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The best Super Co-op Battle formations in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

If you’ve played any of Bandai Namco’s anime-inspired fighting games, you’re no doubt familiar with local multiplayer modes of the kind that let you and a buddy duke it out against uncoordinated A.I. opponents or each other. But what if you’re playing on your own and want a little extra help in the fight against the Fallen Villains? That’s where Super Co-op Battle comes in. This new mode will let you and up to two CPU-controlled partners kick some extra-dimensional butt and take some names.

In the world of anime and manga, there are many characters, but only some characters are special. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is the newest game to grace the screen in this modern age and it is filled with both familiar and new faces. For those who enjoy the game, but want to make the most of their special characters, here are some of the best Super Co-op Battle formations for the game.

Super cooperative battles in My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero is an AI-controlled battle in which six of your heroes compete against six heroes from another team. You have no control over these battles, so you’re mostly a helpless spectator, hoping your greatest heroes emerge victorious. Mostly this is true, but as the game progresses you will encounter more complex formations with even more powerful heroes. There are ways to give your team a distinct advantage, and that is by creating an optimal formation for both offense and defense.

Best super cooperative fighting formations

When making a formation, pay attention to the placement of the hero for attack and defense. They tend to look alike, so it’s best if they mirror each other, especially if you’re successful at shaping the attack. Any hero you place on the front line of a formation gets 5% more defense. any character that relies heavily on strong defense should be on the front lines here, like Kirishima. He is a hero whose quirkiness is reliable protection. Each hero you place behind you gains 10% more attack, allowing heroes like All Might and Bakugo to boost their already ridiculous power. Screenshot


Characters you want to see move forward usually don’t have the best skills and can take a beating. Kirishima is a perfect example of someone who would benefit greatly from a position up front. The AI version usually uses its red counter and red gauntlet quite often. He is invulnerable when using the red meter, but the more protection he has, the longer he can stay in the fight, and potentially knock characters down. This makes him an ideal choice for the frontline with Ojiro, Asui, Uraka or Mineta as partners.


All the figures in the back of your formation will be pretty aggressive. In our example formation above, Midoriya and All Might are joined by Kaminari and Bakugo. Midoriya is an aggressive character who can quickly distance himself from enemies, and the AI often takes advantage of his marksmanship, making combos easier to pull off. Kaminari is ideal as a sniper from behind to block opponents as they gather. When those two fall, along comes All Might, with a similar attack style to Midoriya, except his attacks do more AoE damage. The same goes for Bakugo, although he is better at shortening the distance and performing medium and short range attacks. Everyone you put in this formation will have an increased attack. So make sure these characters have strong skills that make it difficult for the enemy to escape. Aizawa could be another good candidate for the defensive line.


The character in the main slot will be the first hero of the formation. They always come first. You want all of your main slots to complement each other, as they will fight with everyone else in your lineup, but they work primarily for the other main slots. You need two characters attacking the enemy, and one character doing AoE damage or attacking from a distance. In our training example, you can trade Midoriya for Aizawa, or have Aizawa and Midoriya work together with Kaminari.


The replacement lock will be the hero who enters the scene after the one before him falls into the main lock. If Midoriya is defeated, All Might comes into play. The heroes you place in the reserve slot should complement almost all the heroes in your formation, but they can usually serve as replacements for their primary slot or be a reliable support class. All Might is a good example of a Midoriya replacement, with the only difference being that All Might does a lot more AoE damage. We recommend putting stronger characters in these places, as they are the last line of defense. By putting weaker or less popular characters on the main slot, you can weaken your opponent, making them easy to defeat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest character in my hero academia?

The super hero fantasy world of My Hero Academia is vast and constantly expanding, with new characters being introduced every season. You can get lost in the sea of future All Might’s and Deku’s, but it would be a shame to miss out on all the awesome characters that have been introduced over the years. In fact, there are quite a few characters out there who are almost as powerful as the title characters. The game for the blog would be this: you would pick one of the “top 5” characters introduced in the series to fight off enemies in a “tower defense” game. Enemies would come from all side, and you would have to defeat them as quickly as possible while avoiding letting them past your defenses. Each character has In a world where more than eighty percent of the population has super powers, and you have to compete with them to become the strongest hero, standing out form the crowd is hard. Luckily, My Hero Academia has a ridiculous amount of characters to choose from. While some are obvious locks for the strongest in the series, others are not so obvious. However, there are a few characters that stand out as being the strongest, and most of them are obvious. Here are the Top 3 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia.

Is my hero academia the strongest hero Cancelled?

Tomura Shigaraki may be the current Big Bad of My Hero Academia (due to his connection with the League of Villains and their leader, Stain), but the true villain of the series is much more subtle. For that, we need to look at All Might, who has been the world’s number one hero for many years. All Might’s popularity and power have waned in recent years, however, and Shigaraki has taken advantage of his weakened state to go after his protege, Izuku. The question turns on whether Izuku will be able to defeat Shigaraki in the end. My Hero Academia has been a fan-favorite anime since the beginning of Season 2. Character designs are colorful, the animation is slick, and the action is an enjoyable mix of new school techniques and old school shounen battles. We here at GameLeaks love it, too, and we were disappointed when Season 3 was announced as a third season, rather than a new season. We had hoped for a new season that would bring back the all the characters we saw in Season 2, but instead, we got a new hero, whose power level is immeasurably high, and the old characters are now in the background. So, how do we get back on track to Season 4?

Who is the strongest girl in my hero academia?

The best Super Co-op Battle formations in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero The best super co-op battle formations in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero are listed and discussed on this page. If you’re having trouble playing through certain levels in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, consider switching up your formation to the one listed here. If you’re having trouble beating a particular enemy, consider switching your formation to these and hopefully you’ll have an easier time. As you may know, My Hero Academia is a popular game franchise with a huge online community, which has been gaining more and more traction for the last few years. Therefore it’s no surprise that, whether it be unofficial fan-made forums or not, we are in dire need of a reliable resource to find out in which order we should play the various games to get the most out of the story. Thus, GameLeaks was born.

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