Sasuke’s Best Outfits In Naruto (Ranked) –

If one thing is really true (because people seem to really hate Sasuke), it is that the man knew how to dress.

Whether you like nice clothes or just a good shinobi dress, this guy has a wardrobe we can all envy.

I’ve always been a fan of the way his character is drawn, but it never occurred to me that he used so many outfits during the show until I played Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Dude, there are as many Sasukas and Narutos in this game as there are Goku fighters, right?

The point is, every version of Sasuke has an outfit I’d wear if I was a shinobi hungry for revenge.

So I decided to write a list of the best outfits Sasuke wore during the series. This list contains all parts of the Naruto anime, from the first chapter to the latest version of Boruto.

9. Last garments Shippuden Sasuke

Sasuke Shippuden's latest costume from the anime Naruto.

I think one of the main reasons I like this outfit so much is the color theme.

That seems so fitting at the end of the series, and that’s what really seemed epic when Sasuke faced all his demons at the end of the series.

From his fight with Naruto to his fight with Ithaca, this is one of Dude’s most emblematic clothing choices. And even though the strange purple varnish is harmful to the appearance, it does wonders for the colour palette.

8. Sasuke Last

I’d say that outfit wasn’t as cool as seeing Sasuke with Sharingan and Rinnegan at the same time….. But that’s worth another look to put on my list.

Besides, seeing Sasuke in that weird hat was something else, wasn’t it?

7. Sasuke’s first team in Shippuden

Sasuke Shippuden's first costume in the anime Naruto.

Weren’t we all shocked the first time we saw Sasuke dressed differently than usual?

Anyway, after seeing such a unique outfit on Sasuke when Shippuden just started releasing it, he had to release it with one of his best outfits of the series.

It’s a classic.

6. Sasuke’s second team in Shippuden

Second screenshot of the anime Sasuke from Shippuden.

Remember when Sasuke decided to take off his sleeves so he could wear an open shirt and kill fools with his chidori?

If he did, you know how cool he looked.

It was his best outfit in Shippuden: the one with the grey shirt open and the rage for revenge.

5. Sasuke with false sleeves

Sasuke with the fake sleeves of the anime Naruto.

Do any of you remember what Sasuke wore before he went all black?

Remember that outfit he wore with the weird fake sleeves? Anyone?

I know it’s not one of his most popular outfits, but I have to say it’s a look that made him a bit of an asshole. And marks the transition from childhood to puberty.

A truly emblematic show. And one of his best suits, if you ask me!

4. Sasuke Taka

Sasuke Taka's outfit

I know a lot of people say Sasuke was the best when he strangled Taka in the eye.

But let’s face it: Most people who say that are just ignorant Itachi fans who are angry that they don’t get more screen time in the show, and comfort themselves with the fact that Sasuke wears similar clothes.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Sasuke knew how to rock Taka’s cool look to kill them all…. But it’s not the best outfit he’s ever worn! We’re getting closer and closer…

3. Baby Sasuke (black and grey)

Little Sasuke (black and grey) in the anime Naruto.

Here’s an unforgettable one. The outfit Sasuke wears in these scary memories seems so cool, even though he wasn’t even a ninja back then.

There’s just something about the way he dressed when he was a kid that made me love that outfit. But what I probably liked most about those dark memories was that I could see Sasuke with his whole family before Itachi did what we all know he did.

Anyway, this Sasuke kid’s costume is a classic of the show. And one of his most iconic outfits.

Even though she’s not one of the most popular in fandom, she’s popular in my book.

2. Sasuke Classic Outfit – Blue and White

Sasuke Classic Outfit - Naruto Anime Blue and White

Let’s be honest:

This is the first time we see Sasuke in this series, but she is still one of the best.

Probably not the one with the most confidence (Taka-san can take that title if you ask me).

But this dress is so iconic that it’s hard not to count it among my favorites.

It takes me back to a time when things were simpler, both in Naruto and in real life. But even if you put your feelings aside, this thing looks damn cool!

1. Black suit from the original series

Black costume from the original Naruto anime series.

If there’s one outfit better than Sasuke’s classic blue and white suit, it’s the black suit he wears shortly after, when he arrives for his chunin exams.

The color of this costume represents the conflict in Sasuke, I think, and seeing him with this thing Chidori will always remain in my memory as one of my favorite anime moments.

I know some will say his Shippuden costumes were better, but I don’t agree at all. This suit is a classic!

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