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This is just a simple post with some Sims 4 Polka Dot Dresses & Clothes CC of my own that are not included in the game. There are some mistakes with the preview pics, but I tried to fix them in the pictures. I decided to do this because I wanted to show some Polka Dots and I wanted to share them with everyone. I hope you like them and maybe you will find some inspiration. The pictures are not mine, it is just for demo and uses. I don’t think they are really bad but if you don’t like them tell me so.

If you’re a Sims 4 player, you might have have noticed that the game has been lagging behind in terms of graphics and features recently. Here’s why: the Sim team is busy working on a whole lot of new stuff that hasn’t been released yet. But, if you check the game’s official forums, you’ll see a few new posts every now and then.

There’s something innocent and timeless about polka dots.

No matter the age or body type, polka dots add a little bit of fun and flattery to an ensemble.

Not to mention there are very few (or any?) polka-dotted patterns in The Sims 4.

Well, we’re changing that today with some super-cute CC polka dot dresses and clothes.

Need a fresh new look for your Sim’s spring and summer wardrobe? Don’t hesitate to add these to your CC folder!

10. Polka Dot Dress

Check Out This CC

Our first entry is a short and sweet dress from Busra-tr.

This mid-thigh length polka dot dress comes with a plunging V-neck and long, puffy sleeves.

The skirt is also slightly ruffled and blossoms at the waist. We think this is a really cute look for spring and lighter summer weather.

If the length is too short, pair with leggings or stockings for a more reserved look.

This HQ compatible dress has 10 swatches, and can be worn by Teens through Elders.

It’s also base-game compatible for those who don’t own any packs.

9. Sarah Dress

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Polka dots meets 40’s and 50’s fashion.

ColoresUrbanos’ Sarah Dress takes the best of polka dots and combines it with a mid-century silhouette that’s playful and sultry.

The straps wrap around the neck and waist, but the rest of the dress is polka-dot perfection.

You’ve got 10 colors available, with the red and green swatches being big standouts for me.

Just note that you’ll need this mesh and an updated game before downloading.

8. Fun With Polka Dots

Check Out This CC

If there was a modern take on polka dots, this is definitely it.

StrenneeSims’ fun with polka dots set features 5 standalone dresses with varying polka dot patterns.

Each dress looks more like a separate top and skirt with a white belt, but we’re not mad at it.

It actually uses a dress from Get Together as a mesh. But no worries for those who don’t own it, because it’s base-game compatible.

There’s five swatches in all, including a super-cute pink and white polka dot dress with a white and green striped shirt.

7. Polka Dot Flare Dress

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Add some flair to your wardrobe with this flared polka dot dress from NyGirl!

This converted dress comes from a Luxury Party Stuff outfit but can be used with the base game.

This short-sleeved, solid dress flares out at the waist into a cute A-line shape.

It comes in six colors, including red, yellow, and blue.

This is a cute outfit for a casual party or a laid-back date in the spring or summer.

6. Two-Tone Dress with Polka Dots

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Never run out of polka dot dresses again.

Bronwynn’s dress looks like it uses the same Get Together dress as StreneeSims:

It has a short sleeved shirt and skirt with a belt.

However, this one has seemingly endless variations of patterns and colors to choose from.

In fact, downloading all three versions of this dress will leave you with a combined total of 180 swatches.

That’s a lot of polka dots!

Best of all?

No packs needed, so feel free to jump right in and download these.

5. Bina Cutout Mini-Dress

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This entry combines a trio of good things:

Polka dots, a mini-dress and a cutout.

The HQ dress has an A-line shape, short sleeves and a triangle-shaped cutout just below the bust that ties into a bow.

It’s a super cute, low-maintenance look with 10 swatches.

Female Teens through Elders can wear this for everyday, formal, or party outfits.

4. Polka Dot Mini Dress

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A polka dot dress for the club?

Yep, that’s what Mermaladesimtr’s serving with this polka-dotted mini dress.

The open neck and short hem shows off your Sim’s neck and legs, while the long sleeves help leave a little something to the imagination.

If polka dots seem too cute and not sexy enough, this dress definitely challenges that perception.

Find it in yellow, white, and 8 other swatches for a total of 10.

3. Retro Reboot Polka Dot Swing Dress

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This dress is gorgeous.

Another Busra-tr creation, this retro polka dot dress screams mid-century starlet.

The skirt is giant and ruffled with a knee length hem and tons of giant polka dots.

Not to mention the thin-strapped solid ruffled top above.

If you play a lot of decade challenges in the ‘40s and ‘50s, grab this one ASAP.

We could see Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield wearing a garment like this. Or any Sim that just loves that old-school glamour look.

2. Sweet Desire Dress

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Polka dots and flowers go together.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at this dress from Margeh-75.

Pairing tiny polka dots on a skirt with flowers on top maybe shouldn’t work. But somehow, it does with this outfit.

The creator describes it as a skater dress, but it will work in so many situations:

Prom, a fancy dinner, or even a night out on the town.

It only comes in the color shown, so keep it in mind as a replacement for your Sim’s go-to little black dress.

1. Lunares Pin Up Dress

Check Out This CC

I’m no fashionista.

But this collared polka-dot dress is giving me haute couture.

ColoresUrbanos’ second entry on our list is an above-knee length dress with polka dots, a belt (which comes in white, red, and black) and a chic collar.

The dress itself comes in the same colors as the belt, though the swatches let you mix and match colors as well.

This one’s so mid-century that we think modern Sims would stand out a bit too much.

But hey, maybe it’ll look nice at a 50’s themed birthday party or pool gathering.

And just like with the last entry from this creator, you’ll need a mesh first before downloading the polka dot recolors.

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