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The Yugioh franchise is a massive card game that spans numerous TV shows, video games, and video games. It has a huge and very passionate fanbase. I was sad to see the main mechanic of the game, the CC effects, removed from the latest game in the series, Binder of Worlds. There is an Official Card Database for the game, but it lacks a lot of information. I decided to compile all the CC effects in the game, and rank them from best to worst.

There are a lot of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! that are top tier. Here we rank them based on their current power level and potential to evolve into something even better.

If you’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh lately, you know how strong the Dragon Link decks are these days.

This game consists of dragons of different archetypes working together to end more reputations than you can hope to count, and it’s incredibly consistent.

The basis of this game? Missiles.

Rockets is a fairly new archetype played by Revolver in the Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS anime; it’s a weapon-based Dragon deck. They all have the insane ability to take more and more monsters out of your deck, because every time a Rokket monster is destroyed, you get one back into your deck for free.

Whether you want to make a competitive Dragon Link deck or are more concerned about making a clean Rokket deck, this list will provide you with some of the best Rokket monsters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Message: Even though some of these cards don’t have the word missile in their name, all of these cards work specifically for missile decks and no others. They are therefore included in this list.

10. Dragon Speedburst

It’s not the Rokket monster you often see in the metagame, but it has some interesting strategies in real decks, so I wanted to talk about it!

While this card doesn’t have the word rocket in its name, it’s definitely a rocket monster in terms of synergy.

Whenever you take damage from an effect, you can make a Target Summon from that card in your hand, inflict as much damage to your opponent, and get half that amount back in Life Points.

This is great for decks that damage themselves with effects.

Take the D/D decks; half the cards in these decks do 1000 damage to you every turn, and this card turns that into an advantage.

As with Rockets, if you Tributary Summoned this card, you can add 2 Rocket monsters from your Deck to your hand.

It is ideal to find Rokket combinations when you need them. But not every game can afford to pay tribute, so unfortunately this guy is at the bottom of the leaderboard.

9. Exploderokket Dragon

Speaking of cards that hurt you, this guy is a perfect example.

Most real Rokket monsters have one effect that is activated when they are targeted by a Binding Monster effect, and another effect that specifically activates another Rokket in the final phase when it is destroyed.

If Exploderokket Dragon is targeted by a Binding Monster effect, you can destroy that card and deal 2000 damage to both players.

That’s a huge amount of damage that can make or break a game in the right situation.

It’s also a great way to decorate your cemetery. And because it’s destroyed, you can summon another Rockette for free in the final phase.

8. Tactical hub

Tactical Swap almost doubles the effect value of your Rokket monster.

You can destroy a monster under your control to specifically summon Rocket from your deck or graveyard.

This way you not only exchange your missiles for better ones, but since you destroyed the monster in the process, you can specifically summon missiles from your deck in the final phase!

This effectively turns one sample into two of your choice. Who can say no to that?

7. Silver Rocket Dragon

You won’t find this kind of removal outside the game anywhere else in Yu-Gi-Oh, that’s for sure!

If this type becomes the target of a Binding Monster effect, you can destroy that card, look to your opponent’s Extra Deck, and exile a card of your choice from it.

An extra deck is a fairly small deck, and players can only put 15 cards in it.

Often you only have one monster in each of your extra decks – so this effect can be absolutely devastating if you draw the right card.

This effect also allows you to see exactly what your opponent is playing with, so you know all their extra decks and can plan ahead.

6. Dragon Absorber

Link’s challenge-based decks should do well:

Cards that can be called on purpose.

That way you have a lot of summoning material and an extra deck at your disposal.

As long as you control the Rokket monster, you can Special Summon this card from your hand for free. With a rating of no less than 2800, you can build a good wall of protection with it.

But this guy is also great for calling references.

When Absorber Dragon is sent to the graveyard, you can add a Rokket monster from your deck to your hand. This way you can replenish your resources and make sure you always have a monster in hand for your next turn.

This type goes very well with Dragon Shrine, which allows you to send Dragon monsters straight from your deck to your graveyard.

So you can search for these rocket monsters whenever you want!

5. Drawing of Squib

Draw power is incredibly important for combo decks like Rockets.

You’ll be spending a lot of resources to summon monsters from the extra deck, so you need a way to replenish your hand.

Squib Draw does exactly that, and also allows you to develop your Rokket strategies.

Basically, you can destroy the missile monster you control to play 2 cards.

By destroying Rockett’s monster, you can take a more suitable monster from your deck in the end phase, and also get 2 extra cards.

It’s like Pot of Greed, but somehow better for Rocket. And I didn’t think it was possible (at least not without getting banned).

4. Magnarock Dragon

One thing that is increasingly in demand in modern Yu-Gi-Oh is undirected elimination.

Seriously, read half the new monsters coming out these days and every one of them says they can’t be targeted by card effects.

This makes elimination of samples absolutely impossible.

That’s when the dragon Magnaroket comes to save us.

If a Binding Monster effect applies to him, you can destroy him and send a monster on the field to the graveyard.

Because of the way this guy’s effect is formulated, Dragon Magnarokket can send a monster to the graveyard even if it can’t be targeted – it’s the perfect way to deal with seemingly indestructible cards!

3. Quick start

This is by far the best spread card in the Rockets’ arsenal.

In fact, this card is so good that many decks that don’t use many missiles play it anyway, just because it’s great for throwing combos.

A quick run specifically summons a Rockette monster right out of the deck for literally no cost.

This monster cannot attack and must be destroyed in the final phase. But for Rokket decks, this is not a problem at all!

We’ll probably use this map to summon Link anyway – and even if he’s destroyed in the final stage, that destruction will only cause more missiles.

You just can’t go wrong with this card!

2. Striker Dragon

Finding field spells is the key to victory in modern Yu-Gi-Oh.

Why else would terraforming be limited?

If Dragon Striker is summoned, look for Boot Sector Launch, a field spell for Rokkets.

And this spell is no joke. This allows you to summon at least two missiles for free each turn, but you can actually summon many more depending on the state of the game.

The fact that Dragon Striker is incredibly easy to summon means that it’s a field spell you can rely on at any time.

All you need is a dragon monster of level 4 or lower to summon it – and it doesn’t even have to be Rocket!

The land spell this guy seeks makes it incredibly easy to summon a Link in Rokket decks, making Striker Dragon the best Link monster at your disposal.

1. Rocket Tracer

Bread and butter.

The Rokket tracker is the only reason dragon link games exist.

This is a monster level 4 tuner that has incredibly fast effects. You can destroy a card from the front of the deck to summon a Rokket monster from the deck.

Although in this case you can only summon dark monsters until the end of the turn, this is not a problem for missiles that have no other attributes.

There are two great strategies you can use with this card.

First, you can destroy another Rokket monster that you control. This means you now get a free Rocket Monster from Rocket Tracer, and you also get a free rocket during the final stage for destroying a rocket.

Second, you can combine this effect with a quick spell or trap.

If these cards are activated, they are always destroyed.

And since annihilation doesn’t mean negation, it also means you don’t give up your quick play spells!

This turns the Rokketplotter effect into a free Rokket, no charge!

I prefer to play with this card and combine its effect with the quick launch.

A quick roll lets you take a free Rocket Monster from your deck, just like Rocket Hunters: two for the price of one!

This gives you 3 whole monsters on your side of the field that you can call as a link. At that point, you have an extra deck at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest card in Yugioh?

The strongest card in Yugioh is Dark Magician.

What is the best archetype in Yugioh?

The best archetype in Yugioh is probably the Synchro.

Which Yugioh card does the most damage?

The card that does the most damage is “Dark Magician”.

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