Sabin’s Best Blitzes In The Game (All 8, Ranked) –

Sabin is one of my favorite characters in the game. I love the story of the prince who gave up his claim to the throne to practice martial arts.

All this training will pay off if you have powerful technology.

The use of these techniques may surprise new players at first, but like martial arts, one becomes perfect through practice and repetition!

In this ranking, I’m going to tell you about Sabin’s blitz skills, why they’re good, and which ones are really the best.

8. Chakra

Gives some HP back to all the other members of the group.

Degree of assimilation : 23

We start the list with a simple blitz: Chakra.

The chakra heals the whole group at the level of the current Sabine, divided among the group members. And it takes away the blind, the poison, the silence and the juice.

They will usually be used when the group is affected by one of these conditions, because it’s faster than trying to cure them by other means (and it’s not worth it to the MPs)!

However, this is clearly the least of Sabin’s ingenious techniques, even if it shouldn’t be avoided entirely.

7. Soul spiral

sacrifices himself to completely heal all the other members of the group.

Assimilation level: 42, or by visiting Duncan in a world of ruins.

This lightning bolt should be reserved if your group is in a dire state, as it distracts Sabin from the session.

However, it restores the HP and MP of the rest of the party and cures them of blindness, zombie, goblin, poison, petrification, corruption, silence, berserk confusion, sap, sleep, slowness, halt, and freeze.

Almost all state effects can be cured with this lightning bolt. Basically, it gives you a whole new party.

Sabin’s sacrifice will not be forgotten!

6. Meteorite impact

Drive the only enemy into the ground.

Degree of assimilation : 10

Formerly known as a suplex, this blitz has the potential to do the most physical damage of any of Sabin’s techniques.

I’d like to put this one higher on the list, both for potential damage and for fun.

But this lightning bolt has an outcome when there are multiple opponents on the field, and it doesn’t hit all of them.

However, Meteor Strike is a fantastic main card that allows you to do a lot of damage to your opponent.

Small spoiler, if you fight the ghost train, go ahead.

5. Mad Fist

One punch per enemy.

Degree of assimilation : 1

Angry fist: The monk’s ionic attack and the very first lightning bolt you use.

He has a lot of physical damage and ignores defenses. So, for many early parts of the game, this could very well be your choice.

The only real drawback is that he occasionally shoots at an enemy. But this is outweighed by the fantastic damage it does to the dishes! So you’ll probably be happy with any enemies you encounter.

4. Rising Phoenix

Turn all enemies into spiritual flames.

Degree of assimilation : 15

This is where Sabin really starts to shine.

I myself have used this blitz to crush the early stages of the game, as it can easily take out most early enemies.

Rising Phoenix is a magic-based technique, so it is supported by relics like the earrings rather than the hyper-clamp.

And of course, any opponent weak to fire is easily destroyed by this move.

3. Aura Pistol

Bombard an enemy with a charge of holy energy.

Degree of assimilation : 3

This is the first access to sacred magic in the game, and it has a huge impact.

It’s really a surprise that you had access to it so early!

You will use the Cannon Aura often throughout the game, as many enemies are weak to the Saint. So it takes away a lot of pain on the battlefield.

It now counts as a magic attack, so if you want to increase it, you should try to increase Sabin’s magic output.

2. Razor Blade Storm

Cut all enemies with a sharp wind.

Degree of assimilation : 30

Razor Gale essentially counts as your upgrade from Rising Phoenix.

It uses the rare element Wind, has a higher damage output than Rising Phoenix, and ignores fission damage.

Normally I’d use moves like this to soften up meetings, but this is coming down very hard.

And with an item like the Hermes Sandals, Sabin is an absolute force to be reckoned with. This lightning attack allows you to destroy the endless rows of enemies you encounter during your adventure.

1. Ghost nest

inflicts massive damage on a single enemy.

Knowledge level: 70, or visit Duncan in the World of Ruins.

And finally, we came to lightning number one: Phantom Rush.

The highlight of Sabine’s entire training.

It inflicts non-elemental magic damage to a single target and has the highest damage potential of all lightning (with the possible exception of Aura Cannon in a few specific cases).

You can get the Phantom Rush by leveling up or by visiting Duncan in the World of Ruin. But no matter how you do it, it is absolutely necessary.

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