Star Citizen August Update – Alpha 3.14 is Incoming BUT THERE IS MORE!

As usual, August is a busy month for Star Citizen fans with the release of a new hardware module, the Mega-Celestial Body (M-Cel) which will allow players to transform their ships into a temporarily larger version. The round-shaped object can be attached to the ship’s launch bay in order to boost its size.

“Welcome to this month’s Star Citizen Briefing! This week, we are celebrating the upcoming third release of our alpha module, Star Citizen Alpha 3.14. In the pipeline, we have a host of new features, fixes, ships, and events. We are also looking forward to the next release of our Hangar Module, which will be out in just two short weeks!”

The most recent Star Citizen update, 3.14, was released a few days ago. There have been some bug fixes and some rather significant feature additions to the game. But we have to wait for the next update before we can really see how 3.14 has changed things. And then there’s the next two major updates after 3.14. It’s been a long, but awesome, journey so far. And we are excited to see what the future holds.

Welcome to a Star Citizen & Channel Update for August 2021. What have we got to look forward to this month from Star Citizen, CI and the Channel.


Congratulations to Arbter 5, the July Giveaway Winner of a Constellation Taurus.

We have a new giveaway for the month of August for a Mercury Star Runner… I believe it’s a good multi-crew ship that enables you to perform a lot of the gameplay loops in Star Citizen. To be eligible for a prize, just leave a comment on any of my videos from August.

August is the month of Star Citizen.

Alpha 3.14 will be sent on Live very soon… I promise… While many individuals may have participated in the Open PTU for the patch, live will bring everything together with a slew of bug fixes.

We know that CI is still balancing the patch after it has been released, so we can definitely anticipate more 3.14.x fixes as well.

With the changes to power, capacitors, weaponry, and ship control, we’re going to have a huge mix of love and hatred for the new systems.

The Nine Tails Lockdown is an event that will happen on servers on a regular basis, and it may happen without notice… Then, in this more PvP-oriented event, a station will be shut down, and players will have to assist Crusader Security or the Nine Tails.

In August, XenoThreat Remastered should be released… I’m very excited to see how all of these changes come together for the event, especially with the new combat. It’s a bit of a litmus test for me to see what CIG can do to better and how they do it… I’ll make a straight comparison to the previous Xenothreat… can they resolve the initial problems… Almost certainly… I’m hoping it will be on for a little longer than just a few days.

There will be a Ship Sale when 3.14 goes live — the Constellation Taurus is a new ship for that patch, but ALL THE SHIPS IN GAME HAVE BEEN CHANGED… I believe we may see combat ships appear on sale, which would be very helpful in the XenoThreat and NineTails. That’s understandable… Also, there may be a new ship or variation that CIG is keeping under wraps.

With that in mind, there was a recent teaser that some people believe may indicate that the mystery Origin 400i is genuine and will be available in August…

Foundation Festival – I believe we’ll see it at 3.14 Live later this month. It’s set to begin in July… However, we experienced a similar issue with this release as we had with 3.10 last year around the same time… The Foundation Festival has been extended till August by CI… This time, I believe it will begin around August… In a data-mine for the event, we found several other skins. The Foundation Festival is an event aimed at attracting new players to the game… Expect discounts on starting packages, flair, and ships for players who utilize the RSI Website’s guidance system to assist new players, and maybe a recruiting push with referral incentives.

We’re beginning to learn more about Alpha 3.15… and what CI is planning for Q3 2021… Now, that fix might be scheduled for the end of September, but I believe it’s more probable that CI will try to deliver it at CitizenCon 2021, a virtual-only event on October 9th.

Much of what we may see in Monthly Reports, Roadmap Updates, and Weekly Shows might be related to CI’s preparations for CitizenCon this year.

And that’s where I’m searching for hints… We’re kind of getting ready for that event now.

We should also later this month get to see more details of plans toward Q2 2022 and generally more flesh on the Roadmap for 3.15, 3.16 & 3.17 as well.

Plans for Content

NineTails Lockdown and XenoThreat are run by the community, and zin will coordinate some of them from our Discord channel, similar to how we did with the first XenoThreat… Some of us may be on a date, while others of us may just go in, check who’s there, and leave… We’re organizers who don’t put forth a lot of work.

I’d want to look at each of the Gameplay Loops in 3.14.

I’m hoping the cargo is in a decent spot for the patch… It was broken in several of the PTU testing, and it’s a crucial gameplay loop that must work.

To be honest, I’d want to look at the gameplay loops in terms of what you can do with them, examples of gameplay, and what the current limitations are, but if anything is broken, we’ll look into that as well!

We’ll look at mining, bounty hunting, mission givers, unique missions, multi-crew, criminal, and prison gameplay.

The XenoThreat and Lockdown events, of course, will be extensively covered.

For 3.14, there is a Start Here Star Citizen Guide. That’s what zin and I have done, and it’s nearly done. For the LIVE build, I’ll be producing a complete patch notes video on the changes.

A State of The Game video will be released once we’ve had a couple of days to play it.

I’m also working on upgrading my Website Guides for Star Citizen Performance, USER.cfg, and other things for 3.14.

We’ll go through the PU and SQ42 Monthly Reports as they come in. 

And all of the weekly shows and Roadmap updates BUT most of the content this month will be 3.14 live & in game event focused.

More gaming is something I’d want to do… I want to play in 3.14 and use Zin to record my experiences.

Also, given how much the meta has shifted… I’d want to write some meta tips and improve my PvP and general fighting skills. In an updated ship buyers guide, we may even begin to cover all of the fighters.

If you’d want to help the channel even more, we offer a few options for you.

You may have seen the new Thanks Button under my films; it’s another method of making a one-time donation to express gratitude for a job well done, plus it also offers you a colorful remark! … There’s also a Join Button if you’d want to become a Channel Member and get special material, badges, and anything else Zin and I can come up with each month. Patreon is listed in the links and is similar to becoming a channel member.

There are also contributions for guidance.

I’ll keep promoting NordVPN since it’s a service that others can utilize, and I use it myself.

Personal belongings

My father passed away at the end of July, as some of you may know. I adored him, and he was at ease and at ease, which was not a terrible way to die.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their love, support, and sorrow via a message, a remark, or a tweet… At some time, I’ll go through them all… There are, however, quite a few. To be honest, I’m exhausted and miss him, but I’m not hopeless or defeated… I’m doing well… I will strive to be a better person and respect him, and I will not be haunted by what ifs or wishful thinking…

Thank you all for much; I appreciate being able to freely discuss things like this with my community in order to keep myself sane.

To kick off The August Update, we have some awesome stuff to show you, including (but not limited to) the return of the Starfarer, the first iteration of the Chieftain Capital Ship, and a bunch of other new toys to play with. The Starfarer is the first iteration of a new class of multi-crew ships, and includes a whole range of new details and customisations. The Chieftain Capital Ship is a new capital ship that will help define the single-player experience of Star Citizen.. Read more about star citizen immersion and let us know what you think.

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