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Not all weapons are equal, and in this series of articles, we will look at the best multi-attack cards in the game. We will be looking at each card’s power level and the frequency of use, and we will see which cards are the best for a variety of situations.

Both of these are effective in their own way, but I personally prefer to use the smaller characters to get around windows and to sneak around in corners. The larger characters can be put to use in combat and strongpoint defense, when facing multiple enemies.

If you want to win at Yu-Gi-Oh, you must use cards that can end the game.

Some players solve this problem by using burn cards, special effects that damage the opponent in different ways.

Other players create decks that summon a lot of monsters at once that can attack and destroy the opponent one by one.

But why summon multiple monsters when you can only use one?

This list covers several attacks: Monsters that can attack multiple times per round. These monsters can inflict serious damage on your opponent, and if you can somehow increase their attack metrics, these guys can win the game on the very first turn!

15. Arcana Force EX – The Dark Ruler

The Arcane Force archetype isn’t really talked about in Yu-Gi-Oh.

These cards were used by one of the villains in Yu-Gi-Oh GX and are all based on fate, destiny and tarot cards – hence this game is based on a coin flip.

This element of chance puts off many players of these cards. But if you want to add a little spice to your game, these cards can be very entertaining.

So let’s look at the rule of darkness: He cannot be summoned in the usual way, but only in a special way by creating 3 monsters under your control (a divine card!).

When you summon it, you can flip a coin to get one of two effects: If the head falls off, this guy can attack twice a round. However, once this card is attacked, it is placed in the defensive position and cannot be changed until the end of your next turn.

but with a whopping 4,000 defensive points, this guy isn’t going anywhere!

When you roll a number, that card, when it leaves the board, takes all the other cards on your board and your opponent’s board with it.

This is definitely a double-edged sword. It definitely sets your opponent back, but if you don’t have the cards in your hand to recover, it can cost you the game at the same time.

14. The strange-eyed rising dragon

Something about throwing monsters out of the game seems incredible.

The Odd-Eyed Rebellion Dragon is one of the first monsters in the XYZ Pendulum and is a combination of the Odd-Eyed Pendulum Dragon and the XYZ Dark Rebellion Dragon.

When you Materially Summoned this card with XYZ Monster (it’s pretty tricky, but possible because of the odd combo), you can destroy all Level 7 or lower monsters your opponent controls, deal 1000 damage to each, and then this card can attack 3 times in one turn.

This effect is absolutely devastating!

If your opponent can’t reverse this effect, it’s game over for them – how can you survive that much burn and 9,000 points of damage?

13. Bujintai Susanovo

If this card was more versatile, I would play it in every deck possible, but unfortunately it is limited to Bujin decks.

For each pair of Level 4 Bujin monsters, you get a Level 4 XYZ monster that can attack all the monsters your opponent controls, one by one!

You don’t even have to separate the XYZ material for this. This means that as long as this guy is on the field, you can perform these multiple attacks every round.

Bujintei Susanowo also has a decent detachment effect that allows you to find a Bujin monster or send Bujin from your deck to the graveyard, both of which can be very useful depending on your strategy.

If you plan on playing a Bujin deck, you should definitely give it a place in your extra deck.

12. Lunalight Cat Dancer

If you’re looking for a deck with OTC potential, check out Lunalights.

This deck consists of summoning powerful monsters by fusion, each of which can kill an opponent with insane combat effects.

For example, with Cat Dancer you can attack any monster your opponent controls twice, doubling the combat damage it receives.

Each time you make a new attack with this card, you can increase your damage by another 100 points.

That’s a significant amount of damage done per round.

And with cards like Lunalight Cat Dancer, it’s no wonder this deck is considered one of the best OTKs in Yu-Gi-Oh!

11. Aura White Whale

What’s better than Raigeki?

How about Raigeki, who can also do a lot of damage to the opponent?

When White Aura Whale is summoned, you can destroy all monsters in attack position of your opponent.

If your opponent still has monsters in defensive positions after that, don’t worry! The White Aura Whale can attack (monsters) up to twice per turn. If it attacks a monster in a defensive position, inflict additional penetrating damage.

Thanks to the many attack and monster destruction effects, you can destroy your opponent’s board in no time.

10. Ultimate Tyranno

The 3,000 offensive monsters were strong in Yu-Gi-Oh from the beginning.

After all, the Blue-Eyed White Dragon wasn’t popular because of his illustrations, was he?

And Ultimate Tyranno is one of the best fights in 3k!

It can attack any monster your opponent controls, one at a time. If your opponent makes the mistake of having a bunch of small monsters in attack position, you can end the game immediately.

The downside to this card is that your other monsters cannot attack when you control Ultimate Tyranno.

But in a modern format where you can discard used cards to summon a link in no time, you can use this guy for his devastating combat effects, and then pair him with other monsters who can finish the job with a final attack.

9. Butterfly dragon

This guy is an amalgamation of two of Yuya Sakaki’s most iconic monsters: The strange-eyed sling dragon and the sling magicians.

Depending on the level of the wizard you used to summon this card, you can attack 2 or 3 times per turn.

And with his 3000 attack, you can still do a lot of damage to him.

The Rune Eye Pendulum Dragon also has the advantage that if you summon it along with a Pendulum summoned monster, it will not be affected by your opponent’s card effects during the turn it is summoned, so you can attack and destroy as you see fit.

8. Draco Shadow Besserker

Shadows are a somewhat misunderstood archetype.

They revolve around using monsters with no effect, meaning that the few monsters that do have an effect are usually incredibly strong.

Draco Beserker from The Shadow is no exception.

This is one of the strongest dubbed monsters ever!

If this guy destroys an effect monster in battle (and let’s face it, who uses normal monsters these days?), Draco gets the attack points of the destroyed monster and can attack another monster on the same turn.

I would recommend using Draco to first destroy the enemy monsters with the most attacks, and then use his incredibly high attack to finish off the remaining enemy LPs.

7. Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon

A rank 12 monster is almost impossible to summon (I’m serious, who has 3 rank 12 monsters on the field at once?).

But with some of the rank spells available for raid raptors, it can be summoned pretty easily!

If this card destroys a monster in battle, you can banish the Raidraptor monster from your graveyard, allowing the Ultimate Raidraptor-Hawk to attack again.

You can do this up to twice per round, for a total of 3 attacks per round.

This is an incredibly powerful effect for any monster, let alone one with 3800 attack points.

Three such attacks and your opponent is destroyed, no matter how good his terrain is.

6. Antique Gear Golem – Ultimate Book

This card is the Yu-Gi-Oh card from Shrek 2 – a sequel that is infinitely better than the original in every way.

Not only do you get the same 3,000 attack points and piercing damage as the original Ancient Gear Golem, but if it destroys a monster in combat, you can reset the machine-type monster to attack again (up to two times per turn).

If you can’t get enough of this performance, check out the second such effect:

When destroyed by combat or card action, you can remove a copy of Polymerisation from your deck and another Ancient Equipment monster from your graveyard.

This prepares you perfectly for the challenge of the Ancient Gear monsters, which are a whole new class of powerful monsters!

5. Chimeratec Overdragon

Speaking of powerful machine-type monsters, Chimeratech Over Dragon is one of the best cards in a Cyber Dragon deck – especially for damage.

This card really is as strong as you want it to be. It’s up to you to do it right.

To summon him, you must pair the Cyberdragon with any number of machine monsters of your choice (as long as the number is greater than 0).

This card then gets an attack of 800 for each monster and can also attack the opponent for each monster!

If you want to send 3 monsters, you get a decent monster with an attack of 2400 that can attack 3 times.

But if you want to go all out, you could theoretically send 7 or 8 monsters and turn this card into an unstoppable machine. The choice is yours!

4. Lunalight Panther Dancer

Lunalights are so good at multiple enemy attacks that I couldn’t take one.

The Panther Dancer has basically the same effect as the Cat Dancer and allows you to attack any monster your opponent controls twice.

The difference between the two is that this card does not inflict fire damage on the opponent, but gains 200 attack points each time it destroys an opponent’s monster in battle.

So if you don’t get the Panther Dancer effect (which is unlikely with an insane number of attacks and a constantly increasing attack speed), you have at least one monster with a nearly impossible attack speed.

3. Neo Dragon Ultimatum with blue eyes

Ancient Gear Golem isn’t the only card on this list that got a great update.

The Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is an improved version of the original Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and it’s very good!

It requires the same amount of material as the original (Alloy 3 Blue Eyes) and has the same etching speed of 4500.

But this time with a surprising effect:

Each time he attacks, you can send a Blue-Eyed monster from your Extra Deck to the graveyard to have that card attack.

Unlike the other multiple attacks in this list, these attacks do not have to be against monsters, i.e. you can attack your opponent directly with the Neo effect.

If Kaiba had been given this card, he wouldn’t have lost to Yugi as often as he did in the anime.

2. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

Dinosaur games were somewhat neglected in Yu-Gi-Oh history until the release of the structural game Dinomasher’s Fury, where dinosaurs suddenly became a competitive meta pillar.

This map is one of the reasons.

It’s incredibly easy to summon: You don’t even have to call an honorary!

You just need to banish 2 dinosaur monsters from your graveyard and then you can summon this card directly to your field.

And then you can destroy another monster in your hand or on your field to trigger the effect:

Allows you to put all of your opponent’s monsters in a defensive face-down position, and use this card to attack each monster your opponent controls once.

If this card fights a monster in defensive position, you don’t even have to worry about the damage calculation step! The defending monster is immediately destroyed and your opponent takes 1000 damage – meaning there is no monster strong enough to stop this card’s attack roll.

1. Drinks Dragon Sword

Borrellsworth is without a doubt one of the best link monsters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh.

This is an incredibly versatile Link 4 monster that requires 3+ effect monsters to summon, meaning any deck that can summon monsters has access to this card.

As a quick effect, you can immediately move a monster that is in an attack position to a defense position and also give that monster the ability to attack twice during the battle phase.

The best thing about this effect is that your opponent can’t activate any effects in response to his activation – so the ball is in your court when this guy comes out.

And once per turn, when the Borrel Dragon attacks a monster, you can have the Borrel Dragon absorb half of that monster’s attack points to become stronger!

This makes your second attack of the round even stronger than before.

The Dragon of Borrellsworth is truly a perfectly designed card.

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