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Super Mario Bros. 35 Review –

Super Mario Bros. 35 is an exciting version of Battle Royale on Nintendo’s 35-year-old flagship platform that has always defined video games. It’s available now, free for subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online. But it’s a limited-time deal with Nintendo that comes out at the end of March 2021, so you’ll want to be quick about it.

My first game was the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES when I was about four years old. It’s one of my favorite games of all time, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve played it, both on the NES and in the countless ports it’s had over the years. Thankfully, all my years of playing have come in handy, because Super Mario Bros. 35 takes the formula of the original game and applies it to a multiplayer skill game. Just like in Tetris 99 , you’ll take part in a virtual coin contest to prove your Mario skills.

Well, Super Mario Bros 35 only has two modes: 35-Art and special battles. The first one is exactly what it seems to be. You begin the game with one of 32 levels, randomly crushing enemies and collecting coins along the way. Every enemy you defeat is sent to another player’s screen, like the Tetris 99system to send unwanted tetromino’s to other players. Of course, defeated enemies from other players will also be sent to your screen. So even if you have years of experience with Mario, you have to be careful when you play.

You lose when your time is up or when your opponents dominate you. For example, the enemies you defeat will be sent to the competitor of your choice. B. to those you target or perhaps to those who have the most coins. At first, you might only see a bunch of Goombas and Koopa Troopas, but as you progress through the levels, you can start to defeat items like Bloopers, Cheep Cheeps, and even Bowsers, which are sent to your opponent’s screen no matter what level they’re in. Trust me, it can be pretty tricky to go through steps 1 and 2 and dodge or kill a fish or an airborne Bowser you weren’t expecting.

After each lesson, you will be sent to another random lesson, which again may be of the same level. I’ve played 1-1 a hundred times, and it can get pretty repetitive if you play too long. I hope future updates will prioritize the less playable levels, because I haven’t played more than half of them yet.

If there are only five players in a session, the music speeds up and the clock ticks faster than normal. Fortunately, you can gain extra time by defeating enemies and collecting power-ups. It’s a fascinating show that I fell in love with. It feels so good to be a winner.

Coins are a useful resource to keep an eye on, as you can use 20 coins in the game to get random bonuses, such as For example, a fiery flower or a superstar. The coins left over at the end of the game also go to your player’s level, and the player who wins it all also gets a large number of coins. I’ve been playing for about 7 hours now and I’m at level 60, so I still have a lot of work to do.

In special battles, the same basic rules apply as in the first mode, but with additional conditions, such as. B. the beginning of the game with 20 pieces. Nintendo will be updating this mode every week, so it’s worth checking out to see what’s new.

There are also custom icons that can be composed with sprites from 8-bit games. Each day there are bonus challenges, such as defeating a number of enemies, which can earn you lots of coins when you’re done, so it’s worth checking out. I can’t wait to see how Nintendo will support this game in the future, like we saw with Tetris 99. I hope and pray that the levels from Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3 will find their way here as well. Hey, a man can dream.

Note that this game is online only, so I was a little wary of online servers because of Nintendo’s history. I am happy to report that of all the races I participated in, none were cancelled or postponed. That’s great, because of course the game would have been exciting with a little delay too.

It is great that the remix of Super Mario Bros. for modern players and introduces new players to the original game in a unique way. Like Tetris 99, this title shows that almost any game can be turned into Battle Royale.

Did I mention that this game is free (for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers)? If you’re a subscriber, you owe it to yourself to play this game, as it’s probably the best reason to get a subscription now ($19.99 a year). It’s great to see Nintendo so wisely getting out of its comfort zone and celebrating its 35th anniversary. Mario’s birthday. Now let’s hope there’s a Legend of Zelda 99 next year for the birthday of Zelda 99.

Super Mario Brothers 35 Review
  • Charts – 9/10
  • Sound – 9/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Last call – 9/10


Final thoughts: STORY SYSTEMS

You are the one competing against 34 other Marios to try and become the newest plumber. With an abundance of risk/reward games and an exciting variation on a tried-and-true formula, don’t miss out on this time-honored experience. Why are you still reading this? Super Mario Bros. 35 incredible and free for Switch Online subscribers! Download it now!

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