Root Film Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Root Film
Genre : Visual novel,
adventure system: Nintendo Switch
Developer|Publisher: KADOKAWA GAMES | PQube
Age Rating: EU 16+ | USA MPrijs : US $39.99 | UK £34.99 | EU €39.99 Release date
: 19. March 2021

A synthesis code is used, mainly thanks to PQube

Like any good species (bees, humans, bears, etc.), visual novels come in all shapes, sizes….. and genres. There are romantic films, comedy novels and, in the case of Root Film, a dive into the mystery genre.

Prologue: What kind of game is this?

Let’s hope it never gets that far with humanity…. No matter how plausible.

Root Film proudly advertises itself as a mystery and suspense story set in the Shimane Prefecture from the main title, with the idea of memories brought back by hidden images. If cinematography, ghost stories and solving murder mysteries interest you, Root Film might be the game you’ve been waiting for.

Chapter 1: Parcel

The game begins in the Yagumo studio, which is named after one of our main characters: Max Yagumo. Max is an aspiring filmmaker specializing in films about ghosts and the occult.

Introducing : Rintaro Yagumo, also known as Max.

You’d think Max would realize his dream of becoming a star director, but with his own studio and all the rest, he’s actually struggling to get his big break. He and his only two collaborators (Magari’s editor and his secretly silent cameraman) are approached by a well-known producer to enter a film competition. this is just the big break the Yagumo studio needs!

Competing with two other directors, each in the battle for best horror film, Max breathes new life into a project that was suspiciously shelved a decade ago for unknown reasons. When Yagumo Studios goes exploring, they become involved in a series of suspicious deaths and take on the responsibility of helping to solve the murder!

You’ll meet lots of fun locals as you explore!

Chapter 2: Gameplay and mechanics

Root Film is essentially a visual novel. That way you follow the characters and read (or listen) to the text. There are some interesting game mechanics that really add to the story and make the player more involved.

Max (and our other main character: Riho) suffers from a form of synesthesia that, when activated, makes important words and phrases appear. This is an excellent skill for remembering important clues about a case you are working on.

Her super power is to make important words and phrases appear in the air for her.

Once the player has progressed far enough in the story, they enter Max mode; this is essentially an interrogation mode where the player can figure out what happened and who is to blame, by extracting the right clues from the information gathered through the powers of synesthesia.

Make sure you collect enough evidence, otherwise you won’t be able to find out the truth!

In Max mode, when you select the right clues, the box at the top of the screen fills up; when the box reaches the end, the truth is revealed!

During the hunt for the truth, players will travel through Japan’s Shimane Prefecture. As a film crew, Studio Yagumo travels around and discovers many beautiful environments, all based on real places in Japan.

Navigate to different locations to find clues with this handy map of Shimane.

The Game is not only a well-written and thought-provoking crime novel, it is also an equally powerful travelogue. After playing the movie Root, I want to travel to Shimane Prefecture and see all the sights!

Solution: Video and sound

The images are incredible! If you love anime, you’ll love Root Film. All the characters are bursting with personality and every background is so vivid! Many of the settings drawn in this game are directly inspired by true-life locations in Shimane, adding an extra layer of intrigue. Players can actually go to the places where the game’s story takes place – in real life!

It’s hard to concentrate on a puzzle in such a beautiful location!

The sound is also excellent. All the texts are dubbed completely in Japanese, and the voice actors are excellent. The soundtrack is also excellent. There is one song in particular that sounds a bit like the theme from the Pink Panther cartoon. And when the situation is tense, the music is full of tension.

The lighting creates the perfect atmosphere for each scene, and the game wouldn’t be as good without such outstanding music.

Catch the culprit!


The film Roots thrives on the idea of mystery and suspense. As a visual novel, it’s worthwhile in its own right, but as the icing on the cake, this game has fantastic graphics and a great soundtrack. The game has several chapters, and the actions and perspectives of the different characters keep the game fresh.

If you like mystery stories full of intrigue, this visual novel is for you!

Final Judgment : I like this one.


How do you load…

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