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In recent years, the popularity of games with multiplayer elements has risen exponentially. These types of games are now one of the leading causes for connection issues in online experiences. This is where NPC characters come into play to provide players with a sense that they’re partaking in an authentic experience while also providing incentive through rewards and socialization opportunities.

The “how much rapport for trusted” is an NPC that will give you a list of the levels of trust between your character and other characters. This is helpful for players who want to know how close they are with their allies.

The Affinity system in Lost Ark requires you to discover heart-shaped NPCs throughout the map in order to complete the Affinity. These NPCs may be found in any continent’s major cities. To begin the Affinity, you must speak with an NPC.

To begin the Affinity, there are a choice of NPCs to choose from. In this tutorial, we’ll concentrate on the most lucrative NPCs for doing Affinity. These are the first three NPCs you should Affinity with in Tier 1:

Thirian / BlackFang / Ealyn / BlackFang / Ealyn / Ealyn / Ealyn


  • When you’re playing Affinity, you may visit these NPCs and offer them presents. Your Affinity level will rise as a result of this.
  • You may also perform music for the NPCs, which will help them gain Affinity.
  • You may also employ emotes for NPCs, which will raise their Affinity level.

Affinity with NPCs provides quick gold rewards.

The NPCs chosen are excellent for obtaining rapid gold rewards. When you attain the Amicable Affinity level, each of these NPCs will reward you with 200 gold, which is a great start to the Affinity.

  • At the Amicable Affinity level, BLackFang will give you 200 gold.
  • At the Amicable Affinity level, Ealyn will give you 200 gold.
  • At the Amicable Affinity level, Thirian will give you 200 gold.

These are the finest three NPCs to utilize for the Affinity, based on the benefits they provide.

With NPCs Affinity, you may earn a lot of gold.

The NPCs in this category are excellent for large gold awards. When you attain the Friendly and Trusted Affinity level, these NPCs will reward you with a large amount of money.


Avele is a fantastic NPC with whom you can perform Affinity for a large amount of money.

  • At Friendly Affinity level, Avele will give you 500 gold.
  • At the Trusted Affinity level, Avele will additionally give you 900 gold.

Avele is a great choice for Affinity because of the benefits. Reaching the Affinity levels may take some time, but Avele is well worth the effort.



If you’re completing the Affinity with her, Sasha is one of the most rewarding NPCs.

  • When you attain Friendly Affinity level with Sasha, she will offer you 500 gold.
  • Sasha will give you 1200 gold if you reach the Trusted Affinity level.

Sasha is the ideal choice for performing Affinity for these reasons.

Sasha Affinity

NPC Affinity with Giant’s Heart

Giant’s Heart is very valuable since it will help you acquire skill points, and certain NPCs will reward you with Giant’s Heart if you do Affinity with them. These are the greatest NPCs to reward Giant’s Heart with:


When you attain the Friendly Affinity level with Beatrice, she will gift you with Giant’s Heart. After then, Giant’s Heart will assist you in unlocking your extra skill points.



Sasha is not just one of the top gold-rewarding NPCs, but she’s also a great Giant’s heart rewarder.

  • When you attain Friendly Affinity level with Sasha, she will gift you with Giant’s Heart.
  • When you reach the Friendly Affinity level, you may obtain your 1200 gold and the Giant’s Heart.

Sasha NPC affinity

Affinity with NPCs in Adventure Books

Some NPCs may award you with special things if you perform Affinity with them. These goods will aid in the completion of Adventure Book tasks.


Sierra will give you the unique potato if you attain the level of Trusted Affinity with her. This Special potato may be used to make stigmas and markings on potatoes. This dish will get you a completion item for the Arthemis Adventure Book.

siera npc affinity


When you attain the level of Trusted Affinity with Orelda, she will give you the Rohindl Cookbook. Roll Snail is made using Rohindl Cookbook as an ingredient. Rohindl Cookbook will let you unlock the Rohindl Adventure Book Completion item by contributing to it.

orielda npc


When you attain the level of Trusted Affinity with Thunder, she will reward you with a ritual meal component. Leftover food is made using the Ritual food component. The Yudia Adventure Book Completion item will be unlocked as a result of this.

thunder npc

The “lost ark rapport priority” is a new feature in the latest version of Ark: Survival Evolved. The developers have created these NPCs for players to use as their own personal rapport system.

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