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There are a dozen Platformers on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to the efforts of the first tier and hundreds of independent developers who release dozens of games every week. However, not everyone is the same, and there is a fair amount of variation in these matters. One of my favorite games is a platform puzzle game that has been around since Out of this World and Flashback on 16-bit systems. At the beginning of the year I finally played Inside and Unravel Two, two excellent examples of combining puzzle elements into a standard race/jump format. However, if you really want to sit down and enjoy one of these games with friends, Trine 4 : The Nightmare Prince is just what you need.

This fourth installment of the series may scare off newcomers, but believe me when I say you don’t have to play the previous games in the series. The story stands alone and the tutorial sections for each of the characters showcase their unique abilities and powers. For the uninitiated: You play one of the three main characters: Amadeus the magician, Zoe the thief and Ponce the knight. If you play alone, you can switch back and forth during the game to solve different puzzles and remove obstacles that get in your way. Up to four players can play in cooperative mode, and this is where the game really shines, as you’ll have to work together to complete all the stages.

If you’ve played previous games, you know what to expect from each character. The magician can make a magic box that he can float and place on the screen. With the box you can reach new heights, overcome obstacles or even drop from far away to solve different puzzles. Other objects, such as B. wooden planks, can be manipulated in this way, and you can even twist and turn the object to create new paths. The thief is very agile, she can attach the rope to special hooks and swing. It also has the ability to attach a rope to two different objects to create a type of cord that can be used to navigate other areas of the level. Your bow is useful for breaking through barriers and running at enemies. The knight has a sword and shield and is bulky enough to move around. It can perform explosions to destroy what lies beneath, and its shield is used to solve puzzles where projectiles must hit weak spots or reflected light to unlock switches. By collecting items and defeating enemies, you can improve your skills with the skill tree to increase your strength and abilities.

As long as you’re playing, there’s a free story, though it’s not generously shareable. It turns out that Prince Celius wants to try his hand at magic, but he’s not prepared for the consequences of his actions. He unleashes his nightmares into the real world and into a trio of heroes to rescue him from the depths of his dark dream manifestations. They present themselves as enemies in various stages and end up as big boss creatures that can only be defeated with a full set of skills between the characters.

Relying on physics makes the game even more fun. Each object has a weight, and you will often find yourself trying to pull levers or move gears to move through the level. Many elements of the puzzle can be solved in different ways, which seems to break up the game in ways that the developer may not have anticipated. It’s always fun, and when you have a group of players, it’s even more fun and interesting because there are often multiple ways of thinking at once, often with hilarious consequences. Remember, you are part of a team trying to move forward, not kill each other!

Trine 4 has a beautiful landscape. The 2.5D perspective is fantastic on the Switch, and I’m sure it will look even better on more powerful consoles. I didn’t notice any glaring framing problems or other hiccups, but the male character model is pretty ugly. Every time the game goes near one of the main characters, it doesn’t look good. They remind me a bit of what you see in a cheap editing scene on the PS2. Fortunately, most of the game is small and you don’t notice them as much, but with all the great sets and cool scenes, it’s weird that the characters look so cheap.

The soundtrack is pretty quiet and has a sort of sci-fi sound to it. The voice acting is perfect for each character, and I really enjoyed the random conversations between key team members who stood there for a while and told us what to do next.

The only thing that bothers me is that the combat is tepid. Not all characters have fun attacks on hand, and it’s not as satisfying to constantly attack shadow monsters. There is surprisingly little depth to the combat, although there is often a need to figure out how to get rid of bosses.

Trine 4 is one of those games that is more fun with friends than alone. Indeed, constantly moving from one character to another to solve puzzles can be quite intimidating. Interestingly, some puzzles change dynamically depending on the number of players, which is pretty cool to see. The game seems very rewarding and fun to discover all the secrets hidden in each level. There are many things to do and to stop, because we are constantly coming across something that is blocking our path and that we need to discover. New mechanics are introduced as the levels progress, and the game never got old or outdated. You can play in the Sofa Club or online with friends, and the post-launch patch is being prepared to allow for local wireless collaboration as well. If you are looking for a new cooperative platform game that requires hand-eye and brain coordination, then this game is the perfect choice.

Trine 4: Overview of the Nightmare Prince
  • Charts – 8/10
  • Sound – 8/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Late Call – 7.5/10


Final thoughts : GRAND

Trine 4 offers exciting and addictive gameplay for four players at once. The game is more fun when you play with friends. So don’t forget to invite someone over and spend a few evenings exploring different worlds of fun!

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