Rise of Kingdoms is one of the leading mobile strategy games on the market.

In the game, players build a powerful kingdom, train an army, conquer land and much more.

You need to collect resources and other items to progress in the game.

As with many other games, Rise of Kingdoms allows the player to exchange codes for some of these items, which helps the player progress faster.

This regularly updated post lists all active codes you can claim in Rise of Kingdoms.

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Growth codes of the Kingdom

Active codes

The following codes are available from 13 January 2021 and have been confirmed as valid.

  • There is currently no active code to use! Come back later for the new gift codes.

Enter the codes with the exact same capital letters as above to make them work.

If you receive a message when you try to redeem the redemption code you entered, it has expired and no longer works.

The message The exchange code you entered is invalid, check and re-enter means that you entered the code incorrectly, it does not exist or it has been deleted.

To help others, please let us know if you notice any of the above codes have expired.

Expired codes

All of the following codes have worked before, but have now expired.

  • RMerryXmas (1 golden key, 3 speeds of 60 minutes, level 10 5 body of knowledge)
  • Happynew21 (1 golden key, 3 silver keys, 2 speeds 3-ho, 10 level 5 knowledge settings)
  • TnxGiving

Gift codes are often distributed by the developers of Idle Heroes.

We add all new active codes to this list as soon as we find or receive notifications about them.

We therefore recommend that you check this position from time to time for new codes.

We are always happy when readers share new active codes they find or find that an active code has expired.

How to redeem gift codes in the Rising Kingdom

To redeem gift codes in Rise of Kingdoms, go to your kingdom or the world map.

Click on your profile icon in the top left corner.

Go to Settings.

In the settings window, click the icon that says Redeem below.

Enter the active gift code in the field.

Click the Redeem button and the reward will be sent to your inbox.

Return to your kingdom or the world map to collect the reward in your mailbox.

Click on the mailbox icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Find the reward letter with the gift code and click Claim or Read and Claim below your mailing list.

See the previous section of this post for active gift codes in Rise of Kingdoms.

What aregift codes?

Gift codes are codes that the developers of Rise of Kingdoms distribute to players to redeem in the game.

When you redeem Gift Codes, you receive a reward in the form of a code in your inbox that often includes keys, gear, and resources.

Gift codes are generally distributed when important new updates are released, holidays, special promotions or other festivities are approaching.

Gift codes expire after a certain period of time, so redeem them before it’s too late.

Since gift codes can be advertised on a variety of platforms, including in-game social media platforms, it can be difficult to find them over time.

For your convenience, we have created this code list that will give you all the active Rise of Kingdoms codes in one place.

Players of the game can use these codes to progress faster, so check back from time to time to see if any new codes have been released.

How to get the other codes

There is only one way to get more code into the game, and that is to wait for the developers to release new code.

Because codes can be announced on social media, in ads, directly by content creators, or any other way, we’ve compiled this list to help you find codes.

We will add any new active code we find to this list. So you can keep an eye on the new codes by checking this post from time to time.

These are all the discount codes we have for Reigns Rising!

If you want to see our list of codes for Rise of Kingdoms improved, let us know in the comments if you find any new active codes or if you notice that any of your active codes are expiring.


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