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The 10 best puzzle games on Nintendo Switch

With its portable base game function, the Nintendo Switch is a platform for everyday puzzle games. Moreover, the Switch offers many different puzzle subgenres, ranging from puzzle traps to cooperative problem solving and other shared puzzles. Nintendo has released some obvious gems in the larger genre, including Snipperclips and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, but there are plenty of third-party gems to discover as well. Here are the top 10 puzzle games for Nintendo Switch in alphabetical order.

You are the Baba.

Photo on Hempuli

Puzzles are nothing without a sense of accomplishment and triumph when you finally solve them, and Baba is You, full of challenging puzzles that make you feel like the smartest person for having solved them. In this independent game, you move around tiles that act as conditioners, changing the properties of objects on the board to bring you to a winning state. It’s almost a visual representation of programming, and like programming, it inevitably leads to frustrating dead ends. Rules can be manipulated – you just have to know how to get around them.


BOXBOY + BOXGIRL Image via Nintendo

The latest installment in the BoxBoy series adds a second player, with Qbby and Qucy building rows of crates together before moving through the levels. They help each other by building platforms and bridges, although only a limited number of crates can be used in each stage. Even with a minimalist artistic style, mainly in black and white and square, the titles BoxBoy and BoxGirl underscore the charm of this puzzle-platformer from developer Kirby HAL Laboratory.

The gardens between

The Gardens Between Image via Voxel agents

The Gardens Between is a story-driven single-player adventure game that follows the young duo Arina and Friendt. Their journey through the Garden of Dreams is both a test and a metaphor for their friendship as they manipulate time, relive memories and discover secrets. With vibrant colors, lively animation and a heartwarming story, The Gardens Between captivates with its blend of emotion and surrealism.


Grindstone Switch Image via Capybara games

Grindstone, originally introduced with the launch of Apple Arcade, is a puzzle game with over 200 levels and a cartoonish aesthetic. You make your way through the monsters on the board by matching colors and making strategic moves to create combos. There are many bosses to fight in the game, resources to collect, and rankings to try and conquer.

Remastering Luminez

Lumines Remastered Switch Image via enhancement games

Long before designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi realized his career dream with the release of Tetris Effect, he developed Lumines, a musical puzzle game based on a falling block, without having licensed Tetris Effect at the time. But Lumines made a big impression when it was released on PSP, as an original puzzle game in its own right. Lumines asks you to make squares of the same color in pieces of 2×2, all with beautiful graphics and captivating electronic music playing in the background. Lumines Remastered is finally perfect for the Pocket Switch, with improved graphics and even HD rumble feedback to the beat of the music.

Mini Metro

Fans of puzzles and especially public transportation will no doubt be interested in Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Metro. The principle is simple, but Mini Metro certainly offers a challenge as players create transportation maps in real time and try to juggle the needs of commuters. The levels are loosely related to real cities, but the stations and passengers themselves, represented by shapes, are procedurally generated. The Switch version offers an exclusive multiplayer mode for transportation enthusiasts who want to venture into simulating urban communities.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Sonic Image via Sega

The sequel to Sega’s Tetris hybrid and their Puyo Puyo tile series is Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, a sequel that further develops the original in more ways than one. Players can compete against each other regardless of which puzzle game they are playing, or even compete against each other in a combined merge mode that tests everything they know about both games. Like the first game, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 also features a fully duplicated single-player story mode with original characters and dialogue that justifies the unexpected combination of the two game modes. Skill battles add an unexpected RPG element to the game, and characters provide players with skills they can use on the board. And Sega is Sega, and Sonic the Hedgehog is a full character after the update.

The Return of Obra Dinna

Return of the Obra Dinn Switch Image via 3909

Papers, please Developer Lucas Pope has finally brought Return of the Obra Dinn to the Nintendo Switch – a puzzle game based entirely on observation and deduction. You play as an insurance agent investigating the return of an abandoned ship and use a special Memento Mortem pocket watch to observe the deaths of crew members and passengers with limited powers. The devil is in the details, and you use limited dialogue and freeze-frame footage to determine who (or what) killed each person on board, who (or what) killed them, and what the ultimate fate of each was. Return to Obra Dinn features a monochromatic Macintosh style and culminates in excellent audio design.

Tangled Tower

Tangle Tower Switch SFB game photo

The developers of the SFB Snipperclips game called upon their character, Detective Grimoire, for this cartoon detective story. Grimoire and his assistant Sally look into the case of Freya Fellow, a young girl who was found murdered while she was painting. Players search the rooms for clues and traces, and solve the mysteries of the Tangle Tower by solving puzzles in the style of Professor Layton. In addition, as part of the Grimoire, you will interrogate eccentric family members in the tower and collect evidence to find wacky answers to the questions behind this bizarre murder.

Dizzy towers

Tricky Towers Switch Image via WeirdBeard

In this twisted fantasy, Tetris (Tricky Towers), players stack falling blocks, but not to eliminate lines – instead they compete to build the tallest and strongest towers. Players can also cast spells to change things in their favor, with powers helping themselves or hindering others by changing the physics. At some point, Tricky Towers looks less like Tetris and more like Jenga.

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