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Rise of Kingdoms – How To Get Speedups

No one really knows much about the world of Rise of Kingdoms, including the fact that the game is actually a stealth sequel to Rise of Nations, a real-time strategy game released over a decade ago. But one thing is for sure – you need to get speedups! Whether you’re looking for Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Speedups or even the best of them all, the Ancient SpeedUp, we’ve got you covered. (Now if only we could figure out what the hell “the Badge of Leadership” is all about!)

In this guide, we will go over the basics of the game, and we will go into detail about how to level your kingdom, how to get speedups, what the best defense is, how to secure your resources by doing quests, and tricks and tips to help you win wars.

Accelerators are probably the most important element of Rise of Kingdoms.

With them, you can develop your city faster because they shorten the time to learn or build.

This means you can instantly skip the time it takes to train troops, research technologies, build, upgrade, and more, which is powerful.

If you want to move forward quickly, accelerated farming should be a priority for you.

You can get gear in Rise of Kingdoms by participating in events, completing various tasks and quests, upgrading your town hall, buying, spending action points and being part of a strong alliance – you can find more information about each method below.

Table of contents

Participation in events

There are many major events in Rise of Kingdoms, and you can get a head start on some of them.

Therefore, we recommend that you always check which activities are in progress and which are about to begin.

For example, Eve of Crusade is an event you must attend to get a bonus.

You can also participate in the Ceroli Crisis event and win Ceroli currency.

You can spend this currency to accelerate. Other activities you can participate in to earn the gear include:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • More than just gemstones
  • The Lojar process
  • The band train
  • A revolutionary era
  • Imperial wealth
  • Tiles and bricks and much more

Tasks and assignments

Many of the quests and tasks in Rise of Kingdoms give you a speed boost as a reward.

You can get them in the following quests and missions:

  • Unlocking safes
  • Daily targets
  • Quests
  • raise barbarians
  • Sunset Gorge
  • An excellent scientist.

You can get gear by opening chests with gold and silver keys.

You can get an acceleration of construction, research and versatility, as well as other awesome rewards including sculptures and heroes.

Completing daily tasks is a great way to earn speedups and other useful items and resources.

Each day you will be given a series of new daily tasks to complete.

These are simple tasks that can be done quickly.

For each daily task you complete, you earn activity points for daily reward chests.

The Daily Challenge tab contains five reward chests that unlock when you earn 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 activity points.

The first four chests in the Daily Tasks tab offer at least one accelerator, and the last chest offers 100 gems and a gold key that you can use to get more accelerators.

Quests are missions that guide you through the game and give you rewards as you reach new stages.

Some quests in the game give you gear as a reward.

Fighting barbarians on the map is a great way to earn extra resources. One of the rewards you can get for defeating the barbarians is gear.

Sunset Canyon is one of the things you can do in the campaign section of Rise of Kingdoms.

Here you will be rewarded for your efforts, even if you lose.

One of the rewards you can get here is acceleration.

Every day you can take the Peerless Scholar quiz.

You get rewards based on your results.

Acceleration is one of the rewards you can get for completing Peerless Scholar quizzes.

Gambling establishments

Rise of Kingdoms has several shops where you can buy boosters.

You can buy boosters in the following game stores:

  • The mysterious merchant
  • Shipping Medals Shop
  • Alliance Warehouse
  • VIP Shop

A mysterious merchant will visit your town from time to time.

When they do, an icon appears above the message sender.

You can buy discounted items at Mystery Merchant.

The more barbarians you defeat, the more buildings you upgrade and the more troops you train, the more often the mysterious merchant will appear.

Many different items can be purchased from the mysterious merchant, including accelerators.

Items sold by the Mystery Merchant can only be purchased once until they reappear.

Sometimes the expedition medal shop sells boosters, but that’s not always the case.

If you happen to see a metal shipping store and have medallion coins, we recommend you buy them.

The Alliance Shop in Rise of Kingdoms sells different types of boosters.

We recommend that you choose the 3 hours as they give you the most benefit per credit spent.

Items in the VIP shop are usually sold at a reduced price.

This means that when you buy boosters in the VIP shop, you will probably spend less gems than usual.

This is another reason why you should start earning VIP points to increase your VIP level.

Improvement of City Hall

Your Town Hall is the most important building in Rise of Kingdoms, as it determines how many upgrades you can make to your other buildings, how many troops you have in total, and much more.

Besides being the best building to focus on in the game, upgrading your town hall also gives you a speed boost as a reward for upgrading it.

Find out which levels give gear as a reward and how much in our guide to City Hall.

Buying for money

This method requires you to spend real money, but it is a way to speed up the game.

You can buy acceleration by buying packs or gems, and then spending them on acceleration.

Payment points

You can get many boosts by spending action points, which is one of the best ways to get boosts in Rise of Kingdoms.

Saving action points for KVK can be a good idea, as you can get boosts from fighting barbarians.

To be in a rich union

If you are lucky enough to be part of a rich alliance, also known as the Whale Alliance, you have a good chance of getting a lot of boosts.

Every time someone buys something in your alliance, you get gift boxes.

These chests contain great rewards, including gear.

Find out how to get a boost in Rise of Kingdoms here!

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about how to play rise of kingdoms and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I speed up my ROK?

ROK is a browser-based game that has recently gained popularity, thanks to MMORPGs like FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Due to the massive surge of new players, many are having trouble with the pacing of the game, particularly with upgrading and building their towns. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to get ahead of the game, and become a leader in your kingdom. Before I can give you a formula for speeding up your ROK, we need to understand what exactly speed is. Speed is the rate at which an object covers distance. In other words, it is a measure of how fast an object moves. If you want to know how fast an object is moving, you need to know how far it has moved. Finding the distance an object has moved is easy in ROK. When you place a unit on the map, you can see how far it has moved by looking at the “Move” number in the top left corner of the unit.

How do I fix rise of the kingdoms?

If you like any games unless they are slow, or laggy, you’ll want to download the game leaks speed up calculator. With it you’ll be able to increase any games speed to a level that you want, up to a point where it can be played in real time. (It is limited by the servers that the game was made for). the rise of the kingdoms is a war strategy game, and it’s very hard to play it, however, that is not a good excuse that you lack the skills to play the rise of the kingdoms. if you do not have the time to play the rise of the kingdoms, you can try the rise of the kingdoms speedup calculator. The rise of the kingdoms speedup calculator is a software that can help you achieve your goal to become the leader of the kingdom by making you calculate the number of resources you need to win.

How do you use runes in rise of kingdoms?

Runes are a currency in rise of kingdoms that you may acquire during your play time. You can use them to get a variety of bonuses in the game. Some runes, like the Armor Rune, add bonus armor to the player’s hero, while other runes, like the Weapon Rune, add bonus damage.  Some runes have other bonuses, such as a speed up rune, which allows for your laborers to work faster, or a gem rune, which can be used to buy gem items. Fantasy-focused blog intros: Runes are used in the rise of kingdoms game to give your characters the power to cast spells. Runes can be used individually or in combination to cast powerful spells. For example, the rune “name” used with the “map” rune will tell you the position of any hidden unit on the game map. Runes are also used to craft weapons, like “iron” + “water” = “iron sword”. It is important to know that runes can be used for good or evil. For example, the “fire” rune can be used to burn a village to the ground or it can be used to create a protective ring of fire around your own village to ward off invaders.

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