Crafting is an integral part of any game, and leveling up your crafting skills can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips for how to level up in the best way possible.

In Cyberpunk 2077, there are a lot of different ways to level up your crafting. This is because the game has a lot of different crafts that you can make.

Crafting is a talent with a wide range of possibilities and variants. As a consequence, there are a plethora of options for quickly grinding up those levels.

It’s a crucial ability for ironmen in OSRS since it’s the only method to get some of the finest slot jewelry.

With so many choices, deciding on the ideal technique – particularly one that is cheap, given how costly it is to level up the talent – may be difficult.

So let’s have a look at the most effective ways for fast and simply leveling up your crafts!


5. Glass that has melted

Molten glass is one of the more cheap ways on this list, with some choices even being lucrative! It can be done from level 1 to 99, and it’s one of the more economical methods on this list – with some possibilities even being profitable!

At level 1, you may start by making beer glasses, which will earn you 29k experience per hour.

This is a pretty quick experience that is also extremely inexpensive when compared to other techniques – particularly at this low level.

At level 33, you may go to vials, which give you 60k experience per hour, and then to unpowered orbs, which should provide you a little profit as you grind.

From level 46 to 87, I’d do unpowered orbs, then light orbs all the way to 99.

This is a fantastic ironman technique as well, since the materials are not tough to get by and the experience is fantastic.


4. Bracelet Making

Making Bracelets / OSRS Screenshot

Making bracelets is also an excellent method to get experience and is lucrative up to level 99.

Sure, you’ll earn a little profit. However, profit is profit.

You can start making them at level 7 with gold bracelets and work your way up to level 74 using Dragonstone Bracelets.

You should anticipate to earn about 160k experience per hour at level 74, which is much more than glass manufacturing.

The Edgeville furnace is the ideal place to grind this technique since it’s near enough to a bank to optimize your experience per hour.

This technique is also recommended for players who want to earn a profit but don’t mind putting in a little more effort to get to 99.

The reason for this is because the bracelet technique is approximately half as fast as the other top ways lower down the list.


3. Gem Cutting

Cutting Gems (Topaz) / OSRS Screenshot

Cutting gems is a costly way of training, but it provides the quickest crafting experience up to level 77.

As a result, they are a feasible choice for individuals looking to maximize their efficiency.

Cutting Sapphires at level 20 crafting is a good place to start. These are the least expensive, at about 140k experience per hour.

Using Rubies, in my view, is the most cost-effective way to mill this grind while still receiving decent experience — you’ll receive 229k experience each hour while not breaking the bank.

Diamonds are at least four times as costly for a little experience boost, so I wouldn’t suggest them unless you have a lot of gp to invest.


Battlestaves 2

Making Battlestaves in Magic Guild / OSRS Screenshot

Battlestaves provide a lot of experience for a little price.

And, in certain instances, if you high alch after creating them, they might even be slightly lucrative.

The main problem with battlestaves is that they need a large sum of money to begin.

The reason for this is because purchasing materials in bulk may cost tens of millions of dollars. Of course, you’d sell them after they’re finished to recoup 99 percent of your investment.

Starting at level 66 with the Air Battlestaff, which can give 337k experience every hour, is the greatest choice.

Even better, performing High Alchemy on them nets you a meager 31 coins per Battlestaff.

Alternatively, selling them on the Grand Exchange will cost you about 140 coins per staff.

If you can afford the setup fees (and don’t mind a little Alchemy!) I strongly suggest this as a strategy to utilize until you reach 99.


1. Bodies of Black Dragonhide

Crafting Black Dragonhide Bodies / OSRS Screenshot

The quickest crafting experience in OSRS is Black D’hide Bodies, which give you about 425k experience per hour.

However, the technique is very costly, costing upwards of $100 million.

I only suggest this approach to those that have a lot of money and are aiming for the top.

If you opt to perform High Alchemy on the corpses instead of selling them immediately, you may reduce the total cost of this approach to about 60m.

This would take a lot longer, but it would not be nearly as bad for your financial account.

It’s also worth noting that this technique is only accessible after you reach level 84, and it takes very little work since you’ll be simply standing the whole time.

Going this method will give you approximately +100k more experience than using Air Battlestaves, but it will cost you a lot more money.

Using Black D’hide Bodies instead of Battlestaves on your path to 99 would save you around 18 hours.

The fastest way to level crafting rs3 is a guide that will provide players with tips on leveling up their crafting skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to level up crafting cyberpunk?


How do you get your crafting level up fast?

You can use the Crafting skill to craft items that give you experience.

How do I upgrade my crafting level on Cyberpunk 2077?

You need to purchase a crafting table from the store.

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