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Speed Limit – The Deadliest Commute of Our Life

Speed Limit is a brand new fast-paced action game from Chorus Worldwide Games and Gamechuck, available on PC via Steam and consoles. On paper, Speed Limit is described as an action game, but it’s more of a speed game that spins around, as everything in the game is designed to kill you, and your goal is to reach the last game. It requires precise control and quick reflexes to play it without being distracted by the environment. Here’s our review of Speed Limit, where we find ourselves in a typical Hollywood car chase.

Speed Limit revolves around one man’s daily journey, which turns into an action-packed chase that begins on a train and ends with a fight against a giant stealth fighter. While there isn’t much intrigue at the end of the game, there is one major twist that really surprised me too. Since the ending is watchable, I won’t waste it here in my report and keep it spoiler-free. Your main goal in Speed Limit is survival, so you’ll have to shoot a lot. The game follows the one-shot kill method, but it’s also designed for you, so once you’re hit, you’re dead, and since the game throws a lot of enemies at you, there’s a chance you’ll die multiple times in the game. So many times. The game consists of several levels, each with a new perspective that you can try.

In addition to the new perspective, each new level and vehicle also offers additional challenges. Since you’re on foot, you have to watch out for anything that can kill you. The car can steer vehicles moving in the same direction, but the bike falls right off. With a helicopter you have to watch out for fighter planes, and with a fighter plane you have to watch out for enemy missiles. They are all different from the usual, manageable obstacles or enemies that pop up in each level. Besides movement you have two buttons, one to shoot and one to react. This button is unique to each game perspective, for example. B. Aim at a car and a bicycle and fire arrows when the fighter is in the air. The two-button controls make learning easier, but that’s where the changes in the game’s perspective come in.

When you finally feel comfortable in the scene, it changes completely. Even if you have, say, B. You use the same car, the scene changes and you have to set a new camera angle. For example, in the first sequence of the train chase, the detectives were hidden and the people in the first part were controlled. Once you figure out their pattern, you’ll blow up the roof of the train and end up on the roof itself, where you’ll have to dodge enemies from minigunks and helicopters and jump over wagons and sigh poles that will tear you in half.

The same goes for the second sequence, in which you are in the car and drive up and down the right side first. This changes quickly though, and now you’re driving with the controls in a completely different perspective, but this time you’re seeing the same chase from a different angle. These ever-changing scenes and perspectives force you to stay extremely focused and agile in your controls, and also put your reflexes to the test. Speed Limit is a set of extremely fast reflexes.

Most scenes are pretty straightforward, but reflexes are really put to the test when you get on your motorcycle and have to sneak past speeding cars while shooting at enemies and other motorcycles. The level is super fast and the cars suddenly appear in order on all the lanes, and you have to sneak between them. This requires a focus on exceptions and a good command of reflexes. Another difference with the demo is that every level now has checkpoints in the middle of the level, so if you die during a level, you don’t have to start all over again. In the demo it was really annoying, but now there are intermediate level checkpoints that make the game much more manageable.

This time there is also an easy difficulty level, which is much easier than the normal difficulty level. There are fewer enemies in the game, but the real fun is in the normal difficulty. You can practice the levels and how they work in easy difficulty, but if you really want a challenge, you should try the game in normal difficulty. As you complete the game and the different levels, you will also unlock different bonus galleries. There are 11 levels in total, and depending on your level you can easily finish the game in an hour. My best race so far is about 1 hour and 25 minutes in a single part, because I often died in the last fight against the final boss, and also on the bike.

The speed limit is very different from most titles that focus on speed. We’ve seen a lot of speed games lately, but most follow the same formula with just more and more difficult obstacles and hurdles. Speed Limit, on the other hand, takes the formula to a whole new level with ever-changing play styles and perspectives on how you play the game. You will never feel comfortable with just one style of play. Every time you say: Yes, now I understand the mechanics, the whole scene changes, and you go back to the starting position. The gameplay is very clear and the controls are responsive, but I highly recommend playing with a controller and not a keyboard. If you need to play with the keyboard, change the storage button from the default setting to a more comfortable setting.

Last block:

Speed Limit has come a long way since the first demo I played in 2020. He has improved in almost every area and is now in the best shape of his life. It’s a fluid speedrunner with a fun twist, as each new scene forces you to change perspective, then improve it before finally changing perspective again. The speedrunner element is now part of the game and will keep you coming back every time you try to beat and improve your own times. Speed Limit is a brilliant action speedrunner, and I love the idea of multiple perspectives to keep things fresh. If you love action and aren’t afraid of deadly rides that end in boss fights, Speed Limit is for you. Highly recommended!

Overall score: 8.7/10

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