The Best Ghost Pokémon in HG/SS (And Where To Get ‘Em) –

The Pokémon games have a huge amount of nostalgic value, and many players love finding the best ghost Pokémon for their team. If you’re just starting out in your quest to catch ‘em all or want to know which ones are worth it, we’ll help you find them.

The “best ghost type pokémon competitive” is a term that refers to the best Ghost-type Pokémon in the game. These are typically Pokémon that are good for competitive battling, but not necessarily ones you would use in a casual game. The list of these Pokémon includes:

The Best Ghost Pokémon in HG/SS (And Where To Get ‘Em) –

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, Ghost Pokémon are the rarest.

Despite the limited number of Ghosts available, there are a few good ones to help round out your squad as you travel throughout Johto and Kanto.

So let’s take a look at what they are, why they’re useful, and how you might get your hands on one.


Drifblim is number three.

I understand that Drifblim isn’t catchable in HG/SS. Nonetheless, since there are so few Ghost-types in the games, I’m going to add it.

It’s the most common Ghost-type you can trade from the Sinnoh games, and it’ll put up a fight for those with the games and an extra DS.

Because Drifblim’s greatest numbers are HP and special attack, we should design his move repertoire to capitalize on these advantages. The greatest Ghost-type STAB is Shadow Ball, while the best Flying STAB is either Air Cutter or Fly.

The hidden weapon in Drifblim’s armory is Toxic. Pick it up at the Battle Frontier Market and prepare to melt any Pokémon that comes into contact with it.

The last move slot should be filled with a defensive move, and you may choose from Calm Mind, Protect, or Roost.

Calm Mind is my preferred option since it improves Drifblim’s special stats, but any of the three would suffice.

Because Drifblim’s speed is modest, we’ll exploit its ability Unburden to give it an advantage against speedier opponents. Drifblim’s speed is doubled when it consumes a held item, thus you may try equipping him with an Oran Berry.

When the holding Pokémon’s HP drops below 50%, Oran Berries are consumed immediately. If Drifblim possesses Calm Mind, it will stay longer after its health dips below 50%, providing it a boost in longevity once Unburden is activated.

If all goes according to plan, Drifblim can follow up with a Shadow Ball or two, which should outrun a speedier opponent.

Drifloon may be found in the Valley Windworks on Fridays in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Once you’ve captured it, transfer it to HeartGold/SoulSilver and train it to level 28 to transform it into Drifblim.


Mismagius is number two.

Mismagius Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

It here’s a more sensible ghost to pursue – and you won’t need another DS to do so.

Mismagius is a much-needed Sinnoh update to Misdreavus, a cute but somewhat useless Ghost-type from Johto. Mismagius gives Misdreavus a significant increase in speed and special stats, so let’s build around that.

Mismagius’ strongest STAB is Shadow Ball, which he learns at level 37. Also, for some high-damage specialized coverage, get the Thunderbolt TM from Goldenrod Game Corner.

Because Mismagius’ Dark-type weakness isn’t covered, we may instead weaken their attacks with Will-o-wisp, which is certain to burn if it strikes.

Burning an opponent also reduces their physical attack by half, allowing Mismagius to endure an additional hit before passing out.

You may give Mismagius either Calm Mind or Toxic as its last move, depending on whether you want greater attack or defense.

If you don’t want to use potions in combat, Toxic is a good way to weaken a bulky opponent for the next party member. If potions are allowed, teach Mismagius Calm Mind to improve its special stats, then use a Hyper Potion to keep it alive long enough to launch several Shadow Balls.

Mismagius has flaws, no doubt about it. However, with a move set like this, Misty’s team and Champion Lance’s rematch team might be dealt some serious blows.

Misdreavus may be found in Mt. Silver in the Safari Zone. By winning the Johto Bug Catching Contest, you may get a Dusk Stone, which you can use on Misdreavus to develop it into Mismagius.

Because Mismagius cannot learn moves through leveling up, wait until Misdreavus has learned Shadow Ball at level 37 before utilizing your Dusk Stone.


1. Gengar

Gengar Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Gengar is an easy choice for the best Ghost-type, and for good reason.

Its special move is massive, and its Ghost/Poison typing gives it some really powerful Poison STAB for dealing with Grass-types that may cause problems if you don’t have any Flying or Fire Pokémon around.

Gengar’s Ghost-type STAB move, Shadow Ball, makes another appearance on this list. Pick up the Sludge Bomb TM on Route 43 for a quick KO on any Grass-type that gets caught up with Gengar.

For the last two movements in Gengar’s move set, we may use one of two methods.

The first is sleep tactics, in which we’ll use a mix of Hypnosis and Dream Eater to put the opponent to sleep, then use a massive Psychic-type assault to wake them up.

Both moves are taught as you go through the levels. As a result, we won’t need to go TM searching to find this technique.

The second technique, which is how I personally develop Gengar, is based on overcoming the character’s minor flaws.

Focus Blast is a must-have defense against Gengar’s Dark-type vulnerability. The Goldenrod Department Store sells it at a low price.

Finally, we may compensate for Gengar’s low HP and physical defense by teaching it Will-O-Wisp, which can be learnt with TM 61, which can be purchased at the Battle Frontier Market.

Because the Ground-type weakness with its Poison-typing is totally erased by Gengar’s ability Levitate, this will provide covering for all of Gengar’s vulnerabilities.

Catch a Gastly at night from Sprout Tower, then train it to level 25 so it may develop into a Haunter.

Then, to develop Haunter into Gengar, exchange it with another player. Return it to get the finest Ghost-type in the game.

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In “Pokémon Black and White,” the Ghost type is one of the most powerful types, with strong moves like Haunt, Ominous Wind, Shadow Ball, and Destiny Bond. The best Ghost Pokémon in HG/SS are Absol and Mismagius. They both have great stats for their level and learn a lot of useful moves too. Reference: strongest ghost type pokémon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ghost Pokemon is the best?

A: Wailmer is the best ghost Pokemon, but it does not exist in the game!

Where can I find Ghost Pokemon In Soul Silver?

A: You can find the Ghost Pokemon in the items data of Soul Silver. If you want to catch them, check out some guides online for their location.

What ghost types are in HeartGold?

A: There are three ghost types in HeartGold. The Gastly, the Haunter, and Gengar.
ementally-unstable Pokemon that cant change form during battles)

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