The Best Minecraft House Ideas

Whether you’re just a fan of the sandbox game or are looking for some new ideas, go no further. Minecraft is king in terms of entertainment and creativity as well as one of the most successful games ever released on PC. It’s not too hard to see why people love it so much! With millions upon millions enjoying this title worldwide each day, there’s never been a better time to pick up an old copy and try your hand at designing something unique with all those resources that have amassed during your playthroughs over the years.

Minecraft is a game that allows players to create and destroy anything in the world. The “minecraft house ideas survival” are some of the best and most popular Minecraft houses.

Finding a place to construct a home is one of the first things you do when you start a new Minecraft world. Finding enough shelter to protect yourself and the resources you discover in the world is critical to your success. However, you don’t want to depend on that mud house you built at the start of the game for your whole livelihood. Here are some interesting Minecraft home design ideas to ponder.

To create, the best Minecraft home ideas

House in a barn

Smithers Boss’s YouTube channel provided this screengrab.

If you prefer to populate your farm with different crops and mobs, you might consider adding a barnhouse to the mix. In a tall, long structure like this, you can give yourself ample room to store just about whatever you desire.

Hole of the Hobbits


Any Lord of the Rings enthusiast will want to try their hand at building one of the Shire’s famed hobbit dwellings. You’ll need to locate a hill that you can dig through for this home. Choose some wooden planks and steps to build around the entryway to form the circular door and arches you’ll need inside. Once you’ve got this place set up, you’ll be able to relax by the fire and appreciate your prized possession for years.

Castle from the Middle Ages


Do you consider yourself to be royalty in your Minecraft world? In that case, start collecting Cobblestone, because you are going to need a ton of it to build this Castle from the Middle Ages. You will need well over 2,000 Cobblestone blocks, stairs, slabs, etc. plus some Wood, Stone, and Iron Bars to create a home fit for a king or queen. It will be a lot of work, but once you are finished, you can indeed be proud of what you accomplished.

House in the Present


For a more relaxed person, you can build this House in the Present and outfit it with a bedroom to meet your dreams. It is primarily made of easy to find resources like Wood, Stone, and Quartz, and simple in design, but unique when set in Minecraft. Build up this house, and your server mates will be pretty jealous of your design skills.

Rustic Residence


If you are looking for a more “real-life” house design, maybe look into this Rustic Residence. The creator uses a bunch of wooden logs and planks to set up a neatly designed building and uses the surrounding dirt and stone blocks to accompany it. There are multiple parts to the creation of this house, so if you want to dive deep into its construction, you will have your work cut out for you.


1654216223_471_The-Best-Minecraft-House-IdeasMr. Mirror’s YouTube channel provided this screenshot.

When most people think of trees in Minecraft, they think of the helpful Wooden Planks that are required to construct so many early game goods. How many of us, on the other hand, grew up envious of youngsters who had a treehouse in their backyard? To create this home, you’ll need whatever wood you like, as well as some shears to move the leaf blocks around. Live out your childhood ambitions of building a fortress well above any mobs that could try to attack it (we’re looking at you, Creepers).

Base in the Ground


A real house for the accomplished introvert. Why build a house out in the open for people to see when you can be to yourself in the dark, comfortable confines of your Base in the Ground? The best part about the underground station is it could work anywhere. From the spawn point, you could dig straight down (don’t do that unless you want to fall in lava) and begin shaping your future base and later add minecarts to travel to and from your favorite digging areas.

House Submerged in Water


Keeping with the introvert theme, how about constructing a fully underwater hideaway? Minecraft’s Aquatic Life update provided methods to breathe underwater (see our How to Breath Underwater in Minecraft’s Update Aquatic article for more information). Make your home underwater and you’ll never have to worry about a Creeper busting through your front door. Just make sure it’s sufficiently lit to prevent Drowned from paying you a visit.

The “cool minecraft houses tutorial” is a blog post that offers some of the best Minecraft house ideas. The article includes pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to build each house.

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