Rio Grande Announces New Deck Builders and Friedemann Friese Titles

Today, Rio Grande Games announced the newest additions to their ever growing line of deck builders. These two decks will be publishers, and that publishers are part of Rio Grande’s new Deck Builder’s Toolkit that includes a number of deck-building games and accessories.

The popular board game Monopoly comes with different editions, including the original, the most recent edition, the Collector’s Edition, and ‘The Big Apple’, which is inspired by New York City. For the first time ever, the classic board game has been adapted into a video game, which is now available to download on PlayStation 4. Players can choose to welcome the new Monopoly game with open arms, or declare their hatred for the mobile game, since it takes away the board game’s excitement.

On a recent trip to Magic The Gathering’s convention, a special announcement was made about the future of the game. While the current title of the game is “Magic: The Gathering”, the new title will be “Magic: The Gathering-Rio Grande”. The new name will be used in the future products and cards, all upcoming tournaments, and all future website.

The date is September 8, 2021. Rio Grand Games revealed four new games in their August newsletter, including two deck/dice builders and two Friedemann Friese titles. These four board games are scheduled to be released later this year.

Art Decko will be released in October, Dice Realms will be released in December, and Faiyum and Free Ride will be released later this year. These games provide a diverse range of gameplay and should appeal to a wide range of players. More details about the game may be found below!

Art Decko Game Box

Art Decko (#1)

Fine art collecting is a pastime for some people. It’s a ruthless world of buying, selling, and market manipulation for a privileged few. Will you be able to remain one step ahead of the competition and amass the most expensive collection?

Art Decko is a creative new way to create a deck. The paintings are lovely (and pricey), but they may grow more valued as the game progresses. When a painting is shown in a museum, the value of all paintings in that genre rises. Everyone who owns such kind of artwork benefits, but who benefits the most? At every move, players must make tough choices. Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder when every possible action has the potential to make money?

For further information, go to the Art Decko Publisher Page.

Dice Realms #02

Tom Lehmann, the creator of Race for the Galaxy, has released Dice Realms, a fresh, creative take on “dice customisation.”

Each player in Dice Realms is in charge of a tiny kingdom, which is represented by two customisable dice. The detachable dice faces enable for strategic farming, mining, defense, upgrading, and other improvements. The players throw their dice at the same time each round to gather grain, victory points, and money. Then they must determine how to enhance their kingdoms by upgrading their dice faces. However, the players must be cautious since the Destiny Die is rolled each round, and fate may be capricious.

Your realm’s destiny is in your hands: will it flourish or just survive?

For more information, see the Dice Realms Publisher Page.

Faiyum Game Box

Faiyum (#3)

You are the pharaoh’s advisers during the time of Amenemhet III, and you have been tasked with harvesting commodities, building roads, establishing villages, and much more for the benefit of Faiyum! You are being provided with the required personnel, resources, and money, which means that if another advisor needs to utilize “your” roads, farms, or other structures, they are free to do so since the pharaoh owns whatever you construct. The only thing you’ll own is the one thing that matters: the pharaoh’s respect.

Faiyum is a strategy game for fans of strategy games. The fundamental guidelines are straightforward: Play your cards on your personal discard stack one by one. You take your cards back into your hand in “reverse” playing order after playing some or all of them, so playing cards in the optimal sequence is critical. Because newly bought cards are sent straight to your hand, the order in which you receive and play them is critical. Each of the component cards has simple actions, but you will only be a master adviser of Faiyum if you combine them into the greatest possible “engine.”

For further information, see the Faiyum Publisher Page.

Free Ride Game Box

#04 | Ride for Free

In Free Ride, you are in responsible of constructing train lines that will link Europe’s main cities. Then you drive your train around the expanding rail network, transporting people to see the city’s renowned buildings. It is free to move your train over your own railway lines as well as state-owned railway lines. You must pay your other players if you use their railway lines, which turns them become state-owned railway lines.

To gather passengers, choose from an open display of city cards representing various passenger travel routes. Move your train to one of the cities on display and pick up this beginning city card together with the destination city card to determine your journey path. When your train arrives at its destination, you complete the travel path and get victory points for both cards at the game’s conclusion. You can only handle one travel path at a time at first. Later, your train will be able to carry two different travel routes at the same time, allowing it to move quicker over the railway network.

For further information, go to the Free Ride Publisher’s Page.

Are you intrigued by Rio Grande’s announcement of new Deck Builders and Friedemann Friese titles? Please let us know in the comments section below! Source:

This week, I was at the Rio Grande Games Authors Reception held at Gen Con. The event was hosted by Scott Dorward and Sam Healey, and the featured guests were Matt Riddle and Friedemann Friese, who along with Scott and Sam, did a bunch of new card and board game releases. Friedemann and I did a Q&A and did some games and talked about the future of the company.. Read more about my city board game and let us know what you think.

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