The best games that support cross-play between platforms

There’s been a significant amount of hype around the possibility of cross-play between platforms in video games. In July, the big news was the launch of Minecraft on Switch, and now we have Super Mario Party coming to Switch next week. But what about other games? In the past couple of years, a number of the biggest games have finally been released across multiple platforms, but the list still doesn’t cover all of the latest games and previous-gen console ports.

Besides Nintendo Switch, some other consoles are also capable to play the Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games. But there are still many games that are not playable on these three consoles, despite they support the original handhelds. The reasons may be the console’s hardware capabilities, or the game developer’s decision.

If you’re looking to play a video game on more than one platform, like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, chances are you’ve already been able to do so without even realizing it. These days, games are often compatible with both, and more often than not, this is done through cloud saves, as opposed to dedicated servers for whatever reason.. Read more about cross platform multiplayer games and let us know what you think.Cross-platform gaming is an idea that has been around for a while, but has only recently been gaining momentum. In the past, you were always deprived of the ability to play with your friends on other platforms. Now even Sony, which has been reluctant to give other consoles access to its community, is showing a willingness to let some games play together with games on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and PCs.

However, some games make better use of crossplay than others, and those should be commended for their willingness to take the gaming industry in a new direction. Here are the best cross-platform games you can play right now.

Between us

Image via Innersloth/YouTube

One of the most talked about games of 2020 is also one of the best cross-play games of the moment. Players from all platforms on which the game is installed can play together and work as a group to find the cheater. Whether you’re playing on a mobile, PC or console, all platforms are equipped to communicate with each other and make everything run efficiently. A great achievement for such a small development team.

Crossplay in Among Us is automatic. You can just join in the same lobby as your friends, but you can unlock certain features by creating an Among Us account.

Call of Duty : War Zone

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone is the series’ answer to the Battle Royale genre. Progress in this branch applies to the main games, and weapon improvements will carry over between Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. In terms of gameplay, it’s a traditional Call of Duty, but in a Battle Royale style. Players come to the big map and fight to stay last.

To play against friends on other platforms, you must be logged in to your Activision account.

Death in broad daylight

In Dead By Daylight, four survivors must repair generators to escape the pursuit of a mail-order killer. The killer is an overpowering monster (which can be represented by a symbol from the horror genre) that relentlessly pursues you and your teammates.

Dead By Daylight’s crossplay is supported on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox. To play with friends on other platforms, you must add them to the game via your friends list.

Final Fantasy XIV

Screengrab from Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular and successful MMOs in the world. The game is currently only available on PC and PlayStation, but it may also be released on Xbox. The game is constantly getting major updates, which always attracts players.

Crossplay for Final Fantasy XIV is automatic. Just choose the same server as your friend to play with.


image from Epic Games

Fortnite was the first true cross-platform game to support all platforms, due in large part to its place among the most played games in the world. Although Sony has been slow to get into the game, players have been gathering on PC, mobile, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for a while now.

To use it, create an Epic Games account and log in to add friends on other platforms.


Imagevia Microsoft

The crossplay option in Minecraft has long been considered, and it made sense given the simplicity of the game’s idea. The game is an open sandbox where players can do whatever they want. When the Realms update was finally released with the game’s Bedrock Edition, PC, mobile and Xbox players could play Infinite Worlds together, with Switch players joining them later and PS4 players even later.

You’ll need an Xbox Live account to play, and to connect friends, you just need to see their name in the menu and click on them. It’s easy to use and it works.

MLB The Show 21


For a long time MLB The Show was a PlayStation exclusive, but in 2021 it finally came out on Xbox. Along with these changes, crossplay has also been integrated, so friends from both sides can finally play baseball against each other. There are no restrictions on crossplay in any game mode where there is multiplayer, although unfortunately the franchise has no multiplayer. We can only hope that the series debuts on PC and/or Nintendo Switch in the future to expand crossplay.

We’ve put together a guide on how to enable crossplay in MLB The Show 21.

Rocket League

image from Epic Games

Rocket League has always been one of the great games that has made a strong case for cross-platform play. Even when the game was only available on PS4 and Steam, players could randomly compete against each other. The game was eventually released on Xbox One and Switch. For a long time, crossplay was only possible on Steam and on each console individually, without support for third-party games. Gradually, the Switch and Xbox were able to play together, and then the PS4 joined in.

Finally, RocketID was added in February 2019, and friends across platforms could collaborate and play together in online matches.

Sea of Thieves

Image via

Although Sea of Thieves is an Xbox exclusive title, PC gamers can play it too. In the game you play as a pirate with three other players. You fight skeletons on the high seas, search for treasures and explore different tropical islands. Over the years, Rare’s development team has continued to release major updates, including A Pirate’s Life, which includes content from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Cross-play in Sea of Thieves is automatic.

Smite, Paladins, Realm Royale

Image via Hi-Rez

Hi-Rez Studios is one of the biggest proponents of crossplay, and it shows in the studio’s biggest games: Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale. These three games were among the first to offer cross-play between PC, Switch and Xbox (and later PS4 when that became possible). The beauty of these games is that they play cross-platform and support progression.

Create a Hi-Rez account, and no matter what platform you sign up for, your level and purchases will be available immediately (except on PS4).One of the most common debates during the gaming industry is: are games that work on multiple platforms also available on all platforms? The answer to this question is obviously “Yes”, but the reality is that most games only have a small percentage of players who own every platform. As a result, the games that only work for one platform are often ignored.. Read more about is apex cross platform and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any games you can play cross platform?

Yes, there are a few games that are cross platform. What is the difference between a gamepad and a controller? A gamepad is a device that has buttons on it, while a controller has no buttons.

Which games are cross platform between Xbox and PS4?

The following games are cross platform between Xbox One and PlayStation 4: -Call of Duty: Black Ops III -Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare -Destiny 2 (PC) -Destiny 2 (PlayStation 4) -Destiny 2 (Xbox One) -Forza Horizon 3 -Forza Motorsport 7 -Halo Wars 2 -Halo 5: Guardians -Halo Wars 2 -Rocket League -Sea of Thieves -State of Decay 2 -Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands -Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege -Warframe The following games are cross platform between Xbox One and PC: -Call of Duty: Black Ops III -Destiny 2 (PC) -Destiny 2 (PlayStation 4) -Destiny 2 (Xbox One)

Can Xbox and PC play together?

Yes, Xbox One and PC can play together.

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