The most popular Fortnite dances and where they originally came from

The most popular Fortnite dances are now a meme. They started out as simple character animations that were designed to look funny and silly, but have since been used in more serious situations.

The “all fortnite dances list” is a list of the most popular Fortnite dances. The dances are broken down by where they originally came from.

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, is the perfect crossover title. Fortnite continues to collaborate with various IPs, artists, and content producers, whether it’s via skins, emotes, or music. The dancing emotes inspired by real-life music are perhaps the game’s most well-known feature. Some emotes were inspired by planned partnerships, while others grew in popularity thanks to sites like TikTok. Regardless, here are some of the most popular dancing emotes in Fortnite right now, as well as the songs that go with them.

Bright Lights

XO and Republic Records/YouTube/Screenshot

The Bright Lights emote a dance based on The Weeknd’s hit single of the same name. The song “Bright Lights” came out in 2019 taking the world by storm, becoming one of the first notable TikTok dance trends. “Bright Lights” was eventually named Billboard’s Top Billboard Hot 100 Song of All Time after being on the music chart longer than any other song in history.

Don’t Begin Now

1652821580_957_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameWarner Records/YouTube screenshot

Don’t Begin Now is a hit song by pop artist Dua Lipa. The song while expectedly popular became a popular dance trend on TikTok where the emote is based. “Don’t Begin Now “won Favorite Pop/Rock Song at the American Music Awards in 2020. The song is on Dua Lipa’s latest album Future Nostalgia, which won Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2021 Grammys.

Leave the Door Open/Freedom Wheels

1652821581_917_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameAftermath Entertainment and Atlantic Records/YouTube/Screenshot

Silk Sonic, a duo consisting of Bruno Mars and Anderson, wrote the tracks “Skate” and “Leave the Door Open.” Paak. After the song’s debut in 2021, the first emote was Leave the Door Open. Freedom Wheels, Silk Sonic’s second emote, comes from their song “Skate.” While the song’s music video inspired Freedom Wheels, Leave the Door Open seems to be unique to the game.

Style Gangnam

1652821582_779_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameYG Entertainment/YouTube screenshot

At one point, “Style Gangnam” was the biggest song in the world, which was quite the achievement by South Korean singer PSY. While “Style Gangnam” was catchy in its own right, what really made the song popular was the dance that PSY created for the music video. The song originally came out in July 2012. By November of the same year, it became the most viewed video on YouTube with over 800 million views. One month later, the “Style Gangnam” music video became the first video on the platform to break one billion views. “Style Gangnam” has held the title of having the number one spot the longest at 1,689 days and remains in the Top 15 most viewed videos on YouTube to this day at 4.4 billion.

It’s Dynamite/I’m Diamond

1652821583_796_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameBig Hit Music and Hybe/YouTube provided this screenshot.

BTS is the second act on our list to have many Fortnite dance emotes. Both dances, however, are from the same tune, “Dynamite.” “Dynamite” was launched in 2020 and rapidly became a global smash. The song’s music video set the record for most views in 24 hours for a music video, with 101 million, surpassing the previous record by over 15 million. The emotes are based on the choreography from the song video by a Korean boy group.

Pull Up

1652821584_319_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameInterscope Records and South Coast Music Group/YouTube/Screenshot

DaBaby’s smash song Rockstar, released in 2020, inspired the Pull Up emote. To avoid confusion with DaBaby’s other song, which is called Pull Up. The emoticon is based on the Rockstar TikTok challenges, which have taken over the app. At the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, Rockstar was named Top Rap Song.


1652821585_71_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-came1501 Certified and 300 Entertainment/YouTube screenshots

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” contains a similar rap to the tracks previously mentioned. The song was released in 2020 and quickly became one of the most popular songs in the world, prompting Beyonce to remix it. With the introduction of TikTok, “Savage” gained even more traction as a popular dance style on the app. It found its way to Fortnite, of course. Megan Thee Stallion won two Grammy Awards in 2021 for the song, including Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

Say So

1652821586_761_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameKemosabe and RCA Records/YouTube screen shots

Doja Cat’s “Say So” was another song that grew in popularity because to TikTok. The dance originated in the music video “Say So,” but it gained popularity owing to the social video platform. Doja Cat did not win any mainstream prizes despite the song’s massive fame, although she was nominated for many.


1652821587_426_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameYouTube/Atlantic Records/Screenshot

The inclusion of Cardi B’s “Up” in Fortnite is a bit strange, given that the battle royale is geared for children and the song is, well, not — maybe more than any other song on this list. While not Cardi’s most popular song, it, like many other songs on this list, gained popularity on TikTok, where the dance was created. In case you were concerned, the identical dance is employed in Fortnite with the Stuck emote, which has no obscene language.

Slide, Toosie

1652821588_856_The-most-popular-Fortnite-dances-and-where-they-originally-cameRepublic Records and OVO Sound/YouTube/Screenshot

While in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Drake released a song called “Slide, Toosie,” which introduces a pretty simple dance that took the world by storm. Naturally, that very same dance had to make its way to Fortnite. It isn’t the most energetic dance emote in the game, but if you’re a Drake fan, you can’t pass it up.

The “most popular fortnite dances 2021” is a question that has been asked by many people. The dances are the most popular in the game, but they originally came from different places.

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