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In this blog post, we talk about our favorite creatures in the game. We list the top 5 we think are the best in the game.

With the official launch of League of Legends’ (LoL) new game client, champions have now been added to the game. Champions are stronger, faster, and carry more impact on the game than ever before, and are highly sought after by players. We’ve put together a list of the best champions for each role that you should keep an eye out for, and wanted to share it with you.

Every team needs a little variety in their roster, and teams find that variety from one of four completely different categories. In this article we’ll be focusing on the best creatures for your team. We’ve chosen four creatures from each of these categories, to show you why you should be using them. Generally, we’ll be looking at the best overall creatures to use in a team, and then we’ll be looking at a counter-example to show you what not to use.

One of the new features in Final Fantasy X-2 HD was the ability to capture demons. And, although it doesn’t actually contribute much to the narrative, it does help to make your NG+ and beyond more replayable.

The fundamental idea behind Fiend collecting is that you use traps to catch a certain number of Fiends in each chapter, and then spend enough time training them up and teaching them skills to build a strong army of friends.

If you put forth enough work, you’ll never need to utilize YRP again.

Of course, this may make the game much too simple. As a result, I recommend deferring it till your NG+.

However, if you’re looking for the best endgame Fiends, we’ve got you covered.


Chocobo is ten.

Chocobo FFX-2 Creature

Chocobos, it turns out, are handy for more than simply riding on.

In Mi’ihen Highroad, you may catch a Chocobo using a S Trap Pod, and they’re a fantastic complement to any squad that requires a non-physical attacker.

You should give them the Dressphere Mascot and the Chaos Maelstrom Garment Grid so they may utilize Black Sky and Turbo Arcana, as well as the ever-useful Ribbon auto-ability.

They’ll also need the Life, Esuna, and Vigor abilities in order to assist the rest of your squad.


Heavy Sallet (nine)

Heavy Sallet is a strong defense/low speed Fiend that can be captured in Bikanel utilizing a L or SP Trap Pod and particularly looking for the ‘Helm’ type.

Their primary goal is to outlive all of your opponents, which is why abilities like Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, and Auto-Protect are essential to teach them.

You’ll also want to add abilities like Auto-Life and Vigor to their skill set, as well as the Mascot Dressphere and the Peerless Garment Grid to ensure they always strike criticals.


Hexapod, no. 8

Hexapod in FFX-2

It’s all about magic in Hexapod.

During chapter 5, you may acquire one by employing a S Trap in Mi’ihen Highroad.

The goal with Hexapod is to fully equip it with offensive and supporting skills that aid in its magic casting.

Give Hexapod the White Mage Dressphere for Vigor and Turbo White Magic, as well as the Abominable GG for a stat increase across the board — as well as the Ribbon auto-ability.

You should offer them Full Life and Esuna as talents, as well as Ultima to fully use its magical powers.


7. Elemental Red

Red Elemental FFX-2 Creature

Red Elemental, like Hexapod, is a master of magic.

These may be discovered by looking for a ‘Elemental’ type with a S Trap or an SP Trap in Kilika.

They’ll need the Black Mage Dressphere for MP Absorb and Turbo Black Magic, and the Black Mage Dressphere for MP Absorb. Gravity Eater is the Downtrodder’s GG.

You’ll need Ribbon and One MP Cost since you’ll be spamming magic attacks like crazy.

With talents like Firaga, Flare, and Holy, as well as Full-Life thrown in for good measure, their abilities will attempt to profit on their high magic stat.


Tonberry, no. 6

Tonberry in Final Fantasy X-2

In Final Fantasy X-2, our beloved little knife-wielding Fiend becomes an excellent physical attacker.

They will, however, need the assistance of a magic user to cover all bases.

In Mushroom Rock, a S Trap may be used to capture a Tonberry.

You should give them the Thief Dressphere for Mug and Initiative, followed by the Vanguard GG for Armor Break (and the small boost to their stats).

With Auto-Haste and Deathtouch to round out their auto-abilities, you have a highly strong Fiend that will devastate your foes.


5. Logos

Logos in FFX-2

You can own one of Leblanc’s trusted sidekicks, but only in NG+.

You may find him in Guadosalam by using an SP Pod and looking for ‘Humans’ during any chapter.

Because Logos is a powerful physical user, you should play to his strengths by giving him the Peerless GG.

Quick Hit comes easily to him, so you’re all set on the attacking front. To complete his moveset, just give him Life, Vigor, and Esuna.

Last but not least, give him Auto-Haste and Break Damage Limit.

Then stand there and watch him annihilate everything in his way.


4. Nooj

Nooj FFX-2 Creature

Nooj’s primary appeal, like Logos’, is his ability to be a physical attacker.

You can catch him at Mushroom Rock by using an SP Trap and looking for the ‘Human’ type, however he will only be available if you sided with the Youth League.

You’ll need to give him the Mercurial Strike GG to teach him Quick Hit since he doesn’t learn it automatically.

You should also give him the auto-abilities Auto-Haste, Break HP Limit, and Break Damage Limit, as well as either Auto-Reflect or Omnistrike.


3. Cloud of Mushrooms

Mushroom Cloud in Final Fantasy X-2

Mushroom Cloud has two purposes:

Reduce its foes to dribbling messes before annihilating them with Ultima.

Fortunately, you can capture one and utilize it to do just that to your opponents.

Once Via Infinito starts, use a S Trap in Bevelle to capture a Mushroom Cloud for yourself.

The aforementioned Ultima and its crippling skill Pernicious Powder, which inflicts a variety of unpleasant status effects and reduces the enemy’s Strength and Magic to a tenth of their original value, are its two greatest dangers.

To teach it the Auto-Life ability, equip this Fiend with the Mascot Dressphere and the Salvation Promised GG.

Break Damage Limit and Break HP Limit to finish it off, and you’ll have one of the most powerful Fiends in the game.


2. Leader of the Machina

Machina Leader in FFX-2

The Machina Leader is one of FFX-2’s most crazy damage-dealing Fiends.

Once the Secret Dungeon is opened, you may acquire one by using a S Pod or a Machina SP Pod in Thunder Plains during Chapter 5.

Give yours the White Mage Dressphere and the Peerless GG, as well as the standard Auto-Haste, Break Damage Limit, and Break HP Limit to maximize its attacking capabilities while also providing some HP protection.

Impale is the most essential skill you should teach it.

This ignores Defense and, when used with Break Damage Limit, produces some crazy figures.

Anything in the game that isn’t resistant to physical assaults may be readily destroyed.


Shinra, the All-Powerful

Almighty Shinra FFX-2 Creature

After you defeat the last superboss of the Fiend Arena, he will ultimately join your squad.

When combined with Mushroom Cloud, this team creates the most powerful Fiend in the game.

You’ll face him in the conclusion of the Almighty Shinra Cup, and he’s no easy opponent.

Clione, his trademark attack that delivers significant AOE damage, is one of his abilities.

Break Damage Limit and the Peerless GG may be used to complement this.

The nice thing about Almighty Shinra is that he arrives nearly fully assembled and requires just little tweaking to become an OP force.

This week’s topic is the best creatures for your team (our top picks). With a new Pokemon game coming out on Tuesday, it’s time for everyone to collect those silly creatures in the newest version! Here’s our picks for the best creatures for your team (our top picks).. Read more about ffx-2 fiend arena best team and let us know what you think.

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