The Isle – Beginner’s AI Dinosaur Hunting Guide

Having trouble finding an AI or surviving a newcomer to the island world? This guide will give you a quick and easy way to fill your stomach with carnivores.

During your stay on the island you will discover 4 species of wandering dinosaurs AI ready to be eaten! These AIs vary in size, shape and speed. Note that the Dinosaur AI generates less than a certain amount of hunger around the players.  If you are complete and listen to the AI, pay attention to others.

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4 kinds of dinosaurs IA

Each AI has its own challenge, speed and hunting difficulty, which will be discussed later in this guide!

Avaceratops (Ava)

Ava is the greatest 4th generation AI. The Ava’s are the largest food providers for all carnivores, but they are fast!

You will probably see this AI before anyone else, as it is loud and of a decent size. Ava’s are green, orange, striped and horned herbivores. If you’re fast enough, I highly recommend tracking down that AI. If you’re a colony of slow learners, you might not want to choose them as your meal (unless you’re willing to run). Keep in mind that large predators would rather hunt this AI than another, so be careful when hunting large strides!

  • Health: 1000
  • Stamina: 130
  • Continuous discharge: 1/s
  • Running speed : 29.304 KM/H

Psittacosaurus (Taco)

Taco is a little small and squeaky. Tacos don’t have much to offer, but for some dinosaurs, tacos can satisfy hunger!

You will probably hear this AI before you see it in miniature, and it works very slowly. Tacos are small, dark herbivores with hair on the end of their tails and small horns on the sides of their faces, and a nice little beak. If you are slow and hungry, I highly recommend hunting this AI down. But because it’s a big dinosaur, you might have to bend down to bite it because it’s so small. Usually this little AI has very quick steps that you can hear when it’s around.

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  • Health: 25
  • Stamina: 175
  • Continuous discharge: 1/s
  • Running time (total endurance) : 02:55
  • Driving speed: 10.138 km/h

Orodrome (Oro)

Oro is about the same size as Taco, making him hard to find at first glance. Oros provides enough food for almost all dinosaurs. So if you’re hungry, this little guy will definitely give you a good kick in the ass!

You can probably hear the AI with the bird’s cry and the light body. The oros is a small animal that resembles a bird/raptor. This AI has a white, black and beige body with a medium-sized tail that usually sticks out. I highly recommend hunting this AI if you are as hungry as a carnivore of stature. Fortunately, its speed is not too fast for young dinosaurs.

  • Health: 25
  • Stamina: 100
  • Continuous discharge: 1/s
  • Running time (total endurance) : 01:40
  • Driving speed: 20,25 km/h.

Velociraptor (Velo)

It is a small predator that will attack you if you are a small colony, so watch out for the screeching! There isn’t much food in Velos, but for some dinosaurs Velos will satisfy a large part of your hunger!

You’ll probably hear that AI before you see it: It’s small, fast, noisy and blends in well with its surroundings. Bikes are small green and brown carnivores, and they are hard to find unless they scream, which can scare you. I recommend this AI if you are hungry, have some speed, and are not on this AI’s snack list (especially in small colonies, unless you know how to avoid his quick bites).

  • Health: 25
  • Stamina: 100
  • Continuous discharge: 1/s
  • Travel speed: 27 km/h
  • Hungry: 16
  • Damage (from bite) : 5

Follow this link for audio links.


Now you’re a little more familiar with the current AI dinosaurs on the island!

Before you begin your journey to becoming a powerful carnivore, take the time to learn the calls and steps with the links in each AI summary. Note that you are not the only hungry dinosaur around and AI can be heard by other large, belligerent carnivores!

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