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The most popular game in the world right now, Fortnite is a sandbox game where players are given an arsenal of weapons and tools to explore a zone-based map. It’s also one of the highest grossing games ever with over 3 billion dollars made per year. Despite this success however, it still doesn’t seem like there has been any overarching push for monetization yet – but perhaps that could be changing soon?

The “fortnite save the world guide 2022” is a blog that provides information about the Fortnite Save The World monetization.

We all understand why Save the World hasn’t been updated, I’m sure. Well, not entirely, we can only guess until Epic makes an official announcement, but from what I’ve observed, the most apparent explanation is commercialization and the increased revenue from Battle Royale over Save the World.

How about a few suggestions that may generate income for Save the World?


  • Llama plushies: While Save the World only has one kind of llama, Battle Royale has numerous, including the Silver and Gold llamas and all of the event llamas. Perhaps some special llamas, such as the Storm King Llama, which has crystals on its body and horns, might also be produced.
  • Husk/Mist Monster Plushies: We have a number of foes, and although most of them are not very attractive, we do have some relatively adorable adversaries like the Shielders and Huskies. Perhaps we could also see a little Storm King similar to how he seemed when he was younger? Just a rumored component of the story.


  • Hero Punk-o-Pops: I’m not sure whether Epic is compensated for Hero Punk-o-Pops, but we could see the major heroes or even the founders’ heroes in hero-specific poses, such as outlanders holding their gloves up like in-game troops clutching miniguns, or lefty and righty.
  • Enemy Funk-o-Pops: While opponents’ plush options are restricted, I believe it would be amazing to see a Funk-o take on Mist Monsters like Blasters and Smashers, maybe even include the original blasters.


  • Statues would be like Funk-o-Pops but more propionate to the in-game characters/props, they could also scale in size and for those die-hard collectors… a life sized statue of literally any mist monster would be a godly Halloween decoration, like imagine a life sized Smasher >->.


  • Hero and Enemy Figurines: While Fortnite figures based on Battle Royale skins are only available for a select few skins, Save the World offers a large number of characters that might be made into figures. This may include antagonists, protagonists, tools, and props.

We may see something along the lines of Founder Packs and Starter Packs, or perhaps both, if none of that succeeds (which it most likely wouldn’t).

  • Although they were only intended to be used before early access, founder packs were a good method to thank players for their support. Despite this, the notion of a distinct edition that could be purchased with extra benefits, such as:
    • Custom missions: Custom missions have never been, but I believe they would be a wonderful player incentive since they would allow for original gameplay and maybe even a new way for players to grind and try out weapons. The basic concept is that players may choose a zone, mission type, power level (power level 1-250), modifiers, available adversaries, enemy spawn rates (how often a given enemy appears), and mission prizes (xp, perk-up, re-perk, and resources). Additionally, Founders might have access to this.
    • V-bucks: While I believe it’s a fantastic idea to reserve the chance to earn V-bucks via missions and daily challenges for Founders, the V-bucks are a terrific incentive for Battle Royale gamers. With this new update, users could be able to earn V-bucks via missions and daily tasks, however they wouldn’t get the entire amount as Founders would; instead, they would only receive 50% of what Founders would have received.
    • Next Perks: Currently, perks for weapons are limited. However, this new edition could both relax some of these limits and introduce some new ones. Using the Founder’s Revolts perk to chain damage to one adversary and equipping it with, say, a rocket launcher, is an illustration of this idea. However, the player may first need to obtain the perk, much like team perks in hero loadouts.
    • The last benefit of this edition is the option to purchase superchargers and vouchers from the gold shop; maybe Founder’s might also have this perk, but there would only be one supercharger and one voucher available each month. Another benefit of this may be a 25% discount on all other things in the gold store.

Here is my last resort if none of them work. The most significant and dangerous card I own… An item store… I know it’s frightening, but in all seriousness, this is probably the greatest method to make money off of Save the World since we have some very distinctive skins and maybe even 3D wrapping that can change one weapon into another (turning a Battle Royale assault rifle into a Nocturno).

But sadly, maybe all of this is for nothing; after all, it’s always more about the concept than the audience. Who wouldn’t want to see a plush Shielder? Epic may choose to take advantage of this chance or disregard it.

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  • Redesign to Save the World

    The grind of a tough MMO is there in Save The World, but there are no enjoyable rewards. I think that has to change. Here are some ideas that have been circulating on Reddit that could help with this issue: – Make it more like a looter shooter where creatures drop items like blueprints and constructed traps…


    Save the World is becoming absolutely unplayable since Battle Royale has dominated Fortnite to such an extent. Please respond below if you can assist me with these problems. If not, make sure this article is visible there so the developers are aware of it. On an initial XBOX One system, all of the following bugs happened,…

  • Funko Pops from Save the World

    Yesterday, I emailed Funko Support about an idea that they should bring Funko Pops from Save the World into production since BR is getting a line of pops soon. I got an email back today, this is what it said. “Hi Dante, Thanks for reaching out to us! I would be happy to share your request…

Fortnite “Save the World Monetization” post.

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