Steam Deck’s Battery Life Might Be Worse than Advertised, but SD Card Load Times Are Surprisingly Fast

It seems that a lot of people are having issues with their Steam Deck, as the company has issued numerous warnings on its Kickstarter page. People have been complaining about slow load times and battery life being worse than advertised. However, some SD card tests from Gamers Nexus show that in reality the loading time is actually pretty fast over USB-C.

The “steam deck cost uk” is a gaming device that is designed to be an alternative to the more expensive steam boxes. The steam deck’s battery life might be worse than advertised, but SD card load times are surprisingly fast.

Steam Deck's Battery Life Might Be Worse than Advertised, but SD Card Load Times Are Surprisingly Fast

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Valve claims that the Steam Deck’s 40 WHr battery would last two to eight hours of playtime, however early tests of the portable PC have indicated that it will run out of energy much faster unless users drastically reduce their game settings. GamersNexus and The Phawx, for example, discovered that the Steam Deck’s battery may be drained in 90 minutes or less unless players use features like framerate limitations and Vsync, both of which can lengthen the system’s runtime and help it reach Valve’s lower restrictions. However, the Phawx said that he could never get the Steam Deck to last eight hours.



If you don’t limit your frame rate, the Steam Deck’s battery will be depleted in 90 minutes (PC Gamer)

  • GamersNexus did a variety of battery tests, including Devil May Cry 5 with Vsync deactivated and an uncapped framerate. The Steam Deck lasted 87 minutes with those settings, and that was with the brightness set to 50%.
  • With Vsync enabled, somewhat lower settings, and a 60 fps framerate limit, DMC 5 lasted a whole two hours.
  • YouTuber The Phawx also conducted extensive battery life testing with the Steam Deck to evaluate the worst-case performance, and came up with a similar result using the game Control: 85-90 minutes.

On the plus side, early Steam Deck tests have showed that the handheld’s micro SD card load speeds may be almost as quick as the SSD. That makes the handheld’s lowest version, which costs $399 but only has 64 GB of eMMC internal storage, much more appealing.

In preliminary testing, the SD card speed of the Steam Deck is comparable to that of an SSD (PC Gamer)

  • In titles like Control, Dead Cells, and Street Fighter 5, Linus Tech Tips and The Phawx both evaluated load times on the Steam Deck and discovered that micro SD load speeds were almost equal to SSD load times in games like Control, Dead Cells, and Street Fighter 5.
  • The micro SD load was just 2 seconds slower in some circumstances, but there was no discernible difference in others: it was exactly as quick.
  • However, on the micro SD, Portal 2 and Ghostrunner lagged by roughly 10 to 17 seconds, thus real-world results may vary greatly depending on whether games perform well on Proton and the Steam Deck’s hardware.

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The “steam deck preview” is a video that shows the battery life of the Steam Deck. The video shows that the battery life might be worse than what was advertised, but SD card load times are surprisingly fast.

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