Fast leveling in New World

The new MMORPG New World finally came out on September 28, bringing millions of users into the captivating fantasy world of Eternum. As in any multiplayer game, the main task of the players is to boost their character. Each new level brings you closer to new content. In this article, you will learn about the basic methods for quickly leveling a character.

Plot and side quests

Most experience in the game can be obtained for completing story missions. But besides them, side tasks are available throughout the map, which also bring EXP. For killing mobs, experience is awarded, but in a smaller amount. Endless farming of dozens and hundreds of monsters will not bring as much benefit as completing storylines. The exception is killing quest NPCs, but killing above the norm is not required.

Quests from the notification board

The mechanics are somewhat similar to the tasks from The Witcher 3 with hunting monsters. Each village has a city board where you can take tasks to kill mobs or collect resources. Some tasks can be completed immediately if the backpack has the required number of ingredients.

Faction quests

There are tasks with PVP and PVE direction. The first option involves killing other players, the second – farming resources and mobs. In terms of efficiency, PVP is much faster and brings more experience, but it should be borne in mind that you can be killed by other players. In PVE, you will have to fight only with mobs that are unlikely to confront.
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Points of Interest

There are question mark marks on the map. As soon as you get close to this place, the character gains experience for exploring a new area. In addition to exp, you can find rare opponents, chests with loot and treasures, which also give additional experience.

Exploration of locations by 100%

Each new zone has a certain number of quests, achievements and treasures that must be closed. After completing the activity at 100%, you receive bonus cards for accelerated collection of resources and an increase in experience gain. Even if all the quests are completed, and the next task sends you to a new location, it is recommended to stay and finish all the remaining events. You can track your progress on the global map. In the upper left corner, you can see what activities are left to complete in order to open bonuses.

Character rest system

Almost every MMORPG has this mechanic. While offline, the character receives a bonus bar for experience. It acts on tasks where you need to kill mobs. Thus, if you do not plan to play in the near future, it is better to leave the game and get a bonus to the subsequent leveling, and not stand AFK in the nearest city.

Additional Tips

For the first acquaintance with the game, the above tips will be enough. But if you want to boost a few more characters in the future, then constantly doing long quests will become boring. Therefore, you will want to maximize the time spent. In this case, you can use special potions and food to quickly kill mobs, fast movement points between locations, as well as a group of like-minded people to boost even faster.

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