The Winged Horror Boss guide

In this post, you will learn the best strategies for defeating The Winged Horror Boss. Check out all of our other Warrior’s Guild guides to find more tips and useful information about your favorite Elder Scrolls Online class.

In V Rising, you must defeat many bosses in order to get access to new skills, constructions, and recipes. To advance in the game, you must beat the adversaries. We’ll show you how to combat The Winged Horror in this tutorial.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of the Winged Horror?

The Winged Horror is a 78-level boss that can be found in the Farbane Woods’ eastern side. Using the Blood Altar, you may find out where he is. This is a late-game boss that may be difficult to deal with. This monster uses a lot of AoE attacks in addition to Long-Ranged assaults.

For the setup, utilize the crossbow in this battle since this monster will not allow you get close to him because of his AoE attacks all around him, and you want to avoid these assaults. To deflect this boss’s attacks, you’ll need the Ward of the Damned ability. Use the Veil of Chaos as a travel ability, and the Chaos Valley as a DPS ability. You may utilize the Heart Strike to gain HP while doing damage for the ultimate ability.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of the Winged Horror?

As soon as you get at the boss’s position, use the Rain of Bolts ability and the Chaos Valley on him to deal scorching damage, then begin firing arrows at him. This monster has multiple attacks, the first of which is the Charge assault, which he uses in this battle. Two orbs will appear on his side, and he will rush at you, forcing you to dart away in the other direction to avoid it. He’ll also fire stars that will bounce off the ground, so evade them or use the Ward of the Damned ability to deflect them.

The monster will often swoop through the air, shooting down fire orbs on the ground that will persist for a long time, and you must not walk into the blazing fire or you will suffer burn damage that will kill you in a matter of minutes. He fires down the fire orbs surrounding where he soared up in the sky, so keep away from that region, and when he comes down, shoot him with the crossbow’s abilities, as well as the Chaos Valley and the arrows. When he flies, you can see his shadow on the ground, and red circles will emerge, indicating that fire orbs will drop on the circles, and you must run away from the circles to avoid being burned.

He also possesses a frost AoE attack that is delivered in a circle, with a large red circle indicating the attack’s location so you may dodge away from it. The ice AoE strike will last for a few seconds in that region, giving you shivers if you run into it. So, for a time, try to keep away from the fire and the frost region. He’ll also shoot fire orbs directly at you, which you may block with the Ward of the Damned ability, but as soon as he stops firing orbs, he’ll start shooting stars, allowing you to retain your distance and attempt to attack him with ranged skills and the crossbow.

If you are hit by the fire orbs, you will receive burning damage over time, and your movement speed will be reduced by 5%. To remove the burning effect, try to be hit by his frost attack, which will remove the burning effect and cause you to receive frost damage, but it will be less than that, and your movement speed will be restored to normal. You may use your consumables to heal back when he takes to the air. When you see him approaching you, it indicates he’s ready to use his dash attack, but you may use your Ultimate ability to strike him and regain some health.

Aside from that, you only need to keep back in this battle and use your ranged skills and crossbow to deliver damage to him. It will take roughly 5-8 minutes to kill this monster, so concentrate on the boss’s attacks and mobility. Feed on the boss’s blood to get a new power once you’ve taken him out.


To gain the Frost Vortex ability, extract his V Blood.



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