The board game arrives in October, just in time for Halloween

The board game arrives in October, just in time for Halloween.

The fun board games for two is a new board game that has just been released. It arrives in October, just in time for Halloween.

Age of Empires 4’s development is slowly but steadily approaching the final line. Relic has unveiled all the information of the last two factions at Gamescom 2021, after a limited beta test that allowed a greater number of people access to a playable version for the first time.

There should be eight races in all for the release, although each one plays quite differently from the others.

We got the chance to speak with the creators in addition to seeing a new video in which the two factions are addressed. Game Director Quinn Duffy and Creative Director Adam Isgreen addressed all unanswered questions regarding the Rus and the Holy Roman Empire in a comprehensive discussion. If you wish to view the trailer ahead of time, you may do so at this point:


The Holy Roman Empire was a dynasty that ruled

The Holy Roman Empire is the most similar to a German group. After all, it was here that the German monarchs reigned for centuries. Famous names like Otto the Great and Friedrich Barbarossa are among them. The HRR does not have its own advertising campaign. However, it is reasonable to expect that the soldiers of this vast empire will emerge in at least one war.


What Characterizes the Holy Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire may be divided into two categories. There’s their bulwark plan, for starters. This group excels best when it comes to defense. If attackers wish to breach these walls or armor, they must shoot from all pipes, regardless of whether they are attacking troops or structures. Buildings get a slew of improvements in order to keep them secure from harm. Furthermore, an influence mechanism guarantees that structures within a specific radius can endure much more.

The second major mechanism has to do with religion and economic development. The Holy Roman Empire was one of the most dominant groups in development, according to Adam Isgreen. It owed this to religious zealots. It nearly ran away from other countries as a result of this. For example, the empire might put artifacts in all industrial facilities to boost productivity.

What units do they have that are unique?

  • Landsknechte: This time, instead of Teutonic knights, Landsknechte are there. These are two-handed warriors who don’t wear heavy armor. These warriors can move fast and do a lot of damage with it. They are a nightmare for many weak units due to the area damage produced by their huge blades.
  • Prelates: Prelates are Catholic priests who serve in the same capacity as the religious units of the other factions starting in the third age. So healing, converting, and carrying relics are all options. Furthermore, prelates have the ability to generate an economic boom early in the game. You dash through the base, boosting morale in both production and your own troops. They are also necessary for the transportation of artifacts, which the empire greatly profits from.

This time, there are no Teutonic knights. The Holy Roman Empire, on the other hand, may provide troops with very strong upgrades, according to the creators. Normal troops, for example, may be outfitted with plate armor or two-handed weapons. As a result, they are classified as a pseudo-special unit.

The Rus

There is a lot of debate over who precisely the Rus are. The historical foundation is hazy, and no clear agreement exists. The Rus are often said to be a type of Viking people, but others see them only as an Eastern European people. The Rus in Age 4 will not be Vikings, but rather residents of the settlement region surrounding Moscow, where their war would take place.

What distinguishes the Russians?

The Rus should have the sense of a crossroads between east and west. As a result, they include aspects from both civilizations. On the one hand, they are true outdoorsmen who depend on cavalry, particularly early in the game. They, on the other side, build strong fortifications and upgrade their army with gunpowder as the game continues.

Above all, the Rus’ natural element seems intriguing. Forests and game help this group more than any other. The Rus have the finest hunters and should spread their hunting lodges throughout the map. After all, killed wild animals provide not just food but also wealth.

It looks a lot like the woods. The Russians, like everyone else, can chop down trees, but they should do so with caution. Because healthy trees provide other valuable resources, such as gold. As a result, these individuals are interested in locating their structures near tiny woods.

Age of Empires 4 positions itself as a changing of the guard for the popular second half with such improvements, but the Age of Empires 2 community remains dubious. Because certain aspects of Age of Empires 4 seem to be a poor choice.

What units do they have that are unique?

  • Strelizen: The name of an unique military force established by Ivan the Terrible as the palace guard is Strelizen in German. The combination of glaive and musket is their unique trademark. The glaive is a support weapon that may also do damage in close combat. This troop changes between close-range and long-range combat automatically in Age 4.
  • Warrior monks: The Rus’ warrior monks operate similarly to other people’s religious groups. Warriors monks, on the other hand, ride horseback and are far from helpless with their spears. If the monks themselves suffer damage, they boost nearby troops as well. This emphasizes the need of micromanagement.

As a third special unit, the mounted archers are possibly worth noting. Even if they aren’t as good as the Mongolian Mangudai. The Rus get a lot of buffs for mounted soldiers in general, particularly in the early periods. However, the horse army’s image evolved over time to become a more contemporary armed force with numerous Streltsy troops and muskets.

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