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The Ultimate Character List –

I’m not really a religious person. But the anime makes me want to go to church.

I don’t know why, but cartoons can’t help but make beautiful, healthy nuns. And very sweet, fatherly priests. What’s wrong with that?

Now let’s dive into the (anime) house of god and evaluate the best nuns and priests.

10th Gyomei Himejima

Anime: Demon Hunter

I’ll start with Goemei, because if you’re just an anime fan, you probably don’t know much about this moron and brute.

I’m sure he caught everyone’s attention when he was introduced because he dominated all the other characters in size. And yet he cried and prayed for everyone’s good.

He grew up in the temple. And just by looking at his wardrobe, you can tell that it certainly shaped him.

He is the only one who looks more like a saint than a warrior.

Ninth of Ruri

Ruri from Dr. Stone anime

Anime: Dr. Stone

Ruri is the priestess of the village of Ishigami and the source of all the treasure in the series.

Although she is very sick, she does her best to be there for her people and not disturb anyone, especially her strong gorilla sister.

However, this changes when scientist Senku Nai appears on the scene.

After that, we can see a little more of Ruri’s personality. And as you would expect, she is too useful for this world. She’s also surprisingly fast.

8th Index Librorum Prohibitor

Index Librorum Prohibitorum in A Certain Magical Index

Anime: Certain Magic Index

It hurts my heart.

Let’s just say that the index is not exactly perfect in life.

She is a nun in training, with a perfect memory and an ability to be unaffected by the grimoires. They are a dynamic duo who can conquer the world.

But her memory gets erased every year, and she can’t use her mana. What a strange coincidence, isn’t it?

Since she can only remember one year, she behaves very childishly, but in the best sense of the word.

She is kind, naive, tech-savvy and really cares about her partners. A memorable nun if ever I saw one.

7) Shiro Fujimoto

Shiro Fujimoto in Blue Exorcist anime

Anime: The Blue Exorcist

Shiro is that loving father figure who makes you cry and maybe calls your parents or pastor.

He is a simple boy who does his best to take care of Rin and Yukio and protect Earth from demonic threats.

And even though he acts very hard (okay, he’s technically the hardest exorcist in the world, but that’s not my point), you can see how his fight with Rin affected him. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

6. coppice oak

Hakuren Oak from 07-Ghos anime

Anime: 07-Voice

It is one of those characters that you will definitely hate at first, but will pleasantly surprise you by the end.

Although he came from a wealthy and politically very influential family, Hakuren decided to become a bishop. Which is very noble on his part.

But what really got me was his interaction with the princess.

He was appointed as his guardian. And instead of manipulating them for his own benefit, he used them to emphasize the suffering of the people to the highest level.

Which, in my opinion, is also manipulation, but as a sacred manipulation.

5. shinpu

Shinpu from Black Clover anime

Anime: Black clover

Shinpu has many of the same notes as Shiro. Mainly his down-to-earth nature and the fact that I want him to be my father, but in a slightly different way.

Shinpu is completely absurd, and most of his screen time is either extremely useful or fun.

Although he is visibly upset that his two boys have gone out into the real world to pursue their dreams, he is still proud of them. And cries like a baby when they come to visit.

I love the old fart.

4. Christopher Auslass

Rosette Christopher in Chrono Crusade

Anime: Chronic Crusade

As a sacred figure, the Rosetta is quite difficult to read.

On the one hand, she dedicates her life to finding her missing brother and is willing to give her own life to save him, or to save someone else she cares about.

On the other hand, the way she saves him is kind of weird, because she made a deal with a demon and stuff.

Therefore, she may not get the award of nun of the year. But she is certainly the best sister anyone could wish for.

3. hitosa nanbu

Chitose Nanbu from Ah My Buddha anime

Anime: Ah, my Buddha

Again, I don’t understand how sacred this sign is.

The principle of the show is simple: a man lives with a group of nuns, and Hitose is clearly the best.

The man has a lot of mental power, but he can only use it when he is really excited.

Thus, in a sense, Chitose satisfies his need to exorcise the spirits and save the situation in general.

It also helps that she likes him, even though Buddha knows she’ll never admit it.

The show probably won’t win any anime awards. But at least it’s worth watching Hitozu.

2) Maria Takayama

Maria Takayama in Haganai: I don't have many friends

Anime: I don’t have many friends.

Normally, you wouldn’t expect a 10-year-old nun in a cartoon. But this time, the man was worth it.

At 10, Maria is doing what is expected of her.

She is easily fooled and easily provoked into making others out to be rotten tangerines, which I assume is the same as the worst insults to a child.

And of course she and Kodaka have developed a healthy brother-sister relationship. Which is always admirable.

Of course, it’s a bit of a shame because he has a sister who loves demons, ….but that’s another story for another day.

1. Sister Lilia

Sister Lily from Black Clover anime

Anime: Black clover

Even though Sister Lily has very little screentime, we all know she is the best goddess.

She was so sweet that Asta, a boy with 0 magic powers, decided to become a witch king.

Although she sometimes has to use her own magic to give them both feet, it’s no secret that Lily cares deeply about Asta, Juno and all the other children in her care.

Moreover, they fit so well with Shinpu that I can’t mention one without the other.

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