RPG Adventure WrestleQuest Coming to PC and Consoles in Summer 2022

A new free-to-play game offering a variety of RPG and MMO experiences, known as “RPG Adventure WrestleQuest”, recently released on PC via Steam. The title is being developed by the team behind MyWrestleMania., which has been downloaded over 100 million times since its release in 2018. Now players can explore this world for themselves without any risk of purchase or subscriptions fees, just like playing games on their consoles

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RPG Adventure WrestleQuest Coming to PC and Consoles in Summer 2022

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With the launch of WrestleQuest, fans of vintage wrestling have something to look forward to. Mega Cat Studios will create the game, which will be published by Skybound Games.

“Through the lens of an incredible RPG experience, WrestleQuest captures the essence and passion of wrestling,” stated Mega Cat Studios President and Founder James Deighan.

“Wrestling retains an inescapable sentimental spot for many of the Mega Cat crew members who grew up watching it. This game is a celebration of that culture, with visits by some of our favorite wrestlers from the 1980s, 1990s, and today.”


TAG A DESTINY TEAM! In the ultimate pixel-powered adventure, pro wrestling and RPG fantasy combine. Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, and a slew of other legends will lead you to triumph beyond the ring. It’s not just an epic adventure for this hero; it’s WRESTLEQUEST!

It’s a retro-styled RPG adventure influenced by arcade wrestling games, with pixelated graphics. Famous wrestlers such as Randy “The Macho Man” Savage, Jake the Snake Roberts, Andre the Giant, and others may be interacted with. They’ll combat monsters and other warriors as they travel across worlds. As they progress through the levels of the wrestling world, players will improve their character’s talents. WrestleQuest is receiving a lot of favorable press, with some even bringing it up with Geoff Keighley, the presenter of The Game Awards. Others have commented on the launch trailer page, stating that the game is on their summer must-have list.

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March 18, 2022 — Joseph Yaden (@JosephYaden)

1647884843_376_RPG-Adventure-WrestleQuest-Coming-to-PC-and-Consoles-in-SummerMega Cat Studios is responsible for this image.

Investigate universes based on their illustrious professions.

Classic RPG action collides with a plethora of wrestling maneuvers, match styles, and gimmicks.

As this fantasy ventures outside the ring, wild regions, strange beasts, action figure combatants, and spandexed pals await.

By training, studying, glamming, and SLAMMING your way to the top of the pro wrestling food chain, you can go from hopeful rookie to world champion.

As you learn what it takes to be the cream of the crop in the pro wrestling world of your dreams, choose your techniques, styles, taunts, and even your entrance.

In the summer of 2022, WrestleQuest will be released on consoles and PC (Steam).

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