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The most notable games with LGBTQ+ characters

A quick look at the first role-playing game from the early 1980s shows that the genre was already attempting to break the mold established for games with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters. The game, called Cranston Manor, was developed by a Canadian company called Cranston Software, and it was the first RPG to feature gay characters—rather than existing side characters in the game.

While we’re not exactly sure what constitutes a “notable LGBTQ+ game”, GameLeaks has decided to make a game of it.  The rules are simple: each day we’ll vote on the most notable LGBTQ+ games of the week, and whoever scores the most will reign supreme for the week.  If you want to be considered, vote for your favorite games, submit links to them in the comments below, or send them to us through Twitter or Facebook.

Recently, a number of games have started including LGBTQ+ characters in their games. For example, Mass Effect: Andromeda has a transgender character who’s name is Peebee. This game focuses on the main character (male) Ryder, and his adventures in the Andromeda galaxy.. Read more about best lgbt games and let us know what you think.Video games can help form identity, so it’s important to pay attention to games that feature LGBTQ+ voices and characters in a positive way. Many people who have doubts about their sexuality are often faced with an obstacle in the form of societal pressure. In this noise, however, video games can support one’s journey through easily recognizable characters and positive images of queer and gender non-conforming minorities. Here are six great LGBTQ+ games that really stand out, presented in alphabetical order.

Legends of Apex

Image via EA EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends may have the largest number of LGBTQ+ characters in a first-person multiplayer shooter, and they’re all tastefully represented. There are at least six confirmed LGBTQ+ characters in the Apex game, all of whom have been featured in Overwatch-esque film footage and comics. Some lines explicitly refer to their sexuality without portraying negative stereotypes. For example, Gibraltar is gay and has a lukewarm personality, while Fuse is a very masculine and demonstrative man who is pansexual (he is often referred to as both male and female). It’s cool to see so many LGBTQ+ characters in one of the biggest Battle Royales, and we’re all for it.


Image ofon the Extremely OK Games website word-image-2440 This challenging platformer is a beautiful journey through protagonist Madeline’s struggle with depression. This makes the high-level platform gameplay an integral part of the story and gives the player a sense of accomplishment at the end of the game. It’s also a great story about achieving a goal, despite Madeline’s setbacks and doubts. Although the game barely mentions that she’s a transgender woman, that’s the point. Yes, of course she is, said Maddie Thorson, creator of Celeste, on her blog about her gender identity. This is painfully obvious to many people (mostly trans), and equally painfully obvious to me, in retrospect.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Image via EA word-image-2441 Exciting battles, an intriguing story and believable characters are the main foundations of a good role-playing game. BioWare’s Dragon Age Inquisition has some intriguing same-sex relationships in the game. For example, we learned about Iron Bull’s personality, biography and charm. What struck him most was the way his hard exterior turned into soft tissue at uncomfortable moments. As the relationship progressed, there was more depth to it than regular sex. This is one of many important sheepish dynamics in BioWare’s game catalog over the years.

Back home

word-image-2442 In this popular indie game from The Fullbright Company, you play as a woman who explores an abandoned house in search of her mysterious sister, Sam. By collecting letters and other clues, you’ll find out the history of your character’s relationship with Sam’s family, as well as Sam’s personal history. It feels tense at first, but as the game progresses, Gone Home takes on a somewhat nostalgic tone. It’s excellently written, and it’s put down with grace – you just have to be fascinated by the experience of walking to get into it.

Life is Strange

Square Enix Image word-image-2443 Max and Chloe, one of the most colorful couples in gaming, are born in Dontnod Entertainment’s exciting Life is Strange. This relationship develops naturally over the course of the five episodes, as they work out their problems, and you really feel how much they care about each other. Max helps Chloe feel useful in a depressing situation, and Chloe opens Max’s eyes to a new world. Some may not find the storyline worthwhile in the first episode, but as the story progresses, it turns into an intriguing and dark mystery that will captivate you from start to finish. The main mechanism of the game, time manipulation, is used perfectly, as you can change conversations or solve unique puzzles during the game.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-2444 Like Celeste, Overwatch doesn’t insist that Tracer and Soldier 76 are LGBTQ+ characters, but Blizzard makes it loud and clear by making the former the star of the show. Tracer is portrayed as a caring, resourceful and sassy character – one that everyone can relate to. Meanwhile, Private 76 is a stoic man doing his job. The two men go against the stereotype that all gay men are flamboyant and all lesbian women are butch. Characters that fit the stereotypes can be great, but it’s good that our LGBTQ+ characters can be different from the traditional images. Even players who don’t fit character traits like flamboyance or bravado can feel validated, which helps them on their own journey of discovery. Either way, Tracer and Soldier 76 is a highly addictive multiplayer game that took the world by storm when it was released in 2016 and is still being played today. If you had to pinpoint someone as the face of Overwatch, it would be Tracer, as she appears in almost every video and promotional material.

The Last of Us series

Image by PlayStation Studios word-image-2445 Naughty Dog has included many LGBTQ+ characters in the story of The Last of Us. Ellie is a strong lesbian character in a million dollar series; it’s probably one of the most successful series in Sony’s arsenal, if not the most successful. Left Behind DLC for the first game tells an emotionally compelling story of Ellie showing her love for her beloved Riley that will make you cry. And in The Last of Us Part 2, we saw a natural bond between Ellie and her interest in Dina, which developed over the course of the game. Part 2 also tells the story of a young transgender man, Leo, who gains an identity, but is burdened by a society that hates him because of his identity. Heavy themes are addressed in Part 2, and Naughty Dog has handled them appropriately, especially with the casting of the transvestite actor for Lion, Ian Alexander.It’s been an interesting year for the games industry. Not only are games getting more inclusive in their representation of LGBTQ+ people, but more games are now featuring queer characters. This is in part due to the increased availability of diverse characters in games already on the market, but also due to the rising number of queer people in the gaming industry.. Read more about lgbtq games and let us know what you think.

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