of action, madness and alien robots, and is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Maneater, the world’s very first ShaRkPG, came out exactly a year ago on all platforms except the Switch. Our own Leo Faria looked at this game and was absolutely blown away by the insane design, and even interviewed the team that developed the game afterwards. It took the team an extra year to transfer it to Switch, which allowed me to try it for the first time. What will this game look like when ported to a portable platform? word-image-10609 Despite being underwater, Maneater tries to make it visually interesting. For the uninitiated: The movie Eater is the story of a vengeful shark and the hunter who kills his mother and then tears off her hand. It’s an absolutely idiotic premise that completely matches his stupidity, and it only gets better from there. All you need to know is that you can play as a shark and terrorize the town of Port Clovis in an attempt to lure the hunter Scaley Pete for another round. Controlling the shark is actually quite simple, with a simple control scheme. You can bite, dodge and swish your tail to stun your opponent. Playing as a killer shark is never boring, and jumping out of the water to catch your latest victim and bring them back into the water for a feast is oddly satisfying. However, the locking system is a bit heavy at times: You have to press the right joystick every time an enemy passes you to reconnect. It takes some getting used to. They can dive out of the water to catch a man in a boat, or jump onto land and wreak havoc. While it is very entertaining and unique for a while, there are very few interesting encounters, and the strategies remain largely the same throughout the game. Still, I recommend checking it out for the concept alone. What really set Maneater apart was the upgrade system. By eating other fish, people and other animals, you gain experience points that you can use to upgrade your big fish. At first this gives you a basic power increase, but later you can increase the age of your shark, allowing you to fight more difficult enemies and reach parts of the map that would otherwise be unreachable. The hunters you encounter in the game also give you upgrades and encourage you to do as much damage as possible. Each hunter gives a mutation that can be unlocked and equipped in the cave. The upgrade is what Maneater does best: You see your shark transform from a tiny cub into a gigantic monster that tears apart everything and everyone, throwing away any semblance of scientific accuracy in the process. The many mysteries to be found in the wide world are worth exploring. Unfortunately, Maneater rarely does anything inventive outside of the traditional pattern of coming in and killing X number of something. This can be really fun and comforting for some people, but it gets a little repetitive after a while. Swimming around and completing quests quickly becomes boring, and you’ll want to rush to finish the story mode, which will take 7-10 hours depending on the number of side missions. How much fun you can have depends on how much you like games that require you to do damage. Visually, Maneater is a pretty good game. However, the exposed areas can be a little uncomfortable for the eyes due to the turbidity of the water you have to walk through. Fortunately, in the later stages the water improves considerably and becomes much clearer and much less dirty. However, the quality of this water is not very good for a game where you spend almost all the time underwater. Overall, playing on the Switch has been a positive experience. Of course, you should not expect such high graphics settings as on the PC, but it is perfectly feasible: most visual effects are present, and in portable mode the resolution is quite acceptable. I wouldn’t recommend playing it on a large TV, mainly because of the aggressive aliasing and lack of fine detail. Sometimes it seems a little rough. The frame rate is also quite stable, despite occasional hiccups. As for the sound design, you should know that Chris Parnell, in full David Attenborough, narrates just about every aspect of this game, from traveling the world to eating the citizens around you. It’s hilarious, and Parnell embodies it perfectly, providing that extra layer that Eater needs to really stand out. Other than that, the sound design does a good job of making you feel like a scary shark. word-image-10611 Name num num num. The Switch port of Maneater is a great way to play a surprisingly good game with a very unique storyline. Although it seems like an open world game with an underwater environment, it has some elements that make it worthwhile. The unique shark-based gameplay, with its power-up mechanics and progression system, is great fun to play and performs very well on the road, despite the limitations of the Switch’s hardware.

Despite some lackluster locations and the limitations of limited hardware, Maneater looks decent enough on Switch.Piloting a killer shark is interesting, but Maneater rarely does anything interesting with that idea.
Chris Parnell as the killer shark narrator is not what I thought it would be, but it is absolute perfection.Despite an incredibly inventive concept, Maneater often suffers from the shortcomings of the open world.
Final decision: 7.0

Maneater is already available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Check the switch. A copy of Maneater’s book was provided by the publisher.


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The Maneater’s a tricky one to rate. It’s a decent game, but I found it a bit slow moving – and it didn’t provide the same kind of challenge a lot of other titles did.. Read more about maneater nintendo switch eshop and let us know what you think.

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