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I have reviewed many games over the years, but this is the first time I have ever reviewed a game that I own. I bought Open Country (a free flash game on Kongregate) because I enjoyed the game when it was released and wanted to see what the maker had done with it.

While it may not be the most popular place to go to get your game fix, Open Country is widely considered the best place to buy games in the UK. Don’t believe us? Then check out the independent reviews and ratings on the Open Country website. We’ve even made the site the home of our own independent ratings system that rates every game we’ve ever reviewed.

I’m going to be honest in this review and say that I haven’t finished Open Country, I don’t even think I got halfway through. Not because I didn’t want the game or didn’t have time to play it out. Unfortunately, this is due to the many problems I had with this title. I played it for almost nine hours and I kept running into problems and bugs that broke the game. During those nine hours, I restarted the game three times because saves were erased and errors in the game blocked my progress. Beyond that, there are lots of common bugs, from falling through the world to floating animals. Fun Labs has pushed back the original date by a week to release more updates. Unfortunately, I don’t think the extra week will make much difference in the grand scheme of things. I don’t want to just whine about Open Country, because I see the potential for a really interesting game that combines survival, hunting, and story. So don’t give up on this title just yet and listen to me. The principle of Open Land is simple, but some of us can understand it. The opening scene begins in the hubbub of city traffic on the way to work. You start thinking about nature and the last time you really spent time in nature. They seize the opportunity and decide to put everything in the van and hit the road. Where? Any place that isn’t a town. Help your local lodge stock up on meat and upgrade their equipment. While in a small town, you decide to stop by a nearby hunting lodge to meet the local outdoorsmen. After sharing his story with his host, he decides that you might be the person to help him solve some problems. This is where your story begins. You will have duties in the lodge, assist the ranger and help others in the area. You get closer to these people, you even help improve and develop the lodge, giving you more equipment and hunting opportunities. By completing quests, you gain money and XP to improve your survival and hunting skills. For fans of hunting or survival games, this post will be relevant. There aren’t many hunting simulators that have a focused story and don’t offer in-depth survival elements. Unfortunately, Open Country has some good ideas, but lacks finish and execution. Many of his problems can be solved with performance and balance corrections, but his current condition is not good. The perk system makes survival aspects almost unnecessary if you level up some perks first. The completely improved hunger, thirst and resting properties mean you almost never have to build shelters for sleeping and cooking. Just pick berries while hunting, as they satisfy hunger and thirst, and you’re good to go. word-image-1946 Learning survival skills makes a long hunt much easier. The hunting gameplay has all the basic features you would expect from a hunting game, but some things have been simplified. Unlike a hunting simulator, you don’t have to worry about your scent or the right gun and ammo for the animal. You will not be penalized if you shoot an animal with the wrong ammunition or if you do not have the proper permit. So Open Country has much more of an arcade feel to it, which I really liked. Adjustments for hunting are fairly standard and range from increased accuracy to increased stealth. Your missions take place in large sections of the map, where you can park at the main entrance and explore the rest on foot. The maps are quite large and contain a variety of biomes where all kinds of creatures live. Most missions give you a landmark on one of the maps, and you must then explore that to find your destination. It offers a good balance between freedom to explore and survive, but also some structure to the story. Besides your main goal you will also want to hunt to bring back fresh meat and skins to sell. These funds can be used to purchase new weapons and equipment, such as bird calls, litter, flints and other supplies. word-image-1947 Sell meat and hides to buy items and tools. I talked about the game system, and honestly I like all the ideas and possibilities. Unfortunately, Open Country starts to fall apart as you play it. The animation is very stiff, and that goes for both the human and animal characters. The game doesn’t feel fluid because everything around you is so torn up that it’s easy to get stuck on rocks and logs in the environment. If you get stuck in an environment, you’ll have to reload a save or even drop through the map. You get a dog to help you track animals and even catch a bird from the lake for you. However, it brings its own problems – poor artificial intelligence and environmental problems. There have been quite a few times when my dog couldn’t catch a bird or got stuck along the way, or even fell through the map itself and had to be revived. Movement aside, there are some illogical balance issues. Predators, regardless of size, need three shots. Yes, the bear and the wolf suffer the same damage. This also applies to predators: One shot is enough to kill a moose and a rabbit. I have already said that the benefits must be compensated. Maximizing certain stats early in the game eliminates many aspects of survival. With all the wonderful ideas behind Open Country, it’s a shame it’s so poorly put together. That’s really his biggest flaw, aside from the performance issues. word-image-1948 Animals float across the map, join objects in the environment, glitch on targets. Welcome to nature. Visually, there’s nothing to praise either. I’ve always preferred the gameplay to the visuals, but sometimes the visuals get in the way. There are little moments where you stand still, and the lighting is just right to make Open Country look good. But once you start moving around and the leaves make their appearance, it becomes an eyesore. The textures are sloppy, the character spacing is poor, the animals have no fur texture, and the people look plastic. The PC also has no graphics options, so it’s not a hardware limitation on my part. A big problem I run into when hiding in bushes or low branches is depth of field. When she aims, she aims at the branches in front of her, while the animal in the distance is out of focus. Also, it is much harder to track and spot animals if they appear within a few feet of you. Is it an animal that moves, or just a piece of grass that is loaded? Anything visual was more of a distraction than a pleasure. word-image-1949 There are times when the environment seems right from the start. The sound design also lacks quality and attention to detail. For example, animals can perceive sounds, but that seems to depend on how fast you are walking. There is no difference in volume or even sound effect for some of the records that are captured. The biggest of all is walking on water. There’s no sound effect for this, not even a ripple. The voice acting also leaves a lot to be desired. It’s almost as if the voice actors are trying to match the rigor of the animation. It’s also clear that some of the voice actors are struggling to render a South American accent. The various forest and insect sounds are suitable, as well as most animal sounds. The bear that growls at you may not be as intense, but at least it looks like a bear. The soundtrack is good, but you only hear it in the cabin or in the first few minutes of the chase. word-image-1950 Don’t get too excited. You must not operate the ATV unless you are authorized to do so. I was looking forward to Open Country, hoping it would bridge the gap between arcade hunting and hunting simulation. In spirit, that’s exactly what she wanted to do, and it shows in the game. It’s just a shame that the execution is lacking. Still, there’s something special here that might appeal to fans of hunting and survival games. However, this requires a lot of work on bugs, glitches and general balancing of the game systems.

Open Country is not a visually appealing game, but there are small moments with the lighting where it could be decent. The drawing area is terrible, with huge pop-ups, and the character models and animations are crude. Movement and animations are wooden, and the survival and RPG systems have balance issues. There’s a lot of variety in the gameplay, it’s just a shame that the execution isn’t very solid.
The sound design isn’t great, but the soundtrack stands out in a positive way. The dubbing is not very good: some sentences are very harsh and the South American accent is not very good. This semi-open world game that focuses on story, survival and hunting has promising prospects. Unfortunately, I experienced so many problems, game-destroying bugs and memory loss, that Open Country couldn’t do me any favors, even if I wanted to have fun with it.
Final decision: 3.0

Open Country is already available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The test was conducted on a PC with an i7-9700k, RTX 2070 and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. A copy of Open Country was provided by the publisher.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Open Country tires good?

After driving for the better part of two years on Open Country tires, I can tell you that they’re no good. I haven’t been able to get a single puncture on them, which in turn makes them pretty useless. I’ve experienced deep grooves cutting through the tread, and I’ve also had a nail millimeter away from getting a flat while driving over a nail head. My experience with them has been marred by bad luck and not enough experience with other tires. Open Country was founded in 1986 by Ivan B. Kavanagh and has grown to become one of the largest tire manufacturers for the off-road market. Their signature line is their ‘DTC’ (Drive Traction Control) line; these tires are built for high traction on hard surfaces and provide superior control in all types of off-road terrain.

Who makes Open Country tires?

Open Country has infamously been known for being the poor man’s off-brand tire. They make tires for many of the worlds top automakers, including Volkswagen, BMW, Ford and Lexus. They are also the official tire of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and offer a wide variety of tire models. Offering a solid balance between the sporty and the street, Open Country tires are a fine choice for street riders. The tires come in a large number of options, so you can find the right set to fit all sorts of riding styles. Ranging from a few tread patterns to over a dozen, you are sure to find the right rubber for the job.

Are Toyo Open Country AT tires good in the snow?

Open Country AT tires will be the under-the-hood option for some of the new Toyo Geolandar A/Ts. A couple of questions come to mind as you’re about to make a final decision on which tires to fit your vehicle with. The first is, are those Toyo Geolandars worth the extra money? The second, how do they stack up to other options in their class? We know you’re curious, so to help you get an answer to your questions, we’ve equipped this review with all you need to know about Toyo’s latest offerings. The Toyo Open Country AT is Toyo’s flagship snow and ice tire and comes as the standard tire on the Toyota 4×4 models, including the Tundra, Tacoma, and Sequoia. The Open Country is a tire dedicated to back country adventure and isn’t designed to stick to the roads. The Open Country uses a knobby tread pattern that fills in the grooves of the tire to give it a softer ride. It also comes with strong sidewall support in the center of the treads and an aggressive shoulder lugs that give it plenty of traction on hard packed snow.

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